20 Foods Choices to Help Lose Belly Fat: 1 Hour Belly Fat Diet eBook

When it comes to losing belly fat, working out like a maniac will not do the magic. It is essential to note that fats come around mainly as a result of what we take as food. Although, some people are not so lucky because excess weight runs in the family line. However, asides that, our everyday choices also contribute to the amount of belly fat we pack.Foods to Lose Belly Fat - 1 Hour Belly Blast eBook

The 1 hour belly blast diet program by Dan Long affirmed that diet plays a huge role in melting belly fat. One thing most people do not understand is that it is not the body’s desire to store foods as fat. Thus, to get a lasting solution to excess belly fat, the 1 hour belly blast diet eBook affirmed that one needs to work in correlation with the body’s natural hunger hormones.

Eating the right set of food holds the key to losing weight. Knowing what to eat can help curb and address the hunger hormone as well. The 1 hour belly blast diet download by Dan Long can help induce sleep which works to foster fat loss. In this regards, we present some flat belly diet plan. Committing to this food items will help you reduce belly fat naturally. This is how you go about it:

  1. Milk

Foods to Lose Belly Fat - 1 Hour Belly Blast eBook

There studies that buttress the fact that calcium helps with fat loss. Consuming a 100 milligram of Calcium via milk is synonymous to a half cup of soft served frozen yogurt. This is a natural way to lose an inch of abdominal fat.

The 1 hour belly blast diet eBook revealed that milk targets the fat around your internal organs. These are the bad fats that could trigger cancer and heart disease. Diary and dairy products are a good sources of milk (calcium). Calcium in milk also helps to sleep well, hence aiding the process of burning fat.

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  1. Nuts

The 1 hour belly blast diet download affirmed that nuts, the fatty legumes are an awesome source of magnesium. When one doesn’t have enough magnesium in the body, sleep becomes difficult. Deficiency can also trigger depression and craving carbs.

With enough magnesium in the body, one can enjoy good night sleep which fosters belly fat loss. Asides, magnesium helps to reduce body inflammation which is sometimes the culprit behind serious health complications like diabetes, heart diseases, cancer etc.

Walnut and almonds, for instance, are good examples of fats. Asides helping to curb inflammation, they help keep the tummy full. This reduces unnecessary food cravings. Including them in one’s daily meal is a good choice to lose belly fat.

  1. Oats

Oats, especially the flavorless type are free of refined sugar. They are blessed with insoluble fiber and carbohydrate. The 1 hour belly blast diet eBook affirmed that oats foster the process of food digestion. It aids body metabolism by ensuring body fats are burned quickly. Dan Long, the brain behind the 1 hour belly blast diet free pdf download recommends having oats with skimmed milk for breakfast. This will foster a fast and natural reduction in belly fat.

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  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the things you can spend your money on wisely is to get Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple Cider Vinegar is rich in many vitamins, minerals, and acetic acid.

The acetic acid present makes the apple cider vinegar unique because it helps control appetite, increase insulin sensitivity and helps boost protein production in the body. Protein helps in decreasing belly fat by reducing fat storage.

When taking Apple Cider Vinegar, the 1 hour belly blast diet eBook advises that it is best taken with warm water. Although, one could take it by itself or with a little honey.

  1. Lemon Water

Lemon water is very good for the liver. The liver is part of the excretory organs of theFoods to Lose Belly Fat - 1 Hour Belly Blast eBook body. As a result, it can sometimes get saturated with toxins if not maintained properly. The liver is like a filter, hence maintenance is very necessary.

Lemon water is very efficient when it comes to breaking down bile. The 1 hour belly blast diet program reports that bile helps to break down fat, hence the connection between liver and body fat. 

When the liver is working at optimum capacity, toxins get expelled from the liver. Thus, with a healthy liver comes an optimum metabolism process. Lemon water is best taken early in the morning, before a meal.

  1. Olive Oil

In helping to keep the fat at bay, it is essential to concentrate on food an item that makes one feel full. This is where the plant-based oil comes in. It helps give the feeling of satiety which makes slimming down easy. Although, foods deep fried in oil should be avoided as they trigger weight gain at times.

  1. Barley and Oats

Instead of white rice, a delicious dish of barley as dinner could set you on the path to weight loss. The 1 hour belly blast diet system advises that people who seek to reduce weight should stay away from whole grain foods. Rather, they could concentrate on meals like oatmeal, barley, brown rice, whole wheat bread etc. Barley and oat are terrific meal choices as they encourage the feeling of fullness. Besides, they are rich in soluble fibers.

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  1. Oregano

This is an herb that works effectively in shrinking belly fat. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps melt body fat. One of the strong sides of oregano is its cleansing effect on the digestive system. When the digestive system is healthy, serotonin production in the body is boosted. The 1 hour belly blast diet program affirms that serotonin helps rid the body of toxins, which translates to reduced weight.

The 1 hour belly blast diet ebook reveals that with serotonin production comes improvement in mood. Hence, issues like emotional eating will be out of the question thus, keeping appetite in check.

  1. Green tea

It is no longer news that green tea helps fight heart disease and cancer. However, it also helps shrink belly fat, in a natural way. In fact the 1 hour belly blast diet eBook. Present in green tea is a powerful antioxidant called catechins. Catechins help boost metabolism thus, increasing the rate at which fat is burned by the liver. Green tea really does help with melting belly fat. It, however, works best when combined with moderate exercise.

