Tips To Get A Bikini Body At 40 

The big 4-0 creeps in like a thief, suddenly making attaining a bikini body at 40 herculean. It’s easy to stay fit, energetic and have all the good looks in your 20s and 30s. However, the signs of aging creep in once you hit 40.

For most women, belly fat is a nightmare. They struggle desperately to keep the mid-section of their abdomen flat. However, shedding weight on that area is not easy. The problem becomes worse for women in their 40s.

Your muscle becomes too tired and it is harder to lose the weight you accumulate. Pulling off your shirt during beach season suddenly becomes hard.

Thankfully, you can go back to having your body from your 20s by adopting a healthy lifestyle. To that end, we have compiled a list of effective tricks to get you back in shape in the subsequent paragraphs. Follow them accordingly and be ready to flaunt your bikini body.

Why Is It Difficult To Shed Belly Fat After 40?

The answer is the loss of muscle mass. The more we grow older, the more we lose our muscle mass. This reduces our metabolism and we start to burn fewer calories. These two factors make it difficult to lose fat, especially from the midsection.

Additionally, there are hormonal changes. Weight gain and weight loss are controlled by hormones.

Typically, women store more fat in the abdomen and thigh. This process begins in puberty and continues till they clock 40.

After 40 years, hormonal changes occur in women. They undergo perimenopausal and menopausal changes. Gradually, the fat storage tendencies shift. They begin to accumulate more hard abdominal fat because of reduced testosterone and estrogen level.

It’s paramount to lose belly fat over other fat from any part of the body.

This is because the visceral fat that stays deep inside the abdomen is dangerous to your health. It is linked with cardiovascular diseases, Type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol.

More than ever, you need to be intentional about your lifestyle to retain your once gorgeous body or bring back the beauty you have.

Can You Really Get A Bikini Body After 40?

Yes, it is possible to still get into the best shape of your life in your 40s. The following celebrities have shown that is possible to have a drop-dead gorgeous body after 40.

Naomi Campbell

This ageless beauty has an amazing body, you’d think she’s not close to her 40s.

She looks flawless at over 40.

She’s the perfect model to celebrate National Bikini Day.

Words cannot explain how young this music legend still looks.

Mariah is close to her 50s and a mother of two, and she’s still a stunner with a body to die for.

This ageless beauty keeps looking better as the day goes by. You’ll find lots of pictures of her bikini body on the internet.

Jade Pinkett Smith has been able to retain an ageless look over the years.

She’s fit and still gets so much attention from the opposite sex with her toned body.

Cindy is in her 50s. It didn’t come as a surprise that she was named one of the 100 hottest women of all time by Men’s health.

She has lived up to the name, with her breathtaking body.

No doubt, you are convinced that you can be fit and have a bikini body as you get older.

It is possible to have a drop-dead body at 40. Aging doesn’t ruin the beauty, rather you must devise the right strategies and habits to be the woman that you use to be.

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How To Get An Incredible Bikini Body After 40

The following tips are just enough to help you get the snapback bikini body you desire in your 40s.

Walking is a surefire way to stay fit. Taking a walk of 10,000 steps a day prevents atrophy, boosts healthy cardiovascular function. Most importantly, it will keep you limber.

When you swim, It’s possible to achieve a balanced work out with less stress and strain on your joints and bones in the pool.

You should include regular swimming into your routine. It works on all the muscles in your body. And, you’ll feel energized all day long.

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If you have not been including fiber in your diet, you should have a rethink.

You need lots of it now.

It is a component of certain carbohydrates that cannot be digested.

It helps to prevent constipation and aids digestion.

As it pushes through the system, it cleans out alongside too.

It does magic when it comes to reducing your weight.

It’s a known fact that High-fiber foods are more filling than low-fiber foods, making you eat less and stay satisfied for a longer period.

Also, high-fiber food takes longer to eat and are less energy-dense. This means they have fewer calories for the same volume of food.

Men need an average of 38g of fiber daily and women can do with 25g daily.

Rich sources of fibers include nuts, brown rice, beans, and whole grains.

If you desire to get your body you have always dreamed about after 40, then you need to reduce your alcohol intake. This may mean missing out on the party life sometimes or just been disciplined.

According to researchers, it’s been proven that excessive alcohol intake is a risk factor for muscle loss after menopause.

Therefore, if you intend to keep in shape and slim down, you should fight your alcohol cravings.

As you start knocking on the doors of your 40s, you need to include extra vitamin D in your diet.

It helps in maintaining your health and fitness in your 40s.

