20 Fascinating facts about Yoga you should be aware of

Do you know that many people practice yoga and gain a lot of benefits from this practice? facts about yogaBut they don’t know much facts about yoga or know how it came into being.  Yoga is an exercise that gives the body amazing benefits you can’t imagine.

Here are some mind-blowing facts about yoga that you don’t know

  1. Among the facts about yoga you should know is that yoga means the joining together of a supreme spirit with a mindful subject in order to reach a joyful or overwhelming happiness condition. The word was originated from the Proto-Indo-European base (yeug) which means to join together.
  2. About 16 million Americans practice yoga and spend about $5.7million a year on yoga accessories this was sourced by a market study in Yoga Journal reports.
  3. In 2002 a type of yoga for dog known as “Doga”facts about yoga was started by Suzi Teitelman in New York, this type of yoga was used to attain a harmony with their dog. Dog owners use dogs as props.
  4. Svastik is a Sanskrit term where swastika a yoga symbol was derived which means something associated with well being.
  5. Among the fascinating facts about yoga is that there is a type of yoga known as “Hatha” where Ha means sun and tha means moon. This type of yoga attempt to combine both forces, this type of yoga is mostly practiced in Western culture.
  6. Many parts of the world practice nude yoga, where they practice yoga without clothes. For instance in Chelsea studio, Aaron Star teaches nude yoga, no kissing and no touching of penises was their only rule.
  7. Researchers discover that yoga can improve sexual performance and prevent and cure sex problems by increasing the general health of heart and blood vessels.
  8. Another facts about yoga is that can boost orgasms, when one has an orgasm, there is fast contraction of the pelvic floor that runs between the leg. Yoga strengthens the pelvic floor.
  9. Another interesting facts about yoga is that Indian researchers declare that yoga aids premature ejaculation (PE)
  10. Facts about yoga most people don’t know is that manyfacts about yoga people suffer yoga injuries particularly in US, in 2006 The United States Product Safety Commission reported about 4,450 yoga injuries, an increase from 3,760 in 2004.
  11. Among products of globalization facts about yoga shows that it is one of the first and most successful products.
  12. Interesting facts about yoga is that it is well equipped to prevent aging and illness, that it is not only associated to spiritual liberation.
  13. A god in Hinduism is usually shown in a particular way of a type of yoga known as lotus pose, this pose is meant to look like the perfect correspondence and beauty of lotus flower.
  14. Another facts about yoga is that it has been practiced in the ancient days, far back to at least 25,000 B.C, yoga take in parts like shamanic poses, illumination, asceticism and transcendence.
  15. Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, was among the first westerners to study yoga in depth. He aid the introduction of yoga practices and concepts from west to east, this was as a result of his opinion on the development of higher consciousness.
  16. Important facts about yoga most people don’t know is that yoga is defined as having eight branchesfacts about yoga one of the branches is Asana which means posture or poses, this is what people think of when they hear yoga.
  17. Shocking facts about yoga is that researchers believe that an ancient text believed to be over 4,000 known as Rig-Verda in world which means praise of knowledge contains elements of yoga.
  18. Another interesting facts about yoga is that most people don’t know is that yogi is a male who engage in yoga and yogini facts about yogais female who engage in yoga, this term is associated to general creative energy by 64 female deities.
  19. Although yoga is related to Hinduism, among the facts about yoga you should know is that yoga is not a religion, it is practiced within religion. It is regarded as material for the spirit.
  20. Interesting facts about yoga, you should know that most Muslims don’t appreciate yoga, they believe yoga does not go in line with the Muslims culture; it is banned in some Muslim countries like Malaysia.

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