Jen Ferruggia’s Beach Bikini Body Workouts

Jen Ferruggia has posted a number of videos on beach workouts for those aspiring for bikini body shape while on vacation. One of these is a “warm Up”. Some mught ask why there is need for a warm up on a 100 degree day. Well, Warm Up is still helpful in increasing blood flow and oxygen to the muscles. This process do not only increases flexibility and decrease injury, it also help decrease the level of fatigue experienced. For the sake of those that are not familiar with Jen Ferruggia before I think I should a little bit of introduction. Jen is the author of Bikini Body Workouts program, a program that contains information meant to help women achieve a bikini body. This 60-day workout program comes with a step by step guide of a series of carefully tested exercises that  could help women achieve a bikini body. So back to the theme of the this particular write up.

In general, your bіkіni body workout рrоgram should stаrt wіth wаrm uр eхеrcіses tо get yоur bоdy rеady fоr аctiоn. Thе cardiо еxerсisеs part of the program have been said to be very hеlpful with that actual fat lоss, and also hеlрs to еnergizе yоur hеаrt аnd get іt pumріng.

Bikini Body work

Another popular beach workouts is the one called 10-20 drill.This could be done by taking 10 quick running steps followed by another 20 slower running steps on a stretch of soft and dry sand near water. Jen Ferruggia explained why this simple beach workouts works. This is basically because the drill activates your inner abdominal wall. It also works your feet while keeping your body uptight on soft sand. Check out the details in the Jen Ferruggia’s video below.

Jen Ferruggia’s Kettlebell Sled Pull

Jen Ferruggia Kettlebell Sled Pull1Jen’s video on this was self-explanatory. All you have to do is to loop together as many sled straps as possible to a few heavy kettlebells and go to town pulling hand over hand. Kettlebell Sled Pull is basically used for building strength endurance. The goal is to make the bells reach your feet,and once ithe bell reach your feet you will then jog backwards and repeat: You could repeat the process for time, reps, or even for distance. Kettlebell Sled Pull helps to improve upper body strength and work capacity. You can watch the Jen’s video on this bikini body workouts in the link below

Jen Ferruggia’s Handstand on Parallettes

Jen Ferruggia handstand2Parallettes is one of the most popular piece of training equipment. One good thing is the fact the fact that they are inexpensive, easy to make, light, and portable. In one of her workouts videos, Jen Ferruggia demonstrated how to get the best out of Handstand on Parallettes. Many people agree that Handstands on parallettes are easier to hold than on the floor as they increase the size of your base. As a result, practicing them on parallettes will help you achieve a stable freestanding handstand sooner. You check out the details of Jen Ferruggia workouts with Handstand on Parallettes in the link below:

Jen Ferruggia’s Front Foot Elevated BB Bulgarian Split Squat

In general terms, we could define this elevated front-foot dumbbell split squat as a single-leg strength exercise with extra range of motion. The idea it to make the exercise focus on each quad and hamstring individually while improving balance and stability.

Jen Ferruggia Front Foot Elevated BB Bulgarian Split Squat

The first step is to stand in a split stance and then hold dumbbells at your sides with your front foot a few feet directly in front of you on a weight plate. The second step is to lunge forward and lower hips until front thigh is parallel to floor. One thing to take note is to be sure heel doesn’t come off the weight plate. Avoid letting the front knee slide past toes. You will then return back to starting position by pushing off the front leg. Watch Jen’s video on this special bikini body workouts in the link below.

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