Detoxing To Lose Weight : How Toxins Hinder You From Losing Belly Fat Fast

Detoxing to lose weight requires you to know how toxins make you gain belly fat and then learn how does liver detoxification lead to weight loss?

weight loss detoxOn a daily basis, humans are getting exposed to chemicals that come from the foods we eat, house cleaner, cosmetics, the air we breathe, drinks, and even medications.

The chemicals are toxins that later build up in the body system and one of the adverse effect stalling weight loss. Although there are lots of factors that contributes to being obese or overweight, researchers discovered that a major role is played by environmental toxins in this.

When these toxins accumulate in the body, the body’s defenses become overwhelmed. Too much toxins cause sluggishness in the mechanism for detoxification in the liver. Some toxins can remain active much longer than your system can handle and detoxing to lose weight can help. However, you need to learn how toxins make you gain weight first.

get rid of toxins and lose belly fatDetoxing To Lose Weight – How Toxins Make You Gain Deep Belly Fat

Most of the toxins that are stored by the liver are exclusively the fat-soluble ones. There are enough of those from the air you breathe and your diets. The fat that have these toxins in them are deposited on cell walls and this happens majorly in the liver.

They interfere with hormone signaling. Literally, these fats act as an obstacle between the insulin and their receptors, which is present in every single body cell. This problem is also being experienced by leptin and all other metabolic signaling hormones.

Since there are a lot of different hormonal receptors in the cells, the toxic fat ends up blocking all of them, which prevents hormonal signaling from working like it should. This way, the body won’t be able to stop storing fat despite all your fasting, exercising, eating less or calories counting.


This is because the signal to “begin fat burning” just no longer get to the liver cells that have been covered by fat. This problem affects the subcutaneous fat-cells, which are purposely designed to store energy.

Therefore, no matter how hard we starve ourselves, it becomes difficult to get rid of visceral fat or deep belly fat. These visceral fats interfere with almost all the processes that are important for optimal functioning.

why you need to detox right nowDetoxing To Lose Weight – Effects Of Toxic Deep Belly Fat On Human Health

Deep belly fat or visceral fats is the most dangerous fat and also known as the predator of most of the metabolic syndromes and too much toxins in your body is one of the reasons why you are not losing weight.

Diabetes UK has linked visceral fat to a lot of health issues such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes among others.

Bad signalling between cells also results in cancer and other medical conditions. In diabetic people, insulin receptors are also blocked by toxic fat and pancreas will be forced to produce more and more of it and will later get worn out.

As we have learned, it is not easy to lose deep belly fat by counting calories or spending hours in the gym because your body didn’t store the fat for energy, but as a result of toxic build-up in your gut and liver.

Detoxing To Lose Weight Requires The Understanding Of How Detoxification Works

The detoxification process begins in your liver. While this appears as a complicated process, the liver majorly does this in 3 phases. First, the body identifies harmful chemicals with the help of certain enzymes that support the reactions that make this possible through the oxidative process.

Secondly, these identified toxic substances are bound by conjugators and converted to highly reactive metabolites. This does not only make the toxins harmless, but also makes them soluble for excretion.

The third and last phase involved the elimination of the toxins from the body through the lungs, skin, kidney and digestive tract.

Toxins can badly affect these organs. The more dangerous toxins are the persistent, low-grade toxins from conventionally grown veggies and fruits. It might be hard for you to relate or link your struggle with weight loss to chronic low-grade toxicity because reactions do not happen immediately.

liver detoxification for flat bellyLiver Detoxification For Deep Belly Fat Loss

When you detox the liver, all these processes start and all your weight loss effort will start getting rewarded.

Apart from helping you to get rid of the wrong foods and habits that contribute to excess weight gain, research shows that the right detox program will give your liver a helping hand when it comes to eliminating excess toxins from the body and you will lose weight and belly fat in the process.

A proper detoxification process also help you reduce your risks of experiencing or developing any chronic medical condition associated with excess weight or visceral fat.

Your main ‘metabolic organ’ is your liver. The liver metabolizes glucose and ever food that your stomach absorbs first goes through the hepatic vein before getting into your liver.

This is why people have been able to lose significant amount of body fat after going through juice fast for a long time.

Fortunately, getting those same results doesn’t require a long juice fast commitment, if you use a recipe, designed to quickly detox your liver and “unclog” it’s cells from the toxic buildup.

Take Away – Detox Diet To Lose Deep Belly Fat

Too much toxins in your body system do not only make you sick, but can as well impede your normal metabolism. Other unpleasant results are belly fat, puffiness, bloating and fluid retention, bloat, and puffiness.

This is why detoxing to lose weight with a designed formal detoxification plan comes in because it can help. Effective detoxification plan to lose body fat and improve overall health requires you to eliminate or reduce the things that create a toxic load to optimally detoxify.

It must also be a plan that you will abandon after a week or two but one that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle on daily basis to detoxify naturally. A good detox plan also shouldn’t go on for a long time; else you will miss out on important essential nutrients for your body.

Going on juice fast isn’t something you can do every day. You can still get good detoxification benefits without a commitment to long juice fast. You just need a good detox recipe that is designed to detox your liver quickly and unclog the cells in the liver from the toxins that have build-up there.

According to a publication in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics on review of detoxification diets, diets that focus on detoxing to lose weight come with fasting, detox recipes, food modification, detox workouts, detox drinks and usually involve the use of cleaning foods,  laxatives, vitamin, diuretics, and minerals.


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