The Flab Blaster System Review – Permanent weight loss or not

Flab Blaster system

Flab Blaster System Review

I got an email few weeks ago from one of our subscribers calling for a detailed review of the Flab Blaster System program by Reed Connor. In order to carry out an honest review we sponsored three people to go through the whole program to confirm if the Reed Connor Flab Blaster System download works or not. This article is the culmination of their experience with the program and our answer to the question of whether Flab Blaster System can ensure permanent weight loss or not.

Are you also looking for a permanent weight loss solution? Well, you are not alone. Millions of women and men in the United States and even beyond are plagued with this issue as they have tried several available methods of weight loss. It is my hope however that with this unbiased review of the Flab Blaster System, it will serve as a guide for you and several other people who seek for permanent weight loss solution daily.

The Flab Blaster System aims to reveal the most guarded secrets of skinny people by revealing how a powerful process that takes place within a mysterious organ will make your body work for and not against you. This powerful process will as the author puts it ; will make you run to your closet the following morning and cause you to dig out those super tight jeans you have been saving since high school( now that is something a lot of people yearn for!)

Above all, the Flab Blaster System assures you of a permanent weight loss involving can-do fat burning shortcuts with little tweaks and tricks.

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Who is the Flab Blaster System for?

The Flab Blaster System is a weight loss exclusive solution designed for;

It works for you;

What the Flab Blaster System is not

The Flab Blaster System is not a diet pill

Different weight loss programs exist because the weight loss market is saturated with people searching for a solution to their overweight problems and in turn many marketers and manufacturers cash into this by selling different weight loss products.

One of such product the author makes us understand is the diet pill which unfortunately does not require approval from food and drug administration (FDA) before it is made available to the consumers. Unfortunate because so many companies incorporate unsafe ingredients into diet pills thereby causing adverse reactions.

An example of these hazardous diet pills is the hydroxycut product which puts the consumer at the risk of seizures and liver damage that is sometimes so severe that it may require liver transplant.

Even though there is no guarantee that these diet pills work, they are addictive, spread dangerous chemicals through the body and increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The Flab Blaster System recognizes this danger and many more in diet pills and weight loss supplements and therefore is not a diet pill.

The Flab Blaster System is not about exhausting and insane workouts.

Research has shown that exercise triggers the urge to overeat. This is particularly so for obese or the overweight who after intense bouts of exercise usually have an overwhelming need to reward themselves with food and craving thus making them eat back the calories they might have burned ( or sometimes much more than they have burned)and as a result reducing the impact of these exercise on weight loss.

Although this craving and increased appetite tends to wane as the body becomes accustomed to regular workouts, the initial damage would prove twice as difficult to correct.

Secondly, it is a common belief that the harder one pushes, the better the workout and conclusively, the better the results at achieving weight loss or fitness. Unfortunately, this is not so as there are potential dangers associated with extreme workout especially for beginners- a condition called rhabdomyolysis which is life threatening.

Finally, as the Flab Blaster System reveals, doing the wrong workouts will result in you wasting your time, energy and money as it usually does not yield weight loss results therefore, the author categorically emphasizes that exercising can actually make you heavier and as such is neither an effective or a permanent weight loss method.

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The Flab Blaster System is not a restrictive diet and does not involve giving up your favorite foods.

It is tempting to attempt restrictive dieting as a quick and sure way to lose weight because although it may yield results, it is not an easy choice to weight loss because it comes with many negative side effects.

Restrictive dieting means cutting back on calories. With low calorie diets, the body in a bid to find other sources of energy hoards fat and burns muscles which in the long run lowers metabolic rate and makes weight loss more difficult.

The Flab Blaster System does not advocate giving up on your favorite food as it even encourages keeping the brain satisfied and giving the body its required energy by treating yourselves to chocolates, fluffy deserts or even pasta(weird right!).


Flab Blaster system


The author categorically debunks the effectiveness of weight loss using diet pills, diet food or insane workouts as neither of them will make any woman thin and sexy again.

What the Flab Blaster System is

The Flab Blaster System is a brain weight loss solution.  It is a crafty name for a 3-step permanent weight loss program. After being tested by thousands of women during the period of research and confident in its effectiveness due to its positive results, this fail-safe program called the Flab Blaster System is now open to people who wish to use these shortcuts to permanently change their bodies and lives.

Recently compared to a paper shredder, the Flab Blaster System is actually like a shredder, cutting fats into small bits and pieces thereby making it easier for you to melt it with your brain

The Flab Blaster is an easy-to-follow, realistic and mind blowing weight shedding program in which you say yes to healthy, proven and natural weight loss. It guarantees that you gain the hot body that your lucky husband fell in love with thereby creating an avenue for you to flaunt your new found bikini body when you cause your husband to book for another honeymoon.