According to researchers at the University of Milan, increase doses of vitamin D supplementation helps in weight loss amongst overweight and obese adults.

Invest in vitamin D supplements to enjoy the benefits that come with it.

To get a healthier and slimmer body as you get close to your middle age, cutting back on the sweet stuff is essential.

This is because when progesterone and estrogen level begins to fluctuate, you become more sensitive to sugar. When you keep consuming carbs, you react more to them and this spikes up your blood sugar. Subsequently, this yields faster fat storage and sugar sensitivity.

And this would also include nature’s candy-“fruits”

Fruit sugar contributes to additional weight around the waistlines as people grow older. You should limit your daily intake.

You shouldn’t take more than 20g of fructose in a day.

Starch, fruit, and sugar increase insulin levels and subsequently your fat storage.

No doubts, you enjoyed the marathon workouts in your 20s. However, they are of no benefit to you now, they will do you more harm than good in your 40s.

You must understand that long drawn out cardio sessions which include stressful workouts, long runs, long HIIT sessions, will make you more stressed. Thus leading to high cortisol levels, which increase fat accumulation and storage in the abdomen.

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Sleep is good.

I’m sure you have heard it a million times.

National sleep foundation emphasizes that adults between 24-64 years old need 7-9 hours of sleep daily at night for optimal muscle recovery.

It will also help in boosting brain function.

Aside from boosting your social game, playing tennis helps to boost cardiovascular function.

It also tones your arms and legs.

Of all the classes of food, that is required to help you achieve your dream of getting a bikini body at 40, Protein is the most important.

The benefits are enormous. It helps in building muscle fiber and promotes post work out muscle recovery, yet giving you essential energy.

However, I’d like to point out that not all proteins are good for you.

Rather, you should opt for the healthier protein sources which include salmon, lean turkey, plants, and chicken.

Essentially, protein powder or bars are good, but you must ensure that it’s unsweetened.

Whey and casein are good sources of protein. Whey is made up of high levels of leucine, an amino acid that boosts protein synthesis that helps in protecting lean muscle tissue, thereby maintaining the basal metabolic rate at optimal speed.

Casein digests at a slow rate, over some hours, to maintain the blood sugar and keep us feeling fuller for a longer duration.

You shouldn’t assume that all water is good for your health.

Ensure that you drink good and quality water. A lot of people do not know that most tap water is highly unfit for drinking because it is polluted.

You can spice things up, by infusing it with lemon, cucumber, raisins, Goji berries, a pinch of Himalayan salt, herbs to provide extra detoxification purposes.

Also, you must drink lots of water before, during, and after exercise. This helps in keeping your goal in check.

Typically, fluids dilute digestive enzymes and slow down digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. Therefore, to enjoy the best nutrition from the food you consume, drink water 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after eating.

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Nutritional Tips

The correct balance of nutrients and healthy digestion are tools for effective energy metabolism. With the following nutritional tips, you can reverse aging, build your body and get into a nice-looking body shape along with a good bikini body workout plan.

Adding omega-3-rich foods to meals aids weight loss according to research. Avocado, Nuts, Oily fish, and flaxseeds are all very good options to add to meals.

Green tea is a combination of antioxidants and caffeine. It gives your energy a boost and increases your body’s fat-burning ability.

Include calcium in your meals for increased bone strength, reduced risk of fracture, and fat-burning potentials.

Grains are very high in fibers. They will help you stay full and battle belly-bloating effects from menopause.

Replace your snacks with almonds. Almonds will help you lose weight and further improve your overall health. Almonds keep the stomach full for long, reduces stress, and decrease the chance of weight gain.

Studies reveal that citrus contains Vitamin C which fights wrinkles, boosts collagen production, and reduces the risk of high-fat diet.

Red wine is a source of resveratrol. Resveratrol helps improve memory retention, reduces belly-bloating, reduces belly fat, and improves hormonal issues in aging women.

Consuming salty snacks increases the need to feed on more food. Talking less salty snacks will put you on the track of weight loss.

Keeping your gut in good health is another good idea. Taking leafy greens, and asparagus keeps your gut health in order. Hormonal challenges that come with menopause will decline, you will be less susceptible to colon cancer, and you will be.


The crucial step for women that intend to reverse the aging process is to accept that their body is changing. What worked for you in your 20s, is not going to work for you in this phase of your life. Exercise and portion control is vital.

Finally, eating healthy, avoiding stress, having a positive outlook towards life, and working on your body goals at your own pace, will lead you on the journey to a fabulous bikini body at 40.

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