Flat Tummy Remedy. Is it Possible?

I know a lot of people would be interested in getting a flat tummy remedy that would suit them. It is very easy to gain weight but when it comes to losing it, that’s another ballgame entirely. One part of the body that tends to accumulate fat is the stomach region and I know a lot of people will do all they can to ensure that their stomach remains as flat as possible.

There are certain questions you should ask yourself before embarking on this. Some of them are:

Well, if your answers are positive then indeed you really want this. It may seem like an easy task to do but it takes a lot of dedication and strong will to pull through.

To get a flat tummy, there are lots of techniques and methods that can be used. Some methods work faster than some. It all depends on how determined you are to make it work. These flat tummy remedy should work well.

Here are ways to lose some of that stomach fat:

Be disciplined:

It all boils down to being committed and disciplined. Nobody can help you have a flat tummy unless you allow them to (that is if you have a personal trainer) but ultimately, the decision is all yours. Have the end in mind. What are you trying to achieve by losing that fat? A flat tummy, right? If you know this then I guess it will be easy for you to focus. Be determined to work on it and do all you can to achieve that. As irresistible as certain foods can be, make an extra effort to desist from them so that you can achieve your goal.

Avoid sugar related foods:

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You will notice that most of our foods in Nigeria are carbohydrate based and when consumed are converted into sugar in the digestive tract. Ensure you eat a well-balanced diet and try to stay off carbonated drinks. Most of the time when we eat, we try to complement our meal with a bottle of soft drink not only because it tastes good but it also feels one up. These carbonated drinks contain high levels of sugar which increase calories in the body. If you have a sweet tooth, try to curtail it.

Cut down on Carbohydrates:

Whether you like it or not, consumption of too many meals with carbohydrates will build up fat in your body. To lose that belly fat, you have to make a conscious effort to reduce such. Take more of fruits, foods that contain fiber (they easily digest), drink lots of water, eat vegetables etc. Try eating small portions of food at a time; do not overeat and do not hurriedly eat no matter how hungry you are. This is a very good flat tummy remedy if only you stick to it.

Avoid eating late:

Try as much as possible to avoid eating late into the night and even when you want to eat, take a very light meal preferably an apple, a banana, oats or cereal like fruit & fibre. For a start, you might seem not really full but gradually, your body system will get used to it and adjust. After eating, move around a bit for easy circulation of food. This flat tummy remedy is powerful.

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Certain exercises are good for losing stomach weight, they are:

These exercises when done consistently help to achieve the desired result of having a flat tummy. Its a perfect flat tummy remedy.

Drink water:

Drink lots of water. You cannot overestimate the health benefits derived just by drinking water. Not only is it good for the body, it helps the body balance its fluids. Moreover, it helps fill up your stomach so you do not have space for more intake of food. By drinking water, your metabolism is maintained and fat is reduced. This is a natural flat tummy remedy.

Drink green tea: Abstain from beverages that would not help at this point rather stick to drinking green tea which contains antioxidants that help to burn fat.

Take smoothies: There are different types of smoothies you can prepare by yourself such as pineapple smoothie, watermelon smoothie, etc. These fruits contain amino acid and bromelain which both help to reduce fat and ease digestion.

Add some ginger:

Ginger is a natural spice that can be included in almost all your meals. It is medicinal and can help to get rid of that bloating in your stomach. You can cut pieces of it and add to your food when cooking or you can prepare it in the form of juice by blending it and then mixing it with boiling water and some drops of honey. Take this regularly. To spice thing up, you can also make use of some already made ginger tea which is sold in supermarkets and then add honey to it. It can be taken at any time of the day.

Reduce salt:

The level of salt you ingest can lead to a retention of water in your body which can make your stomach look bloated. Lower the amount of salt you use while cooking to avoid this.

Do not overeat:

Most of the time when people are hungry, they tend to eat a large portion of food which later makes them feel overfed. Try eating a little quantity of food at a time so that the food can easily digest and also so that you can feel free with yourself. An overfed individual acts sluggishly at times and makes your tummy look too full. Cut down on food intake to gradually have a flat tummy.

Eat only when hungry:

A lot of people like to snack a lot irrespective of whether they are hungry or not. Working towards having a flat tummy will mean you’ll have to avoid those snacks you so crave for and rather wait till you’re really hungry so that you can eat something worth it and healthy.

