Baby Bump To Bikini Body

Holding your child at the hospital sets your brain on a love overdrive that you forget how discomforting it is transforming your postpartum baby bump to bikini body. You definitely won’t remember. But after labor, postpartum recovery can be hard. In situations where you understand the recovery process, dealing with after birth becomes less stressful.

The truth is, you would not exactly know how it will go for you since it differs for everyone. But being prepared is key so you can know what happens in general terms.

If you had the normal weight and only gained 25-35 pounds as recommended by your doctor, it should not take you more than a couple of months to get back your pre-pregnancy weight with the right routines. On the other hand, if you were overweight before your pregnancy or you put on more weight than your doctor recommended, it could take up to a year to get off the weight.

“It is very critical to get the weight off because it has been associated with obesity and overweight 15 to 20 years later in life”, says Debra Krummel, Ph.D., RD, endowed professor in the University of Cincinnati Department of nutrition. One of the most important things to remember is to be patient with yourself.


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Phases of After Birth

The tummy still maintains a round squishy midsection even after birth. Linea nigra appears down the abdomen for some women. Stretch marks could also be a plus from extensive stretching of the skin. Postpartum recovery takes time. The situation could be likened to an inflated balloon, it only takes a slow leak after delivery.

The uterus begins to shrink after delivery from hormonal changes, and this takes the length of six to eight weeks. The swollen cells during pregnancy begin to release fluid that is eliminated via body sweat, urine, etc.

The pregnancy pouch disappears just immediately after childbirth in some women, but this happens in rare cases. It takes months in other women and patience. The time frame is dependent on body size, amount of weight accumulated during pregnancy, and genes.

With that in mind, here are some tips to get you back to your pre-pregnancy body.

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Facts About Moving From Baby Bump To Bikini Body You Should Know

Phase 1: Your Weightloss Depends On Your Pre-Pregnancy Body 

There are chances that you can get back your old body in few weeks after giving birth. There is probably someone out there frustrated by how long it’s taking to lose her postpartum weight. There is no automated calendar for this, and it remains a fact that the more weight you gain, the longer it takes to lose it, Dr. Ross says.

Phase 2: Your postpartum pooch has nothing to do with your uterus.

You might have heard that there is nothing you can do to your postpartum pouch because your uterus stretched out during pregnancy.

“The uterus is made of smooth muscle that does not contain any fat”, explains David Diaz, MD, a reproductive endocrinologist and fertility expert at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley, California. It did stretch in all honesty, but it contracts down to its normal size six weeks after delivery.

Phase 3: Breastfeeding is not a diet, it only burns calories.

Breastfeeding is a sure way of burning calories. But do not use it to achieve your post-baby goal. You need an additional 400 to 500 calories to help balance your milk production since that is your baby’s primary source of nutrition.

Phase 3: Weight loss plateaus are real.

You might have heard this from some unhelpful people. Unfortunately, there is some truth to it. When the calories you burn is equivalent to the calories you eat, you may be faced with a weight plateau. This is no thanks to the lifestyle changes, decreased metabolism, and alternating hormones.

Phase 4: Celebs don’t have a magical weight loss bullet.

You may be wondering if those runaway models know something you don’t with their rapid postpartum weight loss. “Supermodels are motivated to drop their weight as soon as possible after childbirth because that is where they make a living”, says Dr Ross. In other words, The superfast result is not what you should emulate. Your first priority should be providing for your baby in the healthiest way.

Workout Tips To Get Rid Of the Baby Bump?

Get clearance from your doctor before embarking on the baby bump to bikini body goal. You can incorporate aerobic and strength training exercises to burn calories. “Exercises beyond helping you to lose weight provide many benefits to new moms”, Johnson says. “It helps with sleep issues, depression, and relieving stress”

  1. Perform Kegels and pelvic tilts

Depending on the type of delivery you had and the doctor’s approval, you can start performing kegel and pelvic tilts a day or two after delivery. This increases blood flow to the perineum and speeds up the recovery process.lose baby weight tips

Exhale and draw in your belly.

  1. Do basic crunches.

Before starting any strenuous abdominal work, check for separation in your abdominals. Place your finger above your belly button, and perform a crunch. If three or more fingers can get between your abs, you have abdominal separation. This condition is not suitable for abdominal workouts, especially rotation.

Try to draw them together by placing either side of the separation and draw them together. Doing this will return the abs to their natural alignment. Consult your doctor if the separation gets worse.

  1. Try postnatal yoga

Yoga has so many benefits it offers before, during, and after pregnancy. It helps posture and balance, boosts your energy, and increases flexibility. Yoga classes also provide a stress-free environment for you to relax.

  1. Incorporate resistance training and cardio into your workouts.

Not only does resistance training and cardio burn baby fat, it also increases metabolism and it is time-efficient for the busy moms. Do some squats, lunges, shoulder raises, ab curls, and oblique curls.

A combination of resistance training and diet has been proven to be among the most effective ways of reducing weight and improving heart health. Your body will be returned to its pre-pregnancy state, and your body’s musculature will be challenged.

  1. Include your baby in your workout sessions

Including your baby in your exercise will make you bond and find the right time to exercise. Take a walk with their stroller or enroll in a mommy-and-me yoga.

Nutritional Tips To Push From Baby Bump To Bikini Body

  1. Drink plenty water. 

Take a glass of water before every snack and meal. Water helps a lot when it comes to losing weight, and it is not different when it comes to losing baby weight. You will feel the difference and feel better.

  1. Take a multi-vitamin & fish oil. 

Taking multivitamins can boost your metabolism a great deal. Your weight loss and your energy levels will be boosted to ease workouts. You can also take fish oil to aid weight loss and boost your metabolism too.

  1. Include protein, fiber, and fresh vegetables in every meal you consume. 

Protein keeps you full for a longer time and that is not news. This helps to reduce how much meal you consume, hence, it is worth being included in your meals. Aim to eat veggies also for antioxidants benefits. Veggies are low in calories, hence, you can fill up your tummy with as much as you want. It is time to get those healthy veggies, and grains too on your shopping list. Eating foods that are high in fiber has been shown to help with weight loss.

  1. Say No To: refined loaves of bread, pastas, candy, sodas, alcohol, oily foods, and sugar. 

It is very important for new moms to pay attention to what goes into their mouths after delivery. Adding healthy foods to your plate will make a lot of sense. This is more important for the baby you will be breastfeeding.

Take a lot of fruits, meat and dairy products, proteins as stated above, and grains. Avoid the above-listed foods to ease your postpartum recovery.

Consuming the right meals will help your body in healing itself. You will gain a lot of strength and energy eating healthy. Do not neglect your diet when you are breastfeeding. Every meal you take will be passed on to your baby as breast milk.


  1. Don’t do a crash diet

Crash diets are very low-calorie diets that help to lose w large amount of weight in the shortest time possible. Your body needs good nutrition to heal and recover after childbirth. A low-calorie diet will leave you feeling tired and not provide the important nutrients. This is entirely contrary to what you need when you are taking care of a newborn.

Assuming you have a stable weight, cutting your calories down by 500 for each day will stimulate safe weight loss per week. A woman consuming 2,000 calories per day could cut it down to 1,700, and burn 200 calories through exercise.

weight loss after pregnancyConclusion

Apart from consuming healthy meals, planning a workout regimen will aid your baby bump to bikini body. This will help such that if you don’t lose all your weight in a jiffy, you won’t accumulate any.