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Are you one of those who try to control their diet with carbs, and after all that you still find yourself off the diet wagon? Are you interested in knowing why so many diet products around don’t allow or shun white rice?  Is white rice really a way to gain unwanted body-fat?4 cycle solution

Many people from various western countries in America & Europe do not eat rice as a staple, and they have serious obesity problems: research has shown that 62 percent of Americans are overweight, and at the same time over a quarter are obese. However, contrary to this, South East Asia, which is where rice is a dietary staple, is known to have the lowest obesity rate by the World Health Organization (WHO) anywhere around the globe: only 14 percent of them are overweight and 3 percent obese.

This is basically why there has been so much buzz on the launch of The 4 Cycle Solution Program. Instead of talking about avoiding white carbs; it looks at the causes of being overweight from the root, pays no attention to dietary myths and gives you the real facts about food to make informed choices and turn around your life and weight issue. However, if you are familiar with the The 4 Cycle Solution Program and looking for where to get yours kindly go to the link given below.



4 cycle solution

About The 4 Cycle Solution Program

The 4 Cycle Solution Program is a precision-based low calorie diet plan that is created to take advantage of your body’s reaction to the “when” & “what” of the foods you eat to regulate your hormones, increase your metabolism, and make your body to shed weight.

The 4 Cycle Solution program was created by Shaun Hadsall. He is well known in the weight loss and fitness industry for a long time.

The main idea of the 4 Cycle Solution is to make your body use stored fat as your primary source of energy through precision dieting instead of protein and carbs. That is, the exact schedule of your diet plan is as essential as what foods your diet contains. And you can do all these without sacrificing your muscle tissues, you can get all these using the 4 Cycle Solution.

On top of that, 4 Cycle Solution was designed to counteract your body’s adaptive responses that cause weight loss which normally follows any low calorie diet plan. That is, whenever you start a low calorie diet plan, your body adapts naturally by storing fat as a survival mechanism.

The 4 Cycle Solution is designed to take advantage of these responses and break these mechanisms so that you can lose weight fast and at the same time be able to sustain a continuous rate of fat loss.

To know if the 4 Cycle Solution is a scam or legit let’s take a look at the Phases of the 4 Cycle Solution and see what are the pros and cons of the program.

Phases of The 4 Cycle Solution

The 4 Cycle Solution as the name implies is divided into four separate phases that is to be followed in that specific order. It is not possible mix them all around or skip a phase or you would mess up the weight loss regimen.

The first phase of 4 Cycle Solution is called 7 Day Carb Depletion. This is the cycle that gets your body ready for the rest of the program. The aim is to deplete your carbohydrate stores and also make your body’s main source of energy turn to fat, among other things. An exercise component is also available to supplement this phase.4 cycle solution

The next phase of the 4 Cycle Solution is the Macro Patterning phase. Now that your body is all ready and uses fat as its main source of energy, Macro Patterning speeds up the fat burning process by working on other factors like your hormones that will help you with weight loss. 4 Cycle Solution is proven and effective.

By this time your body might have responded and adapted to the dieting that you have been doing. So the third phase of the 4 Cycle Solution, Accelerated Fat Loss phase was created to counteract those responses so as not to have a sustained rate of fat loss.

The last phase of the 4 Cycle Solution is called The Diet Break. It serves as a cooling down after an intense workout which in this case is a low calorie diet plan that eases you up to return to your normal routine. In the 4 Cycle Solution program, this is your maintenance procedure so you would get to keep your new great and lean body. The goal of the first 3 cycles of 4 Cycle Solution is to achieve a huge change with your body. And the last cycle of 4 Cycle Solution, the goal is for you to keep that change permanent while easing you to your normal lifestyle before you started the diet.


4 cycle solution

Now, the pros and cons of the 4 Cycle Solution program …

Best Exercise To Lose Weight – The Pros

  • The 4 Cycle Solution is a good product for experienced dieters who have been around the low calorie diet plan block for a while. This precise and new approach to low calorie diet plan might be what you need.
  • 4 Cycle Solution gives very quick and at the same time surprisingly sustainable results.
  • The 4 Cycle Solution is a program that fits well with both gender.
  • 4 Cycle Solution covers low calorie diet plan and dieting itself, exercise, and motivation.
  • The scientific foundation of the 4 Cycle Solution program is solid.
  • 4 Cycle Solution is a large package containing really much information, considering its very cheap price.
  • The 4 Cycle Solution comes with full 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee.4 cycle solution

Best Exercise To Lose weight – The Cons

  • Although the 4 Cycle Solution has an exercise component, it is still a bit shallow. This program focuses much on the diet side of things.
  • 4 Cycle Solution Gets a bit technical gradually, which may alienate or confuse the low calorie diet plan users a bit.

4 Cycle Solution – Conclusion

4 Cycle Solution is a quick and effective low calorie diet plan program; and one of the few programs that care about what happens to you after you lose the weight due to dieting. Almost all low calorie diet plan fail to put sustainable weight loss into the equation, but the 4 Cycle Solution is designed around that goal.

I hope that you found this review on 4 Cycle Solution program helpful for you and I look forward to hearing about how it has helped you. However, if you have any question concerning 4 Cycle Solution program, feel free to post a comment and I will try to help as much as I can.
I wish you the best!


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