Get A Bikini Body In Four Weeks 

Are you ready to make the simple, yet effective lifestyle changes that you help you get a bikini body in four weeks? If you are asking yourself ‘can I get a bikini body in 1 month’ or skeptical about the possibility of making it happen, let go of those doubts right now. The answer to that question is a reassuring yes IF you pledge to put in all the efforts needed in this 30-day bikini body challenge.  

However, don’t expect something like a crash diet plan or advice on how to starve yourself. Food deprivation sheds your muscle cells in contrary to the weight loss goal. Losing weight involves a combination of intense exercise and healthy eating. Engaging in consistent and resistant exercise burns fat. Hence, a bikini body in 30 days is possible. Read on to find out how you can achieve your dream body in four weeks.

best bikini body home workouts for youWhether you are preparing for summer, a vacation, or the thoughts of not having a bikini-ready body again this year set on your panic alarm, don’t you worry. It is not too late to get down to business. We’ve got a secret sauce towards your dream physique, and that is your full commitment for four weeks in the bikini body 30 days challenge. Get ready to banish the fats gathered during winter.

Getting a “Bikini Body”

Although the word bikini body is spelled out as simply having a bikini and a body to wear it on, the concept revolves around a specific body image: a thin, fit, and beach-perfect body. If you followed the bikini body workout and bikini body diet tips discussed here today, you should be able to achieve a body shape that aligns with the concept of a bikini body.

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Bikini Body Workout Tips To Get A Bikini Body In Four Weeks

  1. HIIT It

High-Intensity Interval Workouts (HIIT) is a scientifically proven method of burning more body fat in a shorter time. It involves performing metabolic workouts with a high metabolic cost. The mechanism behind this workout program is that it mobilizes lipase, a fatty acid-releasing enzyme, to the bloodstream and then to the mitochondria to be burn. HIIT is the best way to boost workout, burn fat and spare muscle cells.

  1. Gauge Your Strengths

Prioritizing your fitness is one of the vital steps to having a bikini body in four weeks.  Measure your strength and gauge the number of workouts you can do. Make a goal to beat those numbers in a month. By keeping tabs on your strength, you will be inclined to improve it.

  1. Blast Your Booty

Commit to a 30-day butt challenge so could have your glutes flaunted in your bathing suit.

  1. Stretch More

The benefits that surround stretching are highly underrated. It is probably unexpected in this list. Developing a stretching routine that focuses on the muscles you use most on a daily is important. The decreased elasticity of muscles due to the age factor is accelerated by stretching routine.

Devote 300 seconds to stretching that does not involve motion. Focus particularly on your leg and butt muscles. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds. This will lead to an improvement in your weight-lifting game.

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  1. Practice Yoga

Incorporate some yoga poses into your routine. Maintain an upside-down position when blow-drying your hair to stretch out your hamstrings, or find some bikini body workouts to practice. Stress allows your body holds onto more fat, avoiding stress as much as you can help you settle into a beach body routine.

  1. Join Fitness Weekend Events

The end of the week is usually meant for fun after a busy weekday. This could be turned into a sweaty weekend. Join fitness classes and refuel after your workout.

  1. Dance

Add up dancing to your routine. Dance during dish wash, commuting, or even while sitting. Keep at dance cardio classes. Exaggerate your movements to get the biggest burn.

  1. Add Workout To Your Errands

Lump your workout in with your errands. You can incorporate riding a bike to the grocery store.

  1. Exercise With a Buddy

Exercise with a group to facilitate a longer and harder workout session. You can choose to work out with a friend, or sister once a week. This is good for accountability and getting a source of motivation when you feel lazy to commit to your workout routines.

  1. Perform mini-exercise

Perform mini-exercises outside the gym. It easily adds up to 30 minutes of physical activity. Find means to incorporate little exercises sometimes. A good one is using the staircase instead of the escalator or standing on the bus.

  1. Focus On Major Muscles

Moves like squats and lunges work on the largest muscles in your body. This means you burn the biggest calories during and after exercise. You can make these moves to tone your full body.

  1. Style Your Hair

Style your hair in such a way that your workouts will not be hindered. Imitate red carpet-worthy hairstyles that will fit into the gym. You don’t have to mess up your hair or avoid exercise.

  1. Playlist Choice

Add songs that would make you want to move to your playlist. Strong beats can help you pick up the pace of your workout routine.

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Bikini Body Diet Tips  To Get A Bikini Body In Four Weeks

  1. Eat Healthy Breakfast and Lunch

The tips to having a healthy meal are taking a light dinner and consuming the majority of calories during lunch. Calories consumed early in the day are shed more than that of those who eat more for dinner.

