Common kitchen foods which are bad for your health

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You often listen to unclear claims in the news that sugar is bad for your health; also wheat and gluten are very bad for you. Do you really understand what these common kitchen foods do to you inside?

Most people don’t really understand the reasons and basic facts behind some common kitchen foods we consume every day. The listed above foods can’t only destroy the hormones and metabolism but can also cause heart diseases, diabetes, Alzheimers, and also cancer.fat kitchen book

Also, there is a common kitchen foods which is plant based that you probably eat frequently when you go to restaurants. This common kitchen food which will be listed below while reading on is proven to cause heart attack.

There are some basic things you need to understand about what you eat which will help balance you hormones, boots your metabolism, prevents heart attacks, stop cancer from forming in the body parts and also prevents diabetes.

Common kitchen foods – Why wheat is bad for your health

There are 3 reasons why consuming wheat is very bad and does more harm than good to the body.

  1. Wheat causes disruption in the blood sugar, cell gylcation, increases aging, boosts diabetes risk and weight gain.
  2. Gluten and other gut damaging compounds
  3. Antinutrients and mineral blockers in wheats

Do you know that most of the wheat bread in most grocery stores is actually white bread that has been dyed brown. Whole wheat also has added high corn syrup and this is because the bread is just too dry to eat without adding sugar.

Common kitchen foods – Scientists have theorize that the reason gluten is causing digestive system problems is because  of the excessive hybridization of wheat over the last 50 years, which has created new gluten molecules that are foreign to the human digestive tract compared to the ancient wheat that humans took thousands of years ago.

Why vegetable oil is harmful to your health

Common kitchen foods like vegetable oil have been proven to be bad for the health. With its healthy sounding name, it is not made from vegetables. As you already know, vegetable oil comes from combination of corn oil, canola oil, safflower oil, soybean oil and/or cottonseed oil. All of these listed ingredients are absolutely terrible for your health.

Reasons why vegetable oil is very bad to your health

  1. Vegetable oils normally contain deadly trans fats, even non-hydrogenated

Common kitchen foods like vegetable oil as you already know contain trans fats which are deadly, so going into the science as to why trans fats kill you inside and damage your cell membranes in your body which leads to different scary health problems like cancer, obesity, heart disease, and many more.

Knowing these basic facts, you don’t need to be told that common kitchen foods like hydrogenated vegetable oils vegetable oil needed to be stay away from. I believe this is something you must have heard a million times before.

However, what most people probably don’t know is that even non-hydrogenated vegetable oils also have some trans fats due to the high heat, solvents, and pressure which they are exposed to during the refining process.  And yes, this includes expeller pressed vegetable oils as well.foods

  1. Vegetable oils contain oxidized mutated fats that are worse than trans fat and cause heart attacks

Common kitchen foods – Vegetable oils contain oxidized fats due to the process of refining and chemical reactions with the polyunsaturated fat content of vegetable oils.

Common kitchen foods – If you think I am actually exaggerating on this information given in this article, think again. Dr Shanahan surveyed hundreds of patients that were admitted to the hospital for a heart attacks, and found out that every single patient that were just admitted because of  heart attack had consumed foods which were made with vegetable oils with their last meal before getting the heart attack.

Common kitchen foods – Think about this the next time you order for fries with that sandwich on the menu!  It is really is that serious.  Try and ask to replace french fries that come with most of our meals with side fruits, veggie, or a salad instead.  That may just be the difference between dying tomorrow or enjoying years in this beautiful planet.

  1. Vegetable oils cause massive imbalances with your omega-6 to omega-3 fats ratio

That a very balanced ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids, not like the horribly unbalanced ratio which is caused by dangerous vegetable oils, can actually help fight a lot of common ailments of today which is caused by some common kitchen foods.

Common diseases like heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol and even obesity can be prevented by decreasing your omega-6 fatty acids, and increasing your omega-3 fatty acids.

Conclusively, the solution to all of these major problems with vegetable oils and wheat is to discover a healthier life style and stop acting ignorance.  You can use healthy oils like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil and grass-fed butter, all of these mentioned oils are much healthier than the vegetable oils and doesn’t cause any health problems or health issues mentioned above.

Here is what I think you should know in order to live a healthy life.

Do you wish to stop eating these common kitchen foods that may be harmful to your health? Are you willing to stop taking foods that causes you weight gain? All you need is a proper diet plan that will reduce your risk of having some of this deadly disease and live a healthy lifestyle. I know of a program by Mike Geary that contains secretes on how you can stay away from these common kitchen foods and live a healthier life.  To download this program you can Click Here.