My Bikini Belly Review

Few days ago was the first time I examined My Bikini Belly download by Shawna Kaminski and then share my first attempt on My bikini belly review. Although I share my brief experience with Shawna Kaminski Pull Up pdf  and My bikini belly guide in general, I didn’t really had the space or time to go into details of what shawna kaminski  program is actually all about. I am still receiving emails with questions of What exactly is My Bikin Belly program all about? What are the basic contents of My Bikini Belly PDF? What do we know about Shawna Kaminski and what’s Shawna Kaminski bio? Is My Bikini Belly download a scam? And will shawna kaminski jump rope and pull up pdf really help me get a bikini belly in 2 weeks? Where can I get real reviews of My bikini Belly program? These some of the questions that have been flooding my email in the last couple of days. So, I have decided to write another detailed review of My Bikini Belly workout in order to answer some of these questions on Shawna Kaminski program. If you are already familiar with My Bikini Belly and only looking for official download link, click below

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What Is My Bikini Belly all about?

I believe this is one of the most common questions I have been receiving on Shawna Kaminski program. To cut straight to the question, My Bikini Belly is a new revolutionary fitness system that is designed to help women get fit and sexy bikini body is as little as 2 weeks. Shawna Kaminski, the author and developer of the My bikini belly system claimed to have purposely designed the program in order to help boost strength and confidence of women all over the world. Shawna Kaminski has many years of experience in the health and fitness training. But she is more passionate about the idea of women body transformation for confidence boosting. I will talk more about Shawna Kaminski later.

In the program, Shawna Kaminski claimed that women over 35 have a hard time losing belly fat because of one little gene, called ‘menopause molecules’, which is activated. This gene forces the body of every woman over 35 to stop burning belly fat. According to her, you can actually make the situation even worse and make belly fat impossible to get rid of if you exercise the wrong way. My Bikini Belly program was developed based on the idea of reversing how these gene work in a way that could help women achieve a flatter stomach in a short period of time. My Bikini Belly PDF contains a blueprint for a 21-day workout program that could you reset your hormones in a way that will boost your metabolism and shred the belly areas fat. The most catchy part of My Bikini Belly program is the fact that my bikini belly workouts are not strenuous on the body and yet achieve tremendous result within 21 days.

How Does My Bikini Belly Work?

My Bikin Belly downloadAfter going through the program I realized that it seems Shawna has discover a secret most expert in the diet and exercise industry have been looking for in the last couple of years. In recent times, studies have shown that long and strenuous workouts can actually cause hormones to work against fat loss efforts. Many experts have been promoting the idea of shorter and specific workouts, especially for the aging body (above age 35). The main issue is that none of the experts have so far develop short workouts that could specifically help women with belly button fat loss. My-Bikin-Belly-downloadsThis is the secret Shawna seems to have unravel and share with people in her My Bikini Belly Workout program. Basically, she uses her unique strategy called ‘Metabolic Activation Training’. This training essentially activate your body’s natural systems that need to be working in harmony at optimal levels for the body to burn fat. She identified  3 systems that need to be activated. There are:

The traditional workout strategy that mostly common in the diet and exercise industry now basically focus more on the boosting your metabolism part. However, research has shown that our hormones have a tremendous impact on our ability to burn fat and our metabolism in general. As a result, it is extremely important to only embark on workout systems that help turn your fat-burning hormones on and fat-storing hormones off. By making sure that these 3 strategies are working in harmony we will be able to achieve a fat-burning machine that works for you instead of against you. This is exactly what My Bikini Belly help you to achieve. Interestingly, thousands of people have found it to be very effective within just 3 weeks of release of Shawna Kaminski program.

