7 Bikini Bodybuilding Diets To Incorporate Into Your Meal Plan
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7 Bikini Bodybuilding Diets For A Hourglass Figure

Are you looking for the perfect bikini bodybuilding diets to help you get in shape? Before we get into the details, how much do you know about bodybuilding? Bodybuilding is a lifestyle that is centered on building lean muscle mass through nutrition and exercise. So, the time you spend outside the gym is more important. Following a good bikini body diet is one of the ways to maximize your results from the gym. Pay attention to what goes to your mouth because consuming the wrong foods can negatively affect your bodybuilding goals.

Irrespective of your current body shape here are some useful diet plans that you can incorporate into your meals.

7 Bikini Bodybuilding Diets To Stay In Shape

1. Eggs and Oatmeals with fruits

bikini bodybuilding dietsHere is a good breakfast you can add to your meal, when we talk about breakfast we are looking for a meal that can give you enough energy to carry on with your daily activities without any fear of hunger.

Oats are very nutritious they contain fiber which helps to digest food. So eating oats for breakfast is very good for the body. Oats contains

  • Calories     68.0
  • Total fat     1.40g
  • Carbohydrate 12.0g
  • Vitamin A   8.0%
  • CALCIUM 8.0%
  • IRON 33.0%
  • VITAMIN B-6 15%

EGGS contains proteins that help in developing the body muscles and repairing worn out tissues. It contains vitamins and minerals which the body needs if you are planning to go on a diet plan. Eggs contain

  • Calories 62.5%
  • Proteins 5.50g
  • Total fat 4.20g
  • Calcium 24.60g
  • Cholesterol 162mg
  • Vitamins A, B, E, and K.

2. Chicken Breast And Brown Rice

bikini body dietsThis is a very nice meal which you can add to your diet as lunch which can also give you the energy you need and it does not affect your bikini body shape.

Chicken breast: chicken breast is also a good source of protein and vitamins(B, D, A, C). It is low in fat than your regular chicken which makes it one of the best meals to consider during weight loss.

Nutritional facts on chicken breast: it contains

  • Calories     165
  • Total fat    3.60g
  • Calcium     1%
  • Vitamin D   1%
  • Iron              5%
  • Magnesium 7%

Brown rice: Brown rice is more nutritious than any other rice because it doesn’t contain any artificial nutrients. So enhancing rice to your diet plan is a good idea to help you build up your muscles.

Nutritional Facts on Brown Rice:

  • Calories    111
  • Total fat 0.90g
  • Carbohydrate 23.0g
  • Vitamin B-6     5.0%
  • Iron                   2.0%
  • Calcium            1.0%

3. Salad (dinner)salad for bikini body meal plan

  • 1 cup mixed greens
  • 7 almonds, crushed
  • 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • cup cherry tomatoes
  • cup red onion

The salad contains vitamins and they don’t contain cholesterol or fats, they are very low in calories which makes it a very good meal in this diet plan.

Nutritional value on salad

  • Calories    11
  • Total fat    0.20g
  • Proteins    1.40g
  • Vitamin B-6 (5%)

3. Protein Shake and Fruitsprotein shakes for bikini body

Are you looking for the right snacks to add to your bikini bodybuilding plan? This is the right snack for you without having to worry about your bikini body shape.

Protein shake contains dietary fiber, it is low in fat, and also high in protein which can build up your muscles instead of an increase in fats. It also contains vitamins which makes it the perfect snacks to add to your meal plan.

Most importantly protein shakes provide you with the right energy levels you need to go on with your daily activities removing the fear of hunger.

Nutritional value of protein shake

  • Proteins.  63.9g
  • Carbohydrates 18.30g
  • Fats                     7.3g
  • Calcium         530mg
  • Fiber                0.60g

Fruits: The right fruit for the meal are bananas, it contains fiber, vitamins, proteins, low in fats and it helps you control your blood sugar levels. This makes it the right supplement for your protein shake.

Nutritional value of bananas

  • Calories           89.0g
  • Fats                  0.30g
  • Carbohydrate    23.0g
  • Fiber                   2.60g
  • Sodium               1.0g
  • Cholesterol   0g
  • Protein            1.10g
  • Vitamin A       1.0g
  • Vitamin B-6      20%
  • Vitamin D         0%
  • Vitamin C           14.0%
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5. Fat-free Turkey Breast and Avocados Bikini Bodybuilding Diet

This is another great mid-day snack you can add to your bodybuilding plan diet. It is 95% fat-free, high in proteins and you can control the number of calories that you need. If you are looking for the right mid-day snack this is the right snack for you to add to your meal plan.

Fat-free turkey breast: The calories content in fat-free turkey breast are very small but still it can be managed by the amount of slice, one slice of fat-free turkey breast contains about 25g of calories. For this meal, you can either increase or decrease the number of calories that you want in your meals to maintain that bikini body shape.

Nutritional value of one slice of fat-free turkey breast

  • Calories      25.0g
  • Fats              0g
  • Cholesterol    10.0g
  • Carbohydrate    2.0g
  • Fiber                   0g
  • Protein               5.0g
  • Sodium            220.0g
  • Potassium       150.0g
  • Iron                   3%

Avocados: Avocados are very good for the body, providing the body with all its needs in one meal but during a weight loss program it is advisable to eat one avocado per meal. Avocados serve as a very good supplement to fat-free turkey breast.

Nutritional value of avocado

  • Total fat    15g
  • Cholesterol   0g
  • Dietary fiber   7.0g
  • Total carbohydrate      9.0g
  • Protein        2.0g
  • Vitamin A    2%
  • Vitamin C   16%
  • Vitamin B-6   15%

6. Almond with Apple English Muffinsbodybuilding diets for a bikini body

This is a great meal to start your day, it gives you all the essential nutrients that you need, all in one meal. If you are looking for a nice and easy breakfast to

add to your meal plan this diet is for you.

Almond: It contains a very large amount of nutrients like vitamins, protein, minerals, and fiber which has many health advantages.

Nutritional value of almond

  • Fiber            3.50g
  • Protein       6.09
  • Fats             14.0g
  • Vitamin E    37%
  • Magnesium   20%
  • Apple English muffins

Nutritional value of apple English muffin

  • Calories     300g
  • Fats       5.0g
  • Sodium    650.0g
  • Carbohydrates    58g
  • Fiber                      5g
  • Protein                 7g

7. Sweet Potatoes and Fruitsbikini bodybuilding diets

This meal contains so many nutrients like vitamins, proteins, fiber which can help you build your body muscles while maintaining the bikini body shape. The fat content is very low.  This makes the meal very good in a weight loss program.


Nutritional value on sweet potatoes

  • Fats.       0.10g
  • Cholesterol   0g
  • Dietary fiber   3.0g
  • Carbohydrate   20.0g
  • Protein                6.0g


This is all about eating what is right to live a healthy life, this guide has told us that to reduce your weight you do not necessarily need to stop eating to get that perfect body shape you have always wanted but all you have to do is change your diet plan and of course, to achieve this you also need to do some workout at least 1 hour or more every day just to burn out the thick fats in your body.

Bikini body burn is about weight reduction, the proper way to reduce your weight is by watching what you eat and following a proper diet plan for about 2 weeks. Luckily for you, this article has listed some diet plans you can add to your meal to help you with bikini body burn.

Take Away

Take note of every calorie that you take into your body to avoid the problem of eating more calories than you burn. Remove unhealthy fat from your meals too. 80% of the weight loss battle is won in the kitchen. Working out is important, but eating healthy meals is even more important.



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