Avoid taking in too much air:

There are certain things that can make your stomach feel bloated. They are chewing gum, smoking, eating too fast, using a straw to sip a drink etc. Avoid doing these things so you do not get air trapped in you.

Use a tummy shaper:flat tummy remedy, belly fat, body, body system

As uncomfortable as they may be, they go a long way in helping to flatten your stomach. Constant usage coupled with a fantastic diet programme should do the trick.

Take fruits that contain fibre:

Examples of such are banana, orange, pear, mango, grape, guava, and pawpaw.

Move around:

Do not expect a miracle to happen if you just remain in one place without moving around. Do some house chores, take a walk, and engage in some aerobic exercises like swimming, riding a bike etc. Exercises no matter how little they are will help you stay fit.

Other things that will be helpful in having a flat tummy are:

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Lemon water:

Mixing lemon in warm water and taking it regularly especially in the early hours of the day will be helpful. It will work better if it is taken before having any meal.


This is a good source of protein which contains omega 3 that helps to break down fat in the body. Do away with eating some types of meat that contain so much fat like pork and do not eat too much beef. White meat is equally healthy to take at this time. Also taking supplements that contain omega 3 would not be a bad idea. You really don’t have to eat fish every day but you can mix it up in your diet together with other sources of protein.

Juice made from Cranberry:

This contains enzymes that help to digest food in the body such as citric acid and malic acid. They also work on diffusing fat in the body. All you need to do is to mix the unsweetened juice with water and take it as often as you can.

Chia seeds:

These seeds contain some dietary supplements like calcium, iron and anti-oxidants that fill up your stomach quickly in order to prevent you from eating too often. They will also help you lose some fat. They can be added to your meals and eaten just like that. They contain omega 3 which is helpful in getting a flat tummy.


This is another natural spice that is beneficial to the body. Not only can it be included in meals, it can also be taken in the form of juice. It helps to reduce stomach fat, it lowers blood pressure and enhances good cholesterol in the body. You can mix some cloves of garlic with lemon and water and drink it before eating.


This can be added to food or added to liquids like tea or milk mixed with honey. It helps to reduce fat.

Dandelion tea:

This herb helps to flush out any water that is retained or accumulated in the body. It reduces bloating in the stomach. All you need is water, some mint leaves, ginger, dandelion root, cinnamon bark, a pan and cardamom seeds. Boil these ingredients, sieve it, add honey and drink it. This can be taken up to 3 times a day.

Lean meat:

This type of meat contains some properties that help to burn calories when eaten. Avoid frying it to reduce cholesterol. Lean meat has very low-fat content. Examples are skinless chicken, seafood and turkey.

Green vegetables:

Certain green leafy vegetables help to burn calories like spinach and broccoli.

flat tummy remedy, belly fat, body, body system

Conjure up a juice fast:

You can do this for about three days. Go strictly on juices made from vegetables and stay clear of solid foods. This will supply adequate nutrient to your body and help you detoxify thereby reducing bloating.

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A sample of a juice fast:

All you need for this is one apple, 12 carrots, half cut lemon, 2 oranges and 1 beetroot. After being washed, all ingredients should be processed in a juicer and stir then serve. A juice fast is very healthy and helps to get rid of unwanted substances in the body. Do this regularly and you’re sure to having a flat tummy in no time. This is another natural flat tummy remedy.

Peppermint Tea:

This works on reducing bloating and speeding up digestion. This flat tummy remedy can be taken after every meal.

Don’t fry:

A lot of people like to fry some of their food. Frying makes food absorb oil so as much as possible, avoid frying rather boil. Boil your meat alone and don’t fry it, boil your plantain, etc. This is to reduce the amount of cholesterol you consume.

Avoid eating things that are gassy which cause bloating such as beans, dairy products, some vegetables like cauliflower, sodas and carbonated drinks, and generally food that has been processed like snacks. Eat foods high in potassium like white beans, yogurts etc.

You should not entirely stay away from fat as there are some healthy fats that can be consumed such as the ones found in nuts, avocado, and seeds. Eating nuts actually make you feel full faster than you think.

There are certain times you might not feel like eating real food. In times like these, you can take a healthy snack like avocado salad mixed with tomatoes, lemon, cucumber etc.

Avoid taking alcohol as they make you feel hungry and might make you eat what you’re not supposed to.

Anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Do not try a method once and stop or give up. The key to achieving what you want lies in being consistent. With the following methods listed above, you should be on the way to having a flat tummy just within weeks. In no time, these flat tummy remedy will make the difference.