  1. Dandelion Root

Many people see dandelion root as a little pesky weed that disfigures the front lawn. It, however, helps cleanse the body. By flushing toxins out of the body, it helps get rid of excess fat that build up as fats in the belly. Asides helping to melt body fat, Josh Houghton of the 1 hour belly blast diet eBook download revealed that it takes care of a major issue that can contribute to weight gain in the body. Hence with the consumption of dandelion root comes regulation of blood sugar and reduction in inflammation.

  1. Eggs

Foods to Lose Belly Fat - 1 Hour Belly Blast eBookIn order to reduce belly fat naturally, reducing calorie intake still remains the best bet. Besides, the 1 hour belly blast diet eBook affirms that following a moderately high protein diet ensures a faster fat loss. Protein is very essential to weight loss.

This is because it takes the body more calorie to break down protein foods, compared to other foods. Besides, with adequate protein consumption, one can build muscle mass and burn enough calories.

Also, the 1 hour belly blast diet eBook stressed that protein helps one feel full for long, hence controlling incessant eating. The egg is a cheap and easily accessible source of protein. Protein should form a part of every meal.

  1. Sage

Sage is a very useful herb that forms part of many recipes in all the globe. Sage is an herb that helps keep the blood pressure at optimum range. Sage also deals with issues relating to weight gains such as anxiety and blood pressure. In dealing with anxiety, it helps control emotional eating. With emotional eating out of the way, sage is useful in promoting good health.

1 hour belly blast diet eBook

Besides, sage also helps combat stress. This way, it keeps the stress hormone – cortisol in check. Excess cortisol facilitates weight gain, especially in the belly region. With cortisol out of the way, one can enjoy a decreased belly.

  1. Walnuts and Almonds

Nuts come in many forms, and studies have shown that nut is very useful in reducing abdominal fat. Nuts, consumed in the right proportion, are a good addition to the meal. It is rich in fibers, proteins, and the good fat. It helps improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin thus, fostering weight loss. Besides, walnuts also contain Omega-3 fatty acids while almonds contain calcium, an element known to melt fats.

  1. Foods Rich in Vitamin C

There are many awesome advantages one can enjoy from consuming foods rich in the C Vitamin. I, however, bet many people do not know that foods rich in the C Vitamin have a calming effect on the stress hormone – cortisol! In other words, vitamin C helps lower the body’s stress level. The 1 hour belly blast diet download affirmed that with decreased stress levels, the body stores less fat.

Thus, capitalize more on foods rich in vitamin C like oranges, kale, red peppers, parsley, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, strawberry, collard greens etc.

  1. Salmon

Foods to Lose Belly Fat - 1 Hour Belly Blast eBookWhile the science (correlation) is yet to be established, there is a relation between consuming more Omega 3 fatty acids and reduced belly fat. Thus, Omega – 3 fatty acids from fish like Salmon may just be what you need.

Besides, the 1 hour belly blast diet eBook explains that Omega 3 fatty acids can help one feel full. This thus reduces the need to eat excessively. Thus, salmon and other oily fish (mackerel, canned tuna, herring etc.) are recommended.



  1. Fermented Foods

Consuming fermented foods is one of the best things one can add to his/her digestive system. Asides boosting the immune system, the 1 hour belly blast diet program revealed that it helps improve the body’s ecosystem. From fermented food comes probiotics – a source of good bacteria for the intestine. With an abundance of good bacteria, it is easy for the body to expel waste and toxins.

The 1 hour belly blast diet download revealed that when the body doesn’t expel toxins, they get reabsorbed into the body. Asides from being unhealthy, it also fosters weight gain. Foods in this category are buttermilk, kefir, kimchi, yogurt, kombucha, and sourdough.

  1. Foods Rich in Omega – 3 Fatty Acids

There are many health benefits of Omega –3 fatty acids. Besides, it functions in a couple of ways to fight belly fats. It does this by fighting inflammation. The 1 hour belly blast diet eBook opined that folks with chronic inflammation do have a hard time losing weight.

They further revealed that for anyone to experience any significant reduction in belly fat, inflammation must be out of the way. While there are many foods that fight inflammation, foods rich in Omega – 3 fatty acid works wonder.

Daily intake of omega – 3 fatty acids will help melt fats. Some common and effective source of omega – 3 fatty acids are walnuts, flaxseeds, salmon, grass-fed meats, anchovies etc.

  1. Vegetarian Protein

Foods to Lose Belly Fat - 1 Hour Belly Blast eBookThe 1 hour belly blast diet eBook stressed that replacing animal protein with a vegetable and plant protein is another potent way to lose belly fat.

Thus, food items like chicken, turkey, fish etc, should be replaced with nuts, seeds, tofu or beans. The vegetarian diet has a bursting effect on belly fats compared to the conventional diet.

Thus, foods like soya milk alongside whole grains and vegetables should be encouraged.

  1. Foods Rich in Soluble Fiber

Foods rich in soluble fibers have been proven times and again to help reduce belly fats. Soluble fibers form a roughage which helps prevent constipation. Asides, the soluble fiber forms a gel that keeps some substance trapped in the gut. This slows down the absorption of fats and sugars. Foods in these categories are chia, beans, oats, flax seeds etc. many whole fruits and vegetables also fit this category.

  1. Gumar Leaves

People have used gurmar leaves over the year to treat obesity. The gurmar tree is effective in that it helps rid the body of excess water and toxins, besides; it works as a digestive stimulant. Being a digestive stimulant, it helps improve metabolism by increasing the rate at which the body burns fat.

You do not have to burn a hole in your pocket before losing belly fat. Including these recommended food items in one’s daily meal is the way forward. Besides, you have got to be deliberate about making the change to your meal.

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