Why Are You Suffering From Hormone Imbalance

The notion Hormonal balance is so crucial to a healthy, body, mental non-cancerous system but can be interrupted in divers’ ways. Hormone imbalance may naturally surface or noticed as in the case of menopausal.

Hormone imbalance may also be caused by the lifestyle you chose to live, high level toxins may also cause hormonal imbalance or both but then one critical aspect you take into cognizance is that ignorance on its own is a killer, you must have a good awareness of it existence and once that is achieved, you can be rest assured that you can deal with it but if you don’t know it will deal with u instead.

It is the enemy that you know you can deal with decisively reverse is the case when it is the other way round. Information you know about causes of hormonal imbalances is the weapon you’ve to attack, prevent yourself and be at ease to deal with the devastating experience that comes with this condition.

Age, Menopause and Hormone Imbalance

All human system responds to time and age. Just like the folks saying “there is time for everything”. Hormones can respond to environment positively or negatively: for instance cold atmosphere. Also, hormone imbalance can be as a result of your old and former way of your life style or kind of sport which may be unhealthy too. All these may have a very high negative effect on your hormone.

Adrenal Hormone Balance

A good number of people eat very very unwisely, you have to be careful and be warned too. There are some kind of sport you do, food you consumed, unnecessary strenuous activity we engaged in that has a direct relationship with your Hormone. I.e. the higher you indulge in those things the higher the risk in your hormone balance system.

So, there is a direct link and connection. As we grow and advance in life it will get to a stage where all growth and development will seize, the system will just have to maintain the hormone in the body and at this critical period if any strenuously activities can be traced then the result may wear you down/out.

Therefore a lot of rest is required especially when you are approaching your mid-age to keep your hormones fit and healthy. Enough rest and good nutrition is a vital tool to enhance our hormone balance and keep healthy when we are down as a result of weakness of your adrenals

     High sugar, Belly Fat, Insulin Resistance and Breast Cancer Risk

Unfortunately most of our production company never heed to government directive of quality of production in the society just because of their selfish interest. One good thing insulin does is to collect good amount of sugar from the breaking down of food consumed and transport it to supply other part of the body as glucose.

But excess of this same sugar will resist and stop the insulin from doing his primary function and as a result lead to diabetes and so on. A lot of us take in industrial sugar but ignorant of it and when this sugar is retained in the body will result to fat that will adversely affect your hormone system

Once insulin is resisted from carrying out its function in the body, the body under attack and on a high risk too. It is like a battalion without ammunition. That can be destroy any time

Some simple approaches to avoid insulin resistance:

• Reduce the abnormal intake of carbohydrates
• Make sure there is always protein supplement at every meal. But it must not be in excess
• One thing at a time, don’t eat too fast and don’t over eat too. It is only advisable to eat little at an interval of time


Stress kills Hormones faster than expected or imagine. When you discovers cortisol in your system, it is stress. Stress can be in divers form for instance: kinds of food that produce more gas in your system, some stress are emotional, while some can be kind of.


What indigestion does nothing to the body system but prevalence inflammation to the body and this woul cause the pituitary hypothalamus to be suppressed and primarily direct the production of sex hormones, this is to some extent poor intestine function may have an abnormal impact on some aspects of your health.

Thyroid Dysfunction

This also may cause hormonal imbalance when it is seen to have depressed the formation of progesterone. Youimages can’t address sex hormonal imbalance if you don’t test your thyroid function


Testosterone is usually traced but not limited to men in some cases low energy and low libido may be as a result of too little of the testosterone and if it is high may cause over weight etc

Some other mechanisms that is vital and contribute to hormone imbalance

There are other mechanisms to that is capable of contributing to hormone imbalance scientifically the or in the world of scientific literature. but then at the long run, I will be taking you through the journey of knowing this mechanism. Of course yes! Understanding the mechanism that causes hormone imbalance will make you to take a measure and precaution that can make you deal with it decisively if you are affected already or better still prevent yourself from the menace.

A. The gut

Well, no sigh at all as you may probably know that most modern chronic problems on health is related or may be traced to the gut, that is basic and no left out. There so Many scientific and medical studies that has link the microbiome to hormone imbalance for instant.

There other sets of bacterial that are broken down to form what is known as estrogen right inside the gut. You may have these in either estrogen excess or estrogen deficiency, all based on the gut flora predisposition.

B. The cortisol dysregulation and HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis dysfunction

The number 3 of the mechanisms is the cortisol dysregulation and HPA axis dysfunction. This should not be taken as hard as the pronounciation at all. The HPA regulates production of hormone in the body, that also include the sex hormone and you should know from here where the problem emanated from when you have sex hormone production problem.

In other words, cortisol on its own is the hormone that is normally produced during stress response. So the medics will say someone is on high cortisol level when such is stressful or in stress continuously which can cause hormone resistance in most cases

Moreso, Cortisol and HPA axis can cause all of the problems aforementioned in the gut if or when there is a noticed leaky gut or an intestinal permeability Problems with the HPA axis and cortisol
Conclusively, constant medical check up may go a long way in fighting these mechanisms if noticed on time in the system. Openness to the medical practitioner is a must.

C. When some certain estrogen metabolites levels by dybiosis which can proliferate and dangerously inflammatory.

This can increase the risk of cancer of the breast most especially in women while prostate cancer in men. The higher the level of the dydiosis the dangerously the lower the protective capability in estrogen metabolism and as a result may cause hormone balance disruption in so many ways.