Practical Weight Loss Diet to Lose Belly Fat: the 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Guide

If you desire to lose weight today, I am pretty certain there are tons of weight loss diets available to you online. However, losing weight is not all about subjecting yourself to a weight loss diet. The 1 hour belly blast diet revealed that a balance of exercise and weight is essential for weight loss. This calls for discretion on your part to avoid the myriads of fad diets available on the internet.

There are tons of weight loss programs making huge promises all over the net. However, the lean belly breakthrough review affirmed that there is no shortcut to fat loss. To lose belly fat, one must eat a meal that is balanced in the essential proportions. Most people would rather go for crash dieting or extreme workout. Most of the time, this hardly gives the intended result. Even if you did get to lose belly fat, there will be a side effect of weakness, rough skin etc.

As a result, I will share some first-class meal plan to lose belly fat. Without any crash diet, this meal plan will help lose weight as well. Before sharing that, I will, however, like to share some tips. This will set the stage for the right mindset to lose belly fat.

  1. Avoid Extreme Calorie Restrictions

To lose belly fat, the lean belly breakthrough affirmed that the body needs the right amount of calories as well. This will help you balance the rate of calorie intake with the fat loss. A weight loss diet that advises you to stay away from calorie might work. In such case, however, you are not only losing weight but losing muscle and water. This is not good at all. The 1 hour belly blast diet pdf guide revealed that eating very few calories will even make the body hold on to belly fats. This is the body’s way of guarding against starvation.

1 Hour Belly Blast Diet

Besides, this adjustment in body metabolism will even make it harder to lose belly fats. The lean belly breakthrough download, however, advised that a healthy weight loss diet will have an average of 1500 calorie for a daily intake. Unless recommended by your doctor, avoid taking less than 1200 calories.

  1. Make Only Healthy Food Choices

Not only are calories important to your weight loss effort, but many other food classes as well. The lean belly breakthrough pdf download revealed that filling your mills with whole grains, vegetables, fruits yogurts, and nuts will make you lose belly fat. Food choices like processed meat, potato chips, and many other fast foods will work against your effort to lose weight.

Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will help complement your calories levels. Foods high in fibers will slow down digestion. This helps control food cravings. Besides, the good bacteria in friendly yogurt will help your gut bacteria, all working to help lose belly fats.

An aside, to lose belly fat, the 1 hour belly blast diet program recommends food choices high in protein. Beans, nuts, poultry, milk, soybeans, avocados, olive oil etc. makes terrific sources of protein.


With the above in mind, we will discuss some excellent food choices that are superb for weight loss. We will recommend foods that are suitable for breakfast, lunch as well as dinner. We are not discussing some continental dish that needs a special skill set to get a hold of. Once you know your way around the kitchen, cooking this meal will be a walkover.

Breakfast Meal Choices to Lose belly fat

Breakfast, being the most important meal of the day, is very critical to weight loss. Depending on the choice of meal, it increases metabolism and could determine the rate of feeding for the whole day. This is why people who skip breakfast tend to eat more. We will discuss two awesome breakfast recipes to lose belly fat

  1. Vegetable breakfast with the following ingredients


The recommended ingredients can all be obtained at the local grocery store. All you have to do is mix all the above-listed ingredients and you are good to go. It has yogurt, basil, and strawberries which are an excellent source of calorie to keep you going throughout the day. It has a considerable mixture of whole grains as well. With whole grains, users can enjoy an improved metabolism with decreased blood sugar levels.

1 Hour Belly Blast Diet

  1. Omelet For Breakfast With the Following Ingredients


All the ingredients above, except the olive oil, should be mixed. Warm two teaspoon of olive oil and fry the entire mixed ingredients. You should get an omelet!

This Omelet breakfast (eggs, olive oil, and broccoli) contains food choices that can help boost metabolism. Broccoli is a good antioxidant that can help detox the body.

Lunch Meal Choices to Lose Belly Fat

Lunch is also important when one desire to lose belly fat. Many people go with the mentality that the lesser you eat, the more prone you are to losing weight. This doesn’t always work as it is an unhealthy way to lose weight. Besides, it also tends to make one overeat when one finally settles down to eat. Asides, it might increase craving which might make one go for healthy food. Hence, we will not advise anyone seeking to lose belly fat to skip lunch.

We discuss healthy lunch choices to lose belly fat.

  1. Greek Salad with the following ingredients:


  1. Inside a large bowl, cut the onions, cucumber, and feta, all together.
  2. With the oil, vinegar, and garlic, make a dressing


  1. Andreas Turkey Wrap For Lunch, with the following ingredients


  1. Make the turkey into a patty form, add salt and pepper.
  2. From each side of the turkey, grill for about three minutes each
  1. With bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts or cucumber slices, make a topping of the bugger.
  2. Wrap the bugger with the leaves and drizzle with the dressing.


Night time Meals to lose belly fats

You need to be smart about dinner in order to lose belly fats. Besides, avoid the urge to skip dinner. This will work against your weight loss effort as it will slow down the metabolism. This will decrease the rate at which your body burns off belly fat. And you do not want this!

In the light of this, we will discuss some awesome dinner meals to lose belly fats:

  1. Grilled Salmon for Dinner with the following Ingredients


  1. To the salmon fillets, add garlic powder and salt.
  2. Dissolve the brown sugar in water, mix with soy sauce.
  1. Add fillets to the grill and preheat
  2. Add a little coating of vegetable oil to fillet and grill from both sides


  1. Mushroom soup for belly fat loss: Ingredients


  1. In a pan, slow the stove or gas and heat the olive oil at medium temperature. Add onions after about a minute but do not over fry it.
  2. Mix mushroom and oregano, add to the pan and stir very well. Stir until you get a soft mixture.
  1. Reduce the gas/stove and leave to cook well, simmer for an average of 18 minutes.
  2. Cool the soup, blend thoroughly and serve

Mushroom is one of the best agents that help with weight loss. Being a vegetable, it is full of water, vitamins with minimal calorie levels.


Snacks to lose belly fats

Asides from the foods listed above, it is recommended that one make healthy snack choices to lose belly fat. One should, however, be careful in the choice of snack. There should be a fixed time for snack consumption – for instance, between lunch and dinner or just after taking dinner. Asides, the 1 hour belly blast diet download recommends that snack should have less than 250 calories. Perfect and healthy snack choices are:


1 Hour Belly Blast Diet

Workout Choices to lose belly fat

Asides the diets and snacks recommended to lose belly fat, it is recommended that one incorporate exercise into it. This will hasten and make all the entire effort to lose belly fat effective. Asides, being active via workout will foster the burning of calories; an aside keeping the weight offs. The lean belly breakthrough eBook recommends strength training and aerobic exercise to lose belly fats.

The hour belly blast diet eBook recommends at least half an hour of moderate intensity aerobic exercise. This includes jogging, brisk walking or a low impact aerobic four times a week. In addition to that, your choice of exercise should be the one that will work for the entire muscle group. Strength training such as weightlifting should be encouraged. Besides, as the belly fat shrinks, the hour belly blast diet guide recommends that one increase the intensity of the exercise.

All I all, we have discussed amazing weight loss diet that targets belly fats. Whether it is lunch, supper or breakfast, thus weight loss diet will target stubborn belly fat making weight loss a walkover. Besides, the diets recommended losing belly fats discussed above have all been tested. Hence, users are assured of no known side effect. Coupled with exercise, you will lose belly fats at a rate comfortable with your health.