Fitness Through Yoga: How To Listen To Your Body
fitness through yoga



Fitness through yoga can be accomplished through learning to listen to your body, a procedure that requires perseverance and compassion.

Basically, the physical practice of yoga is incline over matter, like pressing yourself to agonizing lengths to cross a particular finish line. Yoga is mind in matter, the focus on harmonizing between breath and movement. It’s a holistic process, and fitness through yoga can be achieved.


If we have a very strong feeling during our yoga workout that, “this feels too tight, this is my edge,” we find out dignity by paying attention to them, and pull back a bit. We learn to identify from a selection of sensations as we figure out pain from discomfort, which is not always straightforward and does not voice out in words we can always here.

Pain can be sharp or dull, a pains, a NO and it can be rather uneasy. It can be a sign of a health concern you need to get examined by a medical professional, and it can be mental and emotional, stored in the body and masquerading in your neck, back spinal column, thighs, hips…

People initially puzzle hearing the body with listening to the mind with all its confusing and sometimes authoritative orders… With time, you end up being inwardly delicate, a connoisseur of experiences. How deep you go is relative to exactly what you feel, and to exactly what you understand.

fitness through yoga

The best ways to hear the messages from your inner guidance system that will facilitate your fitness through yoga can be a practice by itself, with rewards that spill over into life, as impulses are crucial to favorable, nurturing options, to our health and to our safety.

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In a bid to achieve fitness with yoga, here are some ideas to begin paying attention to your internal assistance system:

  1. Make notes of anything, happenings or sensations in your life that is difficult, agonizing, happy, and discover how your breathing, heart rate and other physical experiences respond to each of these stimuli.
  2. You should form the habit of paying interest to exactly what your body feels like. These feelings are your body’s knowledge; hints in your inner guidance system.
  3. Any moment you experience a bodily sensation such as a gut reaction, stomach upset, head ache etc., you should pay rapt attention to it. Are feelings such as anger or fear connected with any locations of your body? When an experience arises, stop, lie down, breathe and wait with the emotion or sensation – what understandings do you get from this series of events?
  4. Pay attention to how you feel about yourself. Do you chastise or appreciate when you are before the mirror? Even after all your yoga fitness exercise, are you satisfied with yourself or are you usually critical or do constantly give your body positive messages, and appreciation. Your body digests meals, takes in and out, and your heart beats every seconds as well … Cultivate a favorable chain in between your inner mental discussion and the rest of your body. Let your whole body work in a peaceful harmony.


  1. You should also know that you risk your health when you regularly undermine your body. Burning the candle at both ends, fretting persistently, food options, activity options, relationship choices … everything has its toll on the body.


Asides constantly subscribing to yoga fitness workout, here are a few potent tips to begin to accept, love and ultimately enjoy yourself unconditionally:

  1. Form the habit of standing in front of the mirror and constantly literally say to yourself: I like my body and I like myself simply as I am”. Try this mantra two times a day for 21 days, and note how you feel about yourself afterwards.
  2. Find out simple ways to breathe to produce inner calm. An easy practice is to breathe in to a slow count of 3 or 4, breathe out to a sluggish count of 6 or 8 (change as needed). Try this for about 5 minutes each day for 21 days.
  3. Keep in mind that the “mindset of appreciation” is what brings an inner and external smile. About 90% of our bodily functions occur without you the character telling it ways to do the job. Acknowledge that your body today grew from a glint in your parents eyes, and is quite a wonder.


fitness through yoga

What Does ‘Listen to Your Body’ Mean?

Have you ever been in a yoga fitness class where an instructor directed you to pay attention to your body, and you were wondering ‘what on earth could that possibly mean?!’ Well, I understand your confusion, so let me break it down for you.

When in a yoga fitness class, most time if the design is vinyasa, this guideline is given so the students have the choice to challenge themselves into harder variations of the postures, or so they know it is an all right time to take a kid’s pose and rest. This leaves you a minute that’s wide open to do a few extra chaturangas, and catch your breath. The concern is: how do you know exactly what to do? Which is much better for you? Fitness through yoga is a really specific practice, and by discovering how to pay attention to your body you can deepen your experience in a manner that benefits you the most.



Why You Should Really Listen

Hearing your body implies understanding what is healthy, good as well as beneficial for you, what will fuel you, and what can hurt or diminish you. It is understanding what will challenge you and give your edge. It is not about doing exactly what you believe you should, but being in tune with how your body feels in each moment. Your body is constantly altering, and how you stood in tadasana (mountain posture) the other day might not be the same today. Paying rapt attention to the subtle modifications in your stability will enable you to understand what your body needs most.

To achieve fitness through yoga if we aren’t listening to our bodies and mindlessly moving through different poses, or if we are listening just to the instructor’s instructions and not our bodies, we can end up injuring ourselves

fitness through yoga

How to Begin Listening to Your Body

The process of ‘listening to your body’ can be practical not only during yoga fitness workout, but off class as well, however once again exactly what does it actually suggest? Does it imply that if your body is informing you to consume a double cheese hamburger and fries you head over to the cheese cake factory and give yourself a treat? Or if it tells you to consume great deals of scotch you should?

There is a distinction between the ego and the body, and being tuned into the body so you understand what fuels you instead of affects you negatively. Notice in a yoga class:

  • Do you feel you need to do every advanced variation?
  • Are you doing the innovative variations to grow your practice or display to the instructor or fellow students?
  • Take a second prior to rushing into a posture to see exactly what is truly going on. Think of a double cheese hamburger before you eat it.
  • Are you yearning protein, or searching for comfort food to relieve you after a difficult day?
  • What might be a much healthier option that can also assist you decrease tension?

Now I confess I have some days where eating pizza for breakfast is exactly what my body strongly craves for, however before I make any move I give it a very deep thought. Taking those few seconds prior to consuming to see if it is really exactly what is best for my body at the moment permits me to make choices that support my life.


Not everything has to be a strenuous process. In your quest to achieve fitness through yoga or prior to a meal don’t take so much time that you miss what is going on, however learning how to pay attention to our body enables us to be more mindful in our lives and therefore make healthy options that benefit us and assist us live light.

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