The first time weight loss private information is being released publicly, the Flab Blaster is a safe and permanent weight loss process that improves your health and fills you with a burst of new energy that lasts all day long.

How the Flab Blaster System came about

The Flab Blaster System was developed by Reed Connor, a health journalist who was determined to debunk weight loss myths that put his life and his wife’s health in danger.

Having used up so much energy, time and money on gym classes, low fat foods and diets without any positive results,  Reed Connor decided do a research on why and how Hollywood new moms look perfect only two months after giving birth. This led him to the unexpected finding about the role of the brain in weight loss.

Together with the culinary skills of his wife Janice, the Flab Blaster System was birthed which was a successful combination of brain rewiring process and weight loss supercharge that happens at night with a nutritional process that assists in shedding extra pounds even faster.

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How does the Flab Blaster System works

As said earlier, the Flab Blaster System is a brain weight loss solution. This means that the process comes from the brain.

The author explains that because your body receives command from your brain, it means that for any thought that you might have, your brain will automatically send message to your body to accomplish your thought.

This is the premise on which the Flab Blaster System was created- that the brain/body connection controls our lives; will power, habits, feelings, desires and even our weight.

It is therefore the responsibility your body (through will-power, habits and motivation) to respond and accomplish the thoughts of your brain which believes that you are meant to lose weight and be slim and sexy again.

A combination of exact tricks for brain control, the exact recipe for brain fine-tuning and supercharging your weight loss without having to starve yourself of any food you love is what the flab blaster is all about.

What are the components of the Flab Blaster System?

The complete Flab Blaster permanent weight loss system comes with an additional three gifts all packaged together to help ease you on your journey to being a yummy mommy.

The low-carb delights

Flab Blaster system



This low carb delight is a complete guide that helps you understand what carbs are and not to be scared of them. In this guide, you learn how to embrace carb filled meals that are not only delicious but also highly nutritious while transforming them into fat burners that simply melt extra pounds from your body



The ultimate holiday burner

Flab Blaster system



With the ultimate holiday burner, you get to eat everything and anything you wish during any celebration. It shows you how to celebrate Christmas, thanksgiving and your birthday. You can eat and drink everything you wish; no matter how delicious or forbidden and still wake up the next morning guilt-free.



Spice up your weight loss

Flab Blaster system



The exclusive spice up your weight loss is an amazing guide to weight loss mouthwatering recipes. As the name implies “spice up”, this component includes delicious slimming and easy-to-find spices and several wonderful flavors that help any woman get skinny faster.


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Pros of the Flab Blaster System

  1. Unlike other weight loss programs, the Flab Blaster System does not involve the use of diet pills, restrictive dieting or workouts. It is all about training your brain to do the weight loss for you.
  1. The information in the Flab Blaster is well researched and honest. There is no hidden information and all the necessary information is present within the system
  1. The Flab Blaster is a weight loss solution that gives you the assurance that your weight will not come back again. In other words, it is a permanent weight loss solution backed up with effective and do-able tips and tricks.
  1. The Flab Blaster System unlike other weight loss programs works with minimal physical effort. This is a good one for people who are lazy and find it hard to follow instructions effectively when it comes to working out.
  1. The Flab Blaster System is a welcome development for people who find it difficult not to give in to their cravings as it encourages eating any food you love no matter the calorie or carb content.
  1. 100% safe- The Flab Blaster System is a safe way to lose weight without health complications.
  1. The Flab Blaster does not require complicated/expensive equipment or systems and is quite affordable compared to how much you would have spent on weight loss pills, dieting and even gym membership.
  1. The Flab Blaster System comes with a 60 days money back guarantee so it is risk free. If you are unsatisfied with the results after this period, your money will be refunded in full without questions and hassles.

Cons of the Flab Blaster System

  1. Unfortunately, the Flab Blaster System is only available online and cannot be purchased in stores or shops. This might prove to be difficult for women who do not have online access.

Conclusion on the Flab Blaster System

The Flab Blaster System is the only brain rewiring weight loss program available in the market.It is therefore safe to conclude from all the information gathered and testimonials given by other users that it is indeed a permanent weight loss solution for men and women.

I am therefore confident that the Reed Connor Flab Blaster System  is a safe an easy way to lose weight and will produce amazing results in your quest for permanent weight loss and the best part of it is that with the 60 day money back guarantee, it is a must try as it is risk free.

Flab Blaster system

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