Today, we have men and women faced challenges when it comes to losing stubborn Belly fat. Does this mean there are no escape plans? I joined a platform strictly discussing how to lose belly fat. There a member shared how he was able to melt some stubborn belly fat using a flat belly detox plan.

ways to lose stubborn belly fat

This interested me that I decided to look at what the said detox plan was about. And guess what I found out! Another member believed it was a lean belly breakthrough guide a friend revealed to her that helped her with melting off the stubborn belly fat she’s been battling with for a while now.

15 Ways to lose stubborn belly fat

On the same platform, I discovered a 1-hour belly blast diet plan as well. My interest in studying what all these plans were all about increased. I took out time to do my own little research on the 3 supposed belly fat loss plans.

I discovered all had one important thing or the other to teach people about melting off those stubborn belly fats that won’t just disappear. However, I decided to summarise all my finding in these 15 Proven Ways to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

Do These Guides Explain How To Lose Excess Weight In The Body?

The three guides were found to encourage people on how to lose excess weight in the body. It was in it I understood the after-effect of obesity. Have you heard of the world visceral fat?

VISCERAL FAT is the term used to describe fat that is stored in the belly region. Belly fat could result in various complicated health issues such as heart disease and diabetes (type 2diabetes).

lose belly fat

Apart from the fact that fats stored in the belly region are harmful to the body, it could also pose a form of discomfort to the body because it gives the stomach an irregular shape which makes it difficult for you to fit in your clothes conveniently.

The funny thing about fats stored in the belly region is that it is not only present in fat people; it can also be in slim people. Therefore, fat stored in your belly region is not a function of your body size. However, here are the ways to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat:

  1. Mix up a very good and healthy diet for yourself

Most mixes that are being sold for consumption publicly are not really good for health because they mostly contain sugar, oils, and salt.

The major content of your diet should be healthy fats, protein, and fiber. RESVERATROL and GENISTEIN are two major nutrients that help to reduce the storage of fats in the genes and they are found in peanuts.

You must ensure that what so ever diet or snack you are preparing for yourself is rich in protein. Also, your meal should not lack any of these: unsweetened dried fruits, seeds, dark chocolate and nuts (especially peanuts). Details of this are explained in the 1-hour belly blast diet program.

2. Eat more of Avocados

Avocados are very rich in healthy monounsaturated fats and these fats help to reduce the rate at which you go hungry. An avocado based greenish dip with onions, tomato, and spices and often dished with tortilla chips which are known as GUACAMOLE is a very good meal of avocado.

Avocados reduce the rate at which you get hungry, helps to shed off unhealthy fat from the body especially those in the belly region and keeps your body healthy and refreshed.

3. Eat red fruits

Red fruits are known to contain a high amount of nutrients known as FLAVONOIDS; I got to know this is one of the lean belly breakthrough reviews I read. This nutrient is very helpful to the body and a particular type of flavonoid known as ANTHOCYANINS is known to give fruits their red color.

Anthocyanin also helps to reduce the action or effect of genes that stores fats in the body. As a result of this, it can be said that red fruits are the best fruits that help to shed weight.

Instead of choosing fruits like honeydew, green apples, granny smith and green grapes, you could go for red grapes, pink lady, watermelon, red apples and red-bellied fruits (like plums).

4. Go for an Elixir

An ELIXIR is a sweet flavored liquid usually in the form of water that is often made by adding a slice of fruits like oranges, grapes and lemons into a reasonable amount of water. It is often known as SPA WATER.

These fruits are very helpful to the body and they supply the body with necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. For example, fruits like oranges, grapefruits, lime, citron, and lemon that are citrus fruits are good sources of DE LIMONENE.

DE limonene is an antioxidant that is found in the peel of citrus fruits that helps to stimulate the enzymes in the liver; they increase the rate of the functionality of the bowels and also remove toxins from the body. It is advisable to make this part of you so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

5. Increase your Protein Intake

Food such as eggs, lean meats, collard greens, and seafood are known to contain CHOLINE. Choline is an essential nutrient that helps the body to store less fat around the liver by attacking the mechanisms of the gene involved in storing fats.

Choline also helps the brain and cardiovascular system of the body, they also help in the formation of cell membranes.

The role of protein in the body cannot be overlooked and as such, it should be taken in the right proportion. Proteins are required by the body a healthy growth and development. If you want to lose fats in your belly region, always make proteins part of your meal.

6. Do not Miss Your Breakfast

Breakfast is an important part of your daily meal that should not be missed. Programs such as flat belly detox emphasizes the importance of this.

