Yoga For Weight Loss: Common Mistakes With Yoga


Over the past couple of years, yoga has gained popularity and being adapted by women of all age, sizes and color. And this is due to the effectiveness of yoga is helping individuals live a balanced and healthy life, which is essential for normal wellbeing. Yoga helps in a lot of aspects such as relaxation, weight loss, stress relieve, body toning etc. There is no doubt that practicing yoga is a terrific idea– not just for your physique but also for your mental health and overall wellness.

Nevertheless, as beginners to this old but acceptable practice, one has the tendency to make some significant errors. The key to accomplishing versatility, strength, and ultimately entering the “state of yoga” is consistency, practice, and patience.

Therefore, this write up seeks to examine some common mistakes with yoga which are common with beginners. Thus on your next visit to your yoga class, you are very much conscious of these mistakes with yoga.

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Some Common Mistakes With Yoga Are:


  1. Comparing yourself with Other Students in Your Class

For beginners, one of the easiest ways in which you can injure yourself in yoga class is to look at what the individual on the next mat is doing and attempt to match their stretch and do all what they do. You should however understand that body shape differs, as well as age not forgetting the food we eat and the rate at which our body can be stressed. The individual on the other mat might be a previous ballerina, may have been practicing yoga for years, or is more versatile by birth. Thus if you are tempted to emulate them and push your body to copy all their moves and poses, you might end up with injuries. One of the most popular mistakes with yoga made by newbies.


  1. Another Common Mistake With Yoga Class is Comparing Your Body With How it Was Years Back.

Think back to how easily some moves were for you when you were young. Even at a very young age, you could effortlessly do some cartwheels as well as perform full wheel pose. Probably Perhaps you were able to do a certain posture in last week’s class but aren’t able to today. The crucial issue is not to compare yourself or your body strength and versatility to times gone by. Many people are guilty of pushing themselves too much, a popular mistake with yoga.


  1. Pushing your body too hard without awareness

A typical error newbies make is when they think “yoga will be a walk over for them. Many people make this mistake with yoga. Thinking the ease with which they do their exercises, horse riding etc. will also be applicable to yoga. Actually, some yoga poses may seem quite easy and basic from the outside, they work much deeper muscles tissues and have to be practiced with awareness and care. A common mistake with yoga is trying to do way more than your body can take. Worse is pressing the body to levels its not yet prepared to go to and getting injured.


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  1. Disparity in your practice

Generally, one feels so open and relaxed after a yoga class that they cannot wait to inform all their buddies about it and come right back the next day. Ultimately and inevitably, everyday life comes into play and we get distracted by work, her yoga secretshousehold obligations, social life, and errands and somehow practicing yoga falls to the bottom of our to-do list. Days, weeks and months go by and we gradually remember we have been skipping the yoga sections. And when we finally realize, our body is not so much in a great shape again, thus defeating the purpose of the yoga in the first instance. This is one common mistake so many people make with yoga classes. Yoga for weight loss and toned body requires consistent practice so as to achieve the desired goal.



  1. Not being Patient Enough With Yourself, falling under misery, and eventually quitting

After practicing yoga for a while– perhaps a few weeks, a couple of months, or perhaps years– we end up being disappointed. Concerns like “why isn’t really my

body able to perform certain asanas?” and “why cannot I touch my toes yet?”.

Ultimately, we fall victim to question and begin considering.

You might think yoga is not for you but the effectiveness and reliability of yoga might not be easily seen and works on many different levels. When in doubt over the effectiveness of yoga, consider the state of your mind now compared to when you were not having yoga classes? Believe about how yoga has assisted you relax and breathe better and made you more mindful of your own body and how it operates?


If you can relate with any of these guidelines, you now understand what you were most likely doing wrong. Avoid making these errors the next time you roll out your yoga mat and observe the distinction in your practice!

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Yoga is actually much more useful when done rightly. For people who also desire to lose weight, yoga for weight loss is also an effective tool for people who desire to lose weight with ease. However, if you could avoid all these mistakes, you could actually get a toned body with yoga using just the right pose.

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