Metabolic Explosion Program Review – Does Dan Faggella Low Impact Workouts Work?
Metabolic explosion by Dan Faggella

Metabolic Explosion and Dan Faggella Low Impact Workouts 

metabolic explosion PDF downloadMy first experience with Metabolic Explosion program by Dan Faggella was few weeks. I was at a meeting where a friend was talking about Dan Faggella claim that his metabolic explosion workout will help burn unwanted fat and develop a lean and tone body within short period of time. He went further to explain that Dan Faggella metabolic explosion workouts involve no use of heavy equipment.  These claims caught the attention of many people and even became more controversial because metabolic explosion involves low impact workouts, few exercises and no use of equipment. These three conditions are against the popular fat loss claims in the workout and fitness industry. Lo and behold, within few days I began to see different reviews and opinions about metabolic explosion program online. Within few days I also began to receive many emails from my subscribers at both and asking about my opinion on Metabolic Explosion workouts by Dan Faggella. So, I decided to play the guinea pig and carry out an intensive review of this program. I first started my review with the use of feedback of actual users of Metabolic Explosion workouts. I then went further to analyze available market information about the program and its author, Dan Faggella himself. At the same time, we have members of our team enrolled into Metabolic Explosion program so that we can have insider look into the workings of metabolic explosion downloads. Below are the summary of some of our findings about this program. For those that already have their mind made up and only looking for a download link for Metabolic explosion, do so be going to the official website of Dan Faggella using the link below

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Metabolic explosion: Changing the Paradigm in Fitness Industry

metabolic explosion PDFThe first thing we learn from Metabolic Explosion downloads is that extreme exercises or so-called insane workouts are not necessary, especially for people age 35 and above. We have come to realize that it is possible to burn unwanted fat and develop a lean and tone body within short period even with low impact workouts as exemplify in metabolic explosion. The details of our findings in Metabolic Explosion Workouts further remind us that there are many important assumptions about the workout industry that might require some appraisal and updates. It seems that many of us have been led to believe that certain dogmas or protocols must be followed in order to get results on fatloss through Workouts. Our review has shown that although the Metabolic Explosion program might not a perfect program, but the program seems to be challenging some of the dogmas in workout industry and has a lot of results to show for it. Thousands of people have been reporting positive results with Dan Faggella low impact workouts as against what we are used to before. Over the years, high Impact workouts have been known to be an effective strategy for fat loss and body toning. On the other hand, a backdrop of high impact workout is that the process could be very challenging for people that are age 35 and above and even almost impossible for people above the age of 45. Our experience with Metabolic Explosion program seems to indicate that Dan Faggella has found a perfect solution or a way out through low impact workout system which provides whole body movements, no equipment and fast circuits.

Basis of Metabolic Explosion Program

We have found out that the whole Metabolic Explosion program is built around the concept of “Metabolic Maximizer” method. This is basically the idea that one can achieve maximum effect with minimum effort when exercising correctly. That is, when the workout energy is directed to the right place, the metabolism of body could be expanded to achieve a phenomenon result. This is how Dan Faggella derived the name “Metabolic Explosion”, that is, maximizing the explosion of the metabolism of the body. So, for anyone that want to maximize their body metabolism in way that achieve maximum results, I will thing Metabolic explosion with be the perfect program to go to.

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Who is Metabolic Explosion Designed for?

The Metabolic Explosion workout program is designed for both men and women and anyone over the age of 18 can actually use this program to achieve results. It has however been reported that men and women 35 years and older do receive the most benefits from metabolic Explosion.

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What are the Sections in Metabolic Explosion Program?

The Metabolic Explosion is divided into 3 different sections. The first one is called Fat Burning with focus on quadriceps, pectoral, gluteus, maximus. This first segment is also tagged MMX 1. The second section is called Sculpting. The segment focuses more on sculpting the lean, healthy, muscular body the user wants. As result the workouts are designed around the thighs, arms, shoulders, chest and more. Another name used for this segment is MMX 2. The third section is called Core/Abs. This last segment focuses on activating the core of the user’s core with safe, low impact exercises. Many have reported this segment to be short and painless workouts that can enhance abdominal results tenfold.

What are the Contents of Metabolic Explosion Downloads

Metabolic Explosion program is filled with a series of easy to follow workout videos and handbook. The videos are straight forward and short. This makes the program more interesting and easy to follow through. The manual, that is, the Metabolic Explosion Handbook, is also easy to read. The whole website of the program is also designed in a way that is easy to navigate. Once you gain access to the member’s area of the website, you will find it easy to download the contents of the program without having to look for help all around. It’s more like something you find intuitively. I will give the designer of the website kudos for this.

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Advantages of Metabolic Explosion

Well, I think I have mentioned above that the program is easy to follow and implement. I also like the simplicity of the Metabolic Explosion. It makes it simple to do workout even in the comfort of my room. The program is also relatively cheap considering the value gained from it and even when compared to other workouts program out there. I think it is also important to mention the fact that Metabolic Explosion comes with a complete 60 day money back guarantee. As a result, it could be risk free investment for people that want to give it a try.

Metabolic explosion by Dan Faggella

Downside of Metabolic Explosion

Well, there are two sides to a coin. Everything in life has their pros and cons. Likewise, there are some disadvantages that could be associated with Metabolic Explosion. First, the program is only available in digital format. This means it can only be accessed online. This means people without access to internet might be disenfranchise from the program. Some people also tend to tag this as an advantage because the downloads are available instantly upon purchase and the users don’t have to wait for anything to be shipped to them. Also, like any other workouts plans out there, the users still have to follow the instructions in Metabolic explosion downloads through before any result can be achieved. No pain, no gain.

My verdict and conclusion on Metabolic Explosion By Dan Faggella

In summary, I thing Dan Faggella has done a wonderful job with Metabolic Explosion. The program is also a reminder that there are more than one door to markets and there is always a better way to get things done. I find the program interesting and it is something I will recommend for anyone, especially men and women age 35 and above, that is interested in healthy living and maybe fat loss in particular. You can get instant access to the official website of Metabolic Explosion using the link below.

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