Can’t burn off sugar? – Why sugar is killing you.

As we all know that sugar is mostly contained in our daily foods. Most of the foods we consume such as carbonated drinks, juice, burger, snacks and many more contains quite a lot of sugar which is not easy to burn off.

Do you know you can’t burn off sugar? I know you must have heard a million times from health practitioners or experts, bloggers, and even on the news that sugar is not good for you. Most people don’t really understand why consuming sugar is so bad. Do you even know that the excess intake of sugar can cause weight gain.woman abs 2

In fact, quite a number of people falsely think that if they consume sugar, they can easily exercise a little harder that day or the following day so they can burn it off. I need to tell you that to burn off sugar is not as easy as you think. The kind of thinking that you can burn off sugar might unfortunately lead you to and early grave.

It’s not as simple as just to burn off sugar – It is about what sugar does to the cells of your body internally, and how sugar clots in the blood causing disease. It is not that am exaggerating here, pay a very close attention to your sugar intake.

If you really know exactly why sugar is so bad for you and the damages it does to your health, you won’t even think of how to burn off sugar in your body. Sugar intake also does a lot of damages to the cells in your body. You will also have a rethink about eating that piece of cake, sugary soft drink, fruit juice, candy, or ice cream, or even feeding them to your children.

How to burn off sugar or fat accumulated by high sugar intake

  1. Avoid fad diets:There is no magic when it comes to weight gain. In particular, do away with diets that eliminate any one food group; you should try be consuming carbohydrates, fat. Protein and at every meal to stay balanced.
  2. Do not forget that fat is not as important as calories in controlling weight:To burn off sugar and shed weight; you must be able to burn more calories than you consume, it is just as simple as that. The reason we are told to be careful of fatty foods is because they tend to have high calories. However, this often causes us to get rid of healthy fatty foods, like avocados oil and salmon, from our diet unnecessarily. To burn off sugar is not that easy but just try and make sure you are eating healthy monounsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats instead of consuming saturated and trans fat. If you are on a 2000 calorie per day diet, then I think you should try not to eat more than 20 grams of saturated fat per day.
  3. Strength train:This means lifting weights or performing some workout sessions at home or in the gym for about 30 minutes for at least twice a week. This is also a way to burn off sugar. Muscle helps in speeding your metabolism, people with muscular body burn more calories even while they are at rest.101 db
  4. Reduce processed foods intake: try and stick with natural foods, which have little or no added preservatives and chemicals. If you can’t find it in nature, then you should have a rethink before you eat it.
  5. Do more of cardio exercises: interval training, which means changing between low and high intensity activity, is a quick, good and extremely effective way to improve your heart health and endurance. Anyone over the age of 60years or who has heart disease, high blood pressure should consult a doctor before trying to attempt interval training.
  6. Carefully consider eating more frequently:Instead of taking 3 square meals per day, you can go for 6 micro meals in order to sustain their energy and steady their blood sugar levels while on a low calorie diet. However, there is a tendency for people to justify turning the so called micro meals into junk food sessions; research has proven that people often consume not just a lot calorie, but emptier ones when trying to take the snacking approach. Try and make your choice wisely.
  7. Control your portions by eating low energy density foods:vegetables and fruits are combined with not only healthy vitamins and minerals. To burn off sugar try as much as possible to drink a lot of water. Also eat foods that contain high fiber content because it is not only good for you, but also takes time to digest and make you feel full for long.

    Drink a lot of water

    Water is a very important and major player in weight control. Being a major part of your body, it helps flushes metabolic wastes keeping your metabolism charged. It will also help you feel fuller, so don’t need to wait until you feel thirsty. Start by drinking at least 2 liters of water every day. People who are active and live in hot climates do experience fluid loss through fever or diarrhea, etc. should increase their water intake.

Following strictly the above health tips will help you have a good and healthy living. Stop the intake of sugar or better still for those who can’t do without sugar should try and reduce their intake.

Do you want to your intake of sugar? Are you willing to burn off sugar in your body? Are you adding weight and looking food ways to burn off sugar causing it? All you need to do is to have a proper diet and reduce you sugar consumption.  However, I know of a program which will lead your through a healthy living. To download this program try and Click Here.