Heavy dinner is not healthy. Eat lots of breakfast with protein. Eggs are highly advisable because you would feel full and feed less during the day.

  1. Juice Up Your Meals

Do away with meals having too many calories or sugar-spiked baked ones. Replace them with a nutritious juice. It could also be detox drinks aiding weight loss. Put two carrots, one apple, half small beet, and a quarter peeled lemon in a food processor and spin. The mixture will boost your vitamin A levels.

  1. Eat More Homemade Meals

If you want a very effective weight loss goal, completely scrap out or cut back on eating in restaurants. Pack your own meal, save your cash, and shed more calories.

 Seafood is an excellent source of muscle-boosting, ab-friendly protein.

  1. Drink Coffee Before Workout

Taking coffee before workouts adds up extra strength and effectiveness to a gym session. It has also been researched that it protects your body from the hurtful effects of the sun.

  1. Drink Slimming Tea

Grate some ginger into hot water, and add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to drink, or soak about 5 grams of dried dandelion leaf in one cup of water to drink. Ditch the carbonated drinks for the above-mentioned tea. Peppermint or chamomile is also another variety of tea that you could take.

  1. Barbecue Choices

You don’t have to completely miss out on your bikini body quest. You should treat yourself to a juicy burger while adding vitamins or opt for avocado on your burger instead. This will help you get a bikini body without deprivation.

Here are two sequences to try:

  1. Do Away With Chips

Spicy foods with capsaicin can help speed up your metabolism. Ditch tortilla chips and potato chips for slices of red pepper or carrots. You will get that great crunch you crave plus less fat and calories.

  1. Cocktail Choice

Consider cocktails that do not pack 500 calories or more. A good that can be considered is soda and citrus around 100 calories.

  1. Tweak Your Coffee Order

If you can’t take your iced coffee without extras, you can add one or two dashes of cinnamon. Those two options eliminate about 150 calories compared to using syrup or milk.

  1. Take Healthy Meals

Add healthy options to your meals. Keep serving dishes in the dining room and not in the kitchen to eradicate the tendency of going back for second helpings. Consume more fruits or similar diets for weight loss.

  1. Consume More Protein

Reach for snacks with protein after a hard workout. It will repair and build your muscle mass. Greek yogurt is a good option as it helps burn fat fast and increases the chances of having flat abs.

  1. Practice Proper Hydration

Practice drinking at least two cups of water because eating it reduces the amount of food you will eat. Staying hydrated during summer makes exercise easier to perform.

  1. Switch Your Salad Dressings

Ditch every creamy salad dressing and choose oil-and-vinegar based salad dressings instead. Opt for magnesium, a flat stomach food. Your body needs this for an energy boost.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

The ideal amount of sleep to rejuvenate the body is seven hours. Keeping up late-night increases the cravings for crabs which are literally meant to get you more energy. Observe the ideal amount of sleep to avoid such cravings.

The consistent and resistant workout is only part of the bikini body battle. Part of the work is dependent on the food we consume since it is a larger contributor to weight loss. Meal planning will take you a long way.

The combination of food to be consumed has to be capable of making us feel satisfied while still helping us lose fat. To keep hunger pangs at bay, add more veggies to every meal to be taken.

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bikini body mealNutrition Tips Summary

Get a Bikini Body in Four Weeks: 30-Day BIKINI BODY CHALLENGE

Warm-ups of 5-10 minutes with some stretching and jogging are required for HIIT to work effectively. When performing the actual workout, introduce 1:3 for work to rest. With time, you cut your work to rest ratio to 1:2 to boost intensity.

Daily workouts

beach body workoutDAY1: GLUTES/HAMSTRING


DAY3: PLYOMETRICSbeach body work out plan




DAY 7: Rest
WEEK 1: Get Started
WEEK 2: Supersets:
WEEK 3: Super Drop sets

You will perform a drop set after the last set of each superset. You will simply continue the exercise with a lower weight during a drop set after a failed higher weight. For instance, when performing your glutes and hamstrings workouts, you will perform three supersets of lying leg curls just like week two. Observe the rest of 45-60 seconds.

Add up two 10-minute sessions of walking bodyweight lunges so you could hit your legs and butt.

WEEK 4: Circuit Speed

Go hard and perform all the exercises each day in a continuous circuit for the regulated number of reps with almost no rest between the moves. Observe 60-90 minutes of rest after every round. Add up one 15-30 minutes steady-state cardio workout of your choice.

28. Supplements To Help You Get A Bikini Body In Four Weeks

Supplements are additions to your bikini body challenge. They are not meant to magically burn fat.  They boost your energy through the workout program.

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Sample Supplement Plans