How To Discover Your Primary Muscle Type

Introduction to Muscle Fiber Type Test

How to discover your primary muscle type is the first important step to know when considering a muscle or body building exercise. Without this one may be traveling on a journey of pains with lesser result in muscle building. It is a common phenomenon that every right thinking individual both old and young men aspires to live healthy and keep fit to stand out among peers irrespective of the race and colour.

Undoubtedly, muscle building is one of the methods used in most cases. Unfortunately, a good number of young men and women have either apply the wrong method or style and so many other resorts to using hard drugs which as result has damaged so many hormones in their system.

Meanwhile, some smart ones has come-up with an idea of asking some good questions on how to get on, while some others wonder about getting the right step taking. However, there is no problem to be ignorant of a matter but it becomes a real problem indeed when you decided to either stay in the ignorance or allow yourself to get destroyed by it. Ignorance is a killer monster that is unaware.

What am I talking about here?

The combination of soft tissues in most animals is known as muscle, while the production of force and motion is primarily the function of muscles. Yes, perhaps you are confused about the stress and pains of going through the process of muscle building and considering a quit oh, no, but wait a minute: I got good news for you.

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Getting started…

Now before you venture into muscle building there are some though little/simple things to know but very important if you want to see a good result within a very short time without troubling yourself unnecessarily. You must understand this before you get started.

The secrete

Now things can’t be exactly the same when it comes to the human system. This explains why we have 3 type and category of muscle fiber test type and you certainly fall into any of these. It is important  that you know the category of the fiber that you have in your own system. guess your next question should be; but how can I know my fiber test type in order not to hurt my muscles in the system.

Category of muscles

Muscles were built on 2 categories of fiber. It will just be good for you to look out for the kind of fiber that your muscle consist of. You also need to understand the formation and style, train with the most suitable workout technique that works best for your fiber and get a best result in a very short period of time.

You cannot underestimate the importance of your muscle fiber test type and the influence it has when it comes to building or developing your muscles. It is indeed a great help in the process of your training. Ignoring this may make you end up in frustration after many months of training and eventually quitting without any benefit.
Now human muscles are the composition of bundles fibers and these bundles of fibers are formulated in two categories or types which are:

• Type 1 or red muscle fibers (slow twitch)
• Type 11 or white fibers (fast twitch)

You need to know or better still understand the volume or rate of the fiber in your muscle to make you have a better method you can use to have a better and less stressed result

1. Type 1 or red muscles fibers

The type 1 muscle fibers according to how it functions are also known as the slow switch. These type of fiber does not require a kind of quick action method or vigorous exercise activities, No, but a very slow and steady way of exercise but must be consistent anyway, such as slow swimming, walking or any other exercise that allow you involving and improving on your oxygen consumption by the body. This exercise is variably very low

2. Type 2 or white fibers

Though this particular fiber can as well further be divided into two that is tagged as type 2a and this design can be fast and for short time too. They normally build on a high intensive just like what you watch or experience on Olympic sport or so.

While type 2b is majorly designed on the formula you can always see in most of the training program i.e. short-to-moderate duration, moderate-to-high intensity work it can be refer to as the intermediate. The type 2b is refer to as type 3 in most of the body building literature literature

When you critically understudy these two type of fiber you should be able to know the suitable type you are to choose for efficiency while the type 1 may be slow mostly found in the endurance athletes, they can have a good percentage of type 1 fiber which in the long run can make them efficient for long distance. But the heavy weight carriers are able to move and stretch more fibers at a goal for a very short time which is type 2a.

How to find your muscle fiber type?

There is nothing as soothing and encouraging when apply an appropriate answer to any question asked that may mean one thing: you study to find out the idea. Likewise in the muscle fiber building, when you already know your fiber type test it makes it very easy for you to design your training exercise appropriately. No doubt you must have been thirsty for this, just a moment more you will be thrilled


Now the issue of genetics will swing in at this juncture, I guess you’ll definitely know that you are born into one of the type of fibers test categories.

Now to those who are naturally born with type 2a for instance just like the sprinter, they are fast and furious runner no room for energy consumption but will soon get tired at a very short time.

Also for those that fall under this genetics, running to catch up with something will not be a great deal at all.

But you’ll have prefer type 1, that’s not a big deal at all, what I mean is that it is just achievable depending on what and how much you can sacrifice your time, determination and training exercise, will go a long way to how your dream come to reality. You just have to get married to the track.

In conclusion, though it is very good and requires less stress when you stick to your generic fiber type test while training, it is also possible and allowed if you want to change or experience all. All your needs are at your finger tips… Training exercise

Graphically, let me analyze this in a simple form, but it is also important to note that this fiber building training exercise may not totally exclude those that have sustained one injury or the other if the like take precautions and instructions religiously, then it may be harmless and healthier.


The fiber type chart will help explain briefly on what we have been discussing so far, the naturally healthy fast will need less training exercise to achieve a great deal in type 2 but will need more training and exercise to adapt to the type 1 and vise versa.

Nonetheless, you can adapt to any of the muscle fiber type that you want and a guide like the No Nonsense Muscle Building can help you achieve this.