Breakfast plays an important role in the body like aiding metabolic activities within your body and also supplying the body with an integral part of the energy you need for your daily activities.

Breakfast should not comprise of heavy meals, it should be a light meal that contains more of the classes of food that are energy giving and bodybuilding.

Your breakfast should contain less of fatty foods. Some major components of your breakfast should be healthy fats, fat burning proteins, and belly-filling and easily digestible fibers.

Some examples of meals that can be taken as breakfast are healthy smoothies, oatmeal, eggs and omelets, breakfast soups, pancakes, and homemade cereals.

It is important to know that your breakfast must be enticing and delicious. A very good diet is the 1-hour belly blast which helps you to get rid of the fats in your belly region and also, this diet is of great help to your health.

7. Avoid Using an Overdose of Your Supplements

Supplements such as probiotics and vitamins can pose more harm than good to your health. Having an increased level of vitamin B can increase the functionality of your fat genes. Also, it makes you prone to having diabetes and obesity.

Most people take probiotics and vitamins because of the benefits they feel they can get from it but they end up using overdose thereby endangering their health.

It is better to go for a daily supplement and adhere strictly to the dosage and also rely solely on the 1-hour belly blast diet to have the fats in your belly region fused out.

8. Eat More of Wild and Fresh Fish

Most people often eat farmed fishes that have been frozen for a long period of time without knowing that these fishes are not good for their health.

Eating this type of fish only increases the accumulation of stubborn belly fat. Most of these fishes have lost their major nutrients during the various processes they have undergone.

Generally, fishes are good sources of protein to the body and they are a very important part of our meal. This is because they supply the body with various nutrients, vitamins, and minerals required by the body for healthy growth and development.

Major benefits you stand to get from wild and fresh fish is omega 6 (that bursts fats in the belly) and omega 3 fatty acids in the right quantity. So stop consuming fishes that are unhealthy to your body and go for fishes that benefit your health.

9. Introduce A Healthy Amount Of Peanut To Your Diet

Over the years peanuts have not been taken into consideration as a choice of food by people. Today, it has been observed that what you get from peanuts is far greater and more hygienic than what you get from things that we consume on a daily basis.

For example, peanuts contain a substance known as GENISTEIN which helps reduce the rate at which your body stores fat by acting on the genes that work for obesity.

Some other benefits of peanuts are:

It is important to know that in as much as you want to reduce the fats in your belly, you must cut down the rate at which you eat foods that can supply your body with unhealthy fats.

10. Eat More of Vegetables

Some vegetables such as mustard green, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, collard greens, arugula, and watercress helps to supply the body with vitamins and minerals which helps to protect and repair vital organs or parts of the body.

Also, they contain an antioxidant that helps to remove unwanted products from the body and they also reduce unhealthy fats in the body.

Most people often find it difficult to eat this vegetable because of how they taste. You could include things like garlic, lemon juice, and other healthy spices into your vegetable while cooking.

11. Drink More Water

Water which is a universal solvent has some major role it plays in the body system and it included melting off stubborn belly fat.

Water not on aids digestions but also reduce the retention of fat-soluble materials that could have stored in the body. Drinking enough water helps in the reduction of fat lipids store in the body.

12. Drink Green Tea Instead

Green tea helps in every fat burning process. It is a well-known metabolism fueling cocktail drink. Green tea helps increase your fat burn effort because of the low presence of calorie and high presence of anti-oxidant.

Catechins are antioxidants found in green tea that helps rev up metabolism activities thus encouraging the breakdown of fat cells.

Science-Based research found that taking decaffeinated green tea after engaging in healthy workouts works to increase your regimen for weight loss.

13. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is very important when dealing with fat. This is because it absorbed all the hard work you might have engaged in during the day. Getting enough healthy sleep regulates the hormones responsible for your hunger cues.

Doctors recommend that all adult should get at least 8hours of sleep every night. A lot of research justifies the need for a good sleep because sleep helps your eating at also losing weight.

14. Run More

Losing stubborn belly fat is not always about having to enroll in the gym or special workout classes. You’ve got the best 2 fat burners and they are your legs. To melt off unwanted belly fat, wake up, say your prayers and hit the street for some good runs.

You could even team up with people having the same interest as you. Running has proven to be an effective way to melt belly fats easily without sending excessively.

15. Regular Cycling Also Helps

This is another form of workout that helps strategic sections of the body to be in shape. The truth is, it is an interesting form of workout.

It comes in various options, you can decide to do the static cycling. And this is the cycling you do within the four walls of your room.

Or the outdoor cycling which is the one you do on streets either all alone or with colleagues. You need to continually engage in cycling to keep fit always.