Do you want to know how to get a bikini body?Do you have any idea what being fit entails? Could it be limited to shape, tone, and size, or is it based on quality of movement? Does it entails jogging, spinning, yoga, and weight lifting, or does everyday life play a role?

Getting a great body entails adaptability, balance, and being fit. Sound fitness methods should teach and create movement awareness that will be part and parcel of you long after the workout ends.

Do your workouts aim at balancing out imbalances in your body to get a bikini body? Do they consider the inner activities of your body’s functioning? Do they bring to your awareness how to move more efficiently and create more consciousness of how you move throughout your day? Are you getting smarter and making more intelligent exercise choices for yourself? This is where Pilates comes in.

Joe Pilates described fitness as sound movement and a balanced internal health. He created his method to strengthen his own body inside and out employing a system that fit fitness into daily life. With it, your bed becomes an instrument; your chair is flipped to become a resistance machine, your doorways house tower units with spring bars. This isn’t to say that you need the Pilates equipment to be fit, but this simple easy guide will surely make your body perfect and eventually get a bikini body.

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  1. Double-Leg Kick Pilates Moves

Seeking how to get a bikini body, let us start with the double leg kick Pilates move. The steps are outlined belowget a bikini body


  1. Bent-Knee Roll-Down – Pilates Moves 

The next on our list of perfect ways to get a bikini body is the bent knee roll down pilate moveget a bikini body

  1. Half-Seated Hip Circle – Pilates Moves

Also, there is the half-seated hip circle move with the methods on how to get a bikini body outlined below:get a bikini body


  1. Arm-Swing Curtsy Squat – Pilates Moves

get a bikini bodyThe Arm swing curtsy squat move is the next on the list of how to get a bikini body with methods described below:


  1. The Front Plank/Back Support – Pilates Moves

Next on the list of how to get a bikini body is the front plank/back support described below:get a bikini body

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  1. Kneeling One-Arm Side Kick

get a bikini bodyWe also have the kneeling one-arm side kick, another on the list of tips for a bikini body:

  1. Leg Pull/Push-Up

Also, to get a bikini body, the leg pull/push up is described below:

Another tip for a bikini body is the front lunge described below:get a bikini body



      9.   Upper Body: The Tendon Stretchget a bikini body

10.  Flat Abs: The Neck Peel

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11. Flat Abs: Roll-Up


12.  Flat Abs: Pilates Hundred



13.  Oblique: The Twist and Reach

A resistance band will be useful for this waist-toning move.get a bikini body


14. The Cardio: Standing Jumps



15. The Lower Body: Leg Swingsget a bikini body

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16. The Single-Leg Circles



17. Single-Leg Straight-Leg Stretchget a bikini body



18. The Side Kicks




19. The Lower Body: Kneeling Knee Stretchesget a bikini body


20. The Upper Back: Pulling Straps



The above tips for a bikini body are all geared towards giving you maximum assistance towards loosing excess body weight and to help you get a bikini body. The methods described above can all be done within the convenience of your residence without much sophisticated equipment.

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