13 Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat For Men

As a result of work or other poor health habits, many people live a sedentary lifestyle. This often translates to stubborn belly fat which increases with age. And to worsen matters, many people’s life choices does not help matters. Stressful jobs demands from family, alcohol and many other poor health choices all contribute to belly fat.

Yet it is not only your body shape that suffers from belly fat. There is a number of terrible health hazards that are linked to belly fat. Thus, one may end up living a short lifespan if belly fat and its aftermath are not addressed. In this regards, I will discuss easy ways a man can lose belly fat at home. We have compiled tested methods verified by Bruce Kharn, the brain behind the lean belly breakthrough.

  1. High-Intensity Interval Workout Training

This kind of training is not called high intensity for no reason. Many people that have experienced a meaningful fat loss know the importance of the high-intensity interval workout. This is the kind of workout that will enable you to burn a large amount of calorie in a very short time.

This is the kind of workout for you if you don’t have all the time to dedicate at the gym say the lean belly breakthrough eBook. Forms of training in this category are box jumps, series of burpees, Tabata etc. The lean belly breakthrough system revealed that the best thing about this class of workout is that even after leaving the gym, your body keeps burning fat.

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  1. Running

If you are not so buoyant as to afford the gym, you shouldn’t be discouraged. In fact, the lean belly breakthrough system affirmed that your legs are the greatest fat burners. The good thing about running is that you can do it anytime, anywhere, without any special equipment. The lean belly breakthrough download however advised that the faster you run, the more calories that will be burnt.

Besides, one can burn as much as a thousand calorie per hour, depending on the intensity of running. Also, jogging, walking, and brisk walking can all be incorporated. George White advises that users make sure that they sweat – it signals a high-intensity workout.

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  1. Subscribe to Greek Yoghurt

Greek yogurt is high in protein, as well as a good source of Vitamin D. Protein is one of the best classes of food to subscribe to burn fat. Greek yogurt, the plain variety especially is very low in sugar. Thus, it serves as a great snack for fat loss, especially when paired with nuts or fresh fruits.

The lean belly breakthrough review affirmed that Greek yogurt is pretty versatile. It is a useful additive to various meals. It provides healthy gut bacteria thus, encouraging easy digestion.

  1. Consume More broccoli

When it comes to melting belly fats, vegetables are equally important. Thus, broccoli should top your vegetable choices. The lean belly breakthrough eBook advises broccoli as it is high in fiber and low in calories. Thus, it has the capacity to make you full for long and curb unnecessary cravings.

A serving (cup) of broccoli has close to 3g of fiber. Asides, it is rich in calcium, vitamin C, and iron. Thus, broccoli facilitates smooth blood flow to your muscle, healthy bones and improved immunity.

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  1. Take Time to Meditate

While meditation is not an easy task to master, it comes with many health benefits. As little as ten minutes of meditation can help curb stress and boost your health. Meditation, via reducing stress, boosts fat burning. When stress is out of the way, the stress hormone cortisol gets decreased.

The lean belly breakthrough pdf guide thus advice users to find time to meditate. Stress is very bad and sets the stage for belly fat. Meditation is one of the best known healthy coping mechanisms for stress.

  1. Eat a lot of Salmon

When it comes to weight loss, the importance of protein cannot be overemphasized. Fish, salmon, happens to be a terrific source of protein. Asides protein, there is the healthy fat (the good kind of fat) which, when combined with workout support a healthy fat loss. The lean belly breakthrough eBook expressed that salmon is equally rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

Asides, Bruce Khran recommends the wild salmon due to its healthy proportion of Omega 3 fatty acids. Asides, the wild bred salmon helps curb inflammation as well.

  1. Make Sleep a Priority

Your weight loss efforts are not complete without a deep restful sleep. Sleep time is not only for recovering and recharging, but also for hormone regulation. Sleep is critical to fat loss and good eating habit. This is due to the fact that the hunger hormones are controlled during sleep. This explains the feeling of hunger after a night of little or no sleep.

Asides, it is during the period of sleep that the real fat loss occurs. Thus, your effort at the gym and weight loss diet get completed only when you take time to rest.

  1. Stay Away from Artificial Sweeteners

Many people are usually fooled by drinks that carry the zero-calorie tag. The lean belly breakthrough download thus, lean belly breakthroughexplains that staying away from artificial sweeteners is also important in dropping belly fats. Bruce Khran of the lean belly breakthrough book explains that when the body counts something as sweet, without the accompanying calorie, it will seek the calories elsewhere. This will cause users to crave this from other sources.

Another issue with artificial sweetener is that they are usually way sweeter than the real sugar. Hence, they cause users to crave for poor food. Thus, it is better to avoid both sugar and artificial sweeteners due to the aftermath.

  1. Make Healthy Food Choices

Your diet is equally important as your workout to lose belly fats. Irrespective of how hard you train, eating junks will not make you lose belly fat. Thus, the intake of alcohols, processed foods, sugar etc needs to be checked. The following food classes are recommended:

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  1. Control Alcohol Consumption

Worthy of note is the fact that what you drink is as important s what you eat. Hence, your drink also determines if you will lose belly fat or not. Alcohol is pretty ok for consumption. But when you are after the loss of belly fat, alcohol and beer consumption should be checked.

Most times, beer drinkers do have a pear shape, designed with a pot belly and man boobs. This even gets pronounced as they age. The reason for this is simple; alcohol makes the liver work in excess to get rid of excess toxin. But when alcohol is in excess, the liver most time is unable to filter excess toxin. This sets the stage for belly fat.

  1. Consume More protein

The digestion of protein in the body produces heat. This doesn’t happen with other classes of food (carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins.) The lean belly breakthrough eBook explains that it takes the body excess work to digest protein. Hence, a high protein diet is very good for burning belly fat.

We advise more of plant protein than animal protein. They are rich in minerals essential for fat loss. Beans, peas, eggs, poultry, turkey etc. are good sources of protein

  1. Eat More Fat.

Yes, you read right, fat is very essential for weight loss. We, however, recommend the good kind of fat as the lean belly breakthrough guide affirmed that not all fats make you fat. In fact, when there is a good supply of healthy fat to the body, the body will not pack belly fats.

One of the best sources of healthy fat is fish oil. By increasing testosterone levels, it fosters fat loss. Trans fat is one of the bad fat you should do away with.

  1. Maintain an Active Lifestyle

To keep belly fats off, an active lifestyle is very important. Besides, you do need a visit before you lead an active lifestyle. Making sure you add some sort of activity and spark to your life matters. For instance, why not take a stroll on your next grocery visit? That little exercise, even though short intensity will help keep a flat belly.

Asides that, users could turn their house into a mini gym. An active lifestyle will involve you waking up and having a couple of pushups. Asides, waking up and going for a run is pretty important as well. Always remember that the goal is to be active. Being active is one of the many ways to burn fat.

As a man, dropping excess belly fat does not have to be a herculean task.  Whether it is hereditary or self-induced, one can take conscious and effective effort to burn belly fat. Dropping off excess belly fats starts from doing away with unhealthy habits like excess alcohols and a sedentary lifestyle. You should also endeavor to eat healthy as a man. When these basics are set, the lean belly breakthrough ebook affirmed that losing weight will be a walkover!

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