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Shawna Kaminski Review

Earlier I mentioned some facts about Shawna Kaminski. Many people are also interested in know who Shawna Kaminski is and how did she come about My bikini Belly program. Well, aside her expertise in the fitness industry, Shawna history in career and work must have shaped her into the discovery of My Bikini Belly. Shawna Kaminski is a Canadian athlete who has had many athletic accomplishments in her life. Her athletic accomplishments are in diverse areas ranges from bodybuilding, to swimming and freestyle skiing. Shawna currently owns NW Fit Body Boot Camp in Calgary, Alberta. Shawna is in her late forties, thus, knows a thing or two about being over 35 and staying in great shape. There have several thousands of women giving testimony of how Shawna has helped them get the body they want at an age that used to be considered impossible to do so. In my own opinion, I think My Bikini Belly program just developed by Shawna have the capacity to help millions of women achieve a bikini body in as little as 21 days. You read more about her on shawna kaminski blog.

What Are the promises of My Bikini Belly downloads

The overall promise of My Bikini Belly downloads is to help women achieve bikini body within 21 days if the laid down procedure are followed to letter. The system simply works by keeping a person’s blood sugar stable with proper meal and workout plans in a way that helps wipe out fat deposits in 3 weeks. The nutrition guide was developed in way that will deliver unto women the right amount of calories, vitamins and minerals to help them endure high-tempo workouts while building lean muscle and burning fat. The 30 second ab trick of the workout plan in My Bikini Belly videos was also designed to switch off woman’s “Menopause Molecules” for flatter belly. Essentially, My Bikini Belly takes women step-by-step through the process of learning how to get a firm and round butt easily. The program also promise to work for anyone whether you are a fitness fanatic or you are someone that have never lifted up a weight before in your life. In short, the program promise to help get you in shape naturally without any use of drugs or steroids and any over strenuous workout sessions. A lot of people are buying into My Bikini Belly PDF also because it reveals to users secrets to get rid of stress and slow down the aging process.

Shawna program help achieve the most enjoyable body transformation you can imagine because the strength training help burn more fat, build muscles and tone your body to the desired shape. Aside achieve the perfect bikini body, My Bikini Belly ebook also teaches users basic steps to follow that will help boost their body metabolism and at the same time reduce inflammation.

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Advantages of My Bikini Belly program

  1. The program works for all women no matter the level you are at. It works for both workout fanatics as well as for people that have never lift a weight before. My Bikini Belly plans works perfectly for anyone that is ready to follow through on all the steps detailed in the program.
  2. My bikini belly program is easy to follow. The fact that the workouts are short paced and that the program only require 21 days before seeing results makes it easy-to-follow system.
  3. With My Bikini Belly workouts, you do not need any fancy equipment. The circuit trainings of the program consist of simple yet effective exercises that are planned for woman.
  4. My Bikini Belly program will help you get a tone, firm, and lean physique without losing your feminine shape. The program will not only help you get a bikini body but it is also designed to help improve the overall health of the users.
  5. My bikini belly guide will not just help restore your beauty and your health, the program will also help to dramatically boost your confidence and self- esteem.
  6. My Bikini Belly download also comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with the results you can easily ask for your money back within 60 days. This means there is zero risked involved in signing up for Shawna Kaminski program because she guarantees that the program will work for any woman within 21 days.
  7. There is also an ongoing discount available on My Bikini Belly downloads at the moment
  8. My Bikini Belly downloads can be accessed through a safe secure checkout page.My Bikini Belly System PDF
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Disadvantages of My Bikini Belly program

There are always two sides to every coin. So there are some obvious disadvantages that comes with Shawna Kaminski program as well. Firstly, there is need to judiciously follow the 21 day steps highlighted in the program in order to get desired results. Secondly, the program is only available in digital format. Although many people see this as an advantage because it means you can instantly download my bikini belly ebooks and videos upon purchase, many people however still prefer to hold a physical book or DVD.

Conclusion on My Bikini Belly Program

I think Shawna Kaminski has unravel a secret that will be of tremendous benefit to many women as far as getting rid of fat belly button in concerned. It is also a program designed to improve the overall heal of the users without the stress that comes with most traditional workouts programs. I think My bikini belly download will be a perfect fit for you if you are seeking for ways to transform your body without having to starve yourself or undergo hours of cardio. It is one of the smartest move anyone can take at the moment to achieve bikini body and get rid of the belly fat within short period of time.

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