What inspires you to travel?

Travelling is an amazing component of human experience. It can be extremely enriching to take in new tastes, sights and culture. Planning and researching a trip can be quite the fun, but it can still be a daunting and an overwhelming task, especially when you haven’t done anything like this before and the dreaming stages starts getting out of hand.

We recently asked if anyone needs help planning for a trip through our newsletter subscribers and we got back some responses. However, we realized there is lots of more info to be shared and so decided to scour the web to come up with the list of travel’s most useful, entertaining and important blogs with great source of cool advice and idea for going on a trip. They will inspire you to go on a trip to enjoy a massive life changes such as becoming more creative, improve your mental health and enjoying total body detoxification from technology, unpleasant emotions or stress, among other benefits of travelling.

These top 10 travel blogs and websites all have good domain rating, domain authority and authority scores, with good Trust Flow numbers – a metric developed by Majestic.com, which represents the links from other large websites and mainstream media.

The following are the top 10 blogs to visit before going on a trip.

Top 10 Travel Blogs To Visit Before Going On A Trip


The travel blog is founded by Nomadic Matt who quit his cubicle job and sets out on a world adventure. He has been to more than 100 countries and has a mission of helping others travel in a better and lesser way and still turn your dream tips into a reality.

On his website, you will find interviews with travel experts, tested travel trips gathered from years of experience, detailed cost breakdown to help you budget for your trip. His website has no paid trip or sponsored content because every attractions, restaurants and places have been personally visited by him.’

2. Onestep4ward.com

The travel blog was founded by Johnny Ward, an Irish guy and a travel expert how claims to have been to every country in the world. He is based in Thailand but spends about 9 months in a year travelling around the world. He started his blog to share his experience of how he left home broke 10 years ago and has now made more than $1m USD from his travel blog.

His blog is about teaching people how to dream big, travel far and live life fully. He now shares motivational tips, lifestyle and travel tips, luxury, adventure and crazy travel stories to others seeking to travel the world far like him.

3. Everything-everywhere.com

This is a very popular travel blog owned by Gary Arndt who sold his house in 2007 and has travelled around the world non-stop for 9 years until 2016 when he finally settled down by getting an apartment he could return to between trips.

Ever since, Gary still travels 3-5 months to 20 different countries every year. Gary has been to all 7 continents, 198 countries around the world and 50 U.S states. His travel blog was created to share useful tips around the places he has been to others.

4. Johnnyjet.com

Johnnyjet.com is a place where a lot travel experts share their expertise and trips to make others the expert. It is also a place where you can have fun, learn, explore and just kick back. The travel blog is owned by Johnny who was able to conquer his anxiety and fear of flying since his doctor told him he might have problem breathing on a plane because of the asthma he had when he was 17.

Over the years, he’s travelled a lot by flight and learned so much from every travel agent, captains, frequent flyer and flight attendants he could approach. Now, Johnny has turned from a guy who used to dread flying to someone who has inspired and still inspiring a lot of people to overcome their fear of flying.

5. Europeforvisitors.com

The travel blog was founded in 1996 and owned by Durant and Cheryl Imboden, who are also co-publishers, along with a lot of other contributors who are also travel enthusiasts. Europeforvisitors.com is an editorial site that is also known to be the “Best of the Web”. It has reached almost 200,000 highly-educated, high-income readers monthly.

They work with European tourist offices and some other organisations to get in-depth coverage of cruises, destinations across to their readers from Europe. They cater to cruisers and independent leisure travellers who are looking for finding on where to go, what to be done and how best to spend money in Europe. There are lots of inspiring vendor and reader’s testimonials on their website.

6. Reservations.com

Reservation.com is another awesome travel blog on the mission to bring back the human-touch into the online travel world, to enhance the experiences of travellers and take them to new places.

The travel blog is passionate their vision of providing travellers with experiential travel planning that are personalized and redefining the booking at scale. The blog provides travellers with different deals and discounts, car rentals, group hotels and group car rental with ability to manage their reservations.

7. Theblondeabroad.com

The blond abroad travel blog is owned by Keirste, California native who quit her Fiance career in L.A to travel around the world and now inspires other people to live the kinds of lives they have always wanted.

Keirste has been travelling for some years now and been to more than 50 countries. She is a good content creator and writer who carefully explain in details how she has been managing her budget to do all her travelling.

She works with top brands and sponsors from all over the globe. Keirsten is also a good. She is also an extremely talented travel tour photographer who works with top sponsors and brands. 

Kierste’s travel blog inspires travellers to travel far and enjoy life to the fullest with great tour pictures and tips on how to travel on a cheaper budget.

8. Expertvagabong.com

Expert Vagabond is another popular travel blog and it’s run by Matthew. The travel blog offers a lot of useful, amazing posts and information about a lot of locations all through the world. There is also lots of information on activities such as hitchhiking across America or swimming with bull sharks.

The blog is entertaining and Matthew has real unique tips and experiences to share to travellers who are interested in or seeking to engage in such adventures. Expert Vagabond travel blog has incredibly interesting and unique contents that are also informative at the same time. The contents on the blog are inspiring and conveyed in an interesting, yet simple writing style.

9. Thepoortraveller.com

The Poor Traveller is a travel blog with a different travel expert bloggers who create useful contents to answer the questions travellers all over the world might have concerning their destinations; how to get there, what to do there and how to enjoy their stay.

This travel blog is known for its detailed posts which come from people who have traveled to different parts of the world on a very tight budget. For great advice and tips on how get to some wonderful locations around the world without spending tons of money in the process, this is a blog you will certainly be interested in.

10. Breathdreamgo.com

This travel blog is owned by Mariellan, who is regarded as one of the best solo travel blogger. She has travelled to a lot of destinations throughout the world and written about then as well. Some of the destinations she has been to, according to the report on her blog include Costa Rita, India, Ireland, England, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Japan and the United States.

The blog has constant stream of posts from her travels and most of the contents have very useful and interesting substance to them. if you are looking for a travel blog that is new and with extremely insightful and valuable information about any of the destinations listed on her blog, the Breathe Dream Go travel blog may be of huge help to you.