Paleo Reboot Review – How Effective Is Dr. Ryan Lazarus’ Program?

When it comes to losing weight, there are many diet plans you can choose from. There are also many weight loss articles to read on the internet and in the magazines. Some are effective and others don’t work. Ok, may they work? But one works for one person might not work for another.

So, how do you know which weight loss advise would work for you for sure? However, there seems to be a weight loss diet that would work for anyone. It is what the early men of the Palaeolithic era used to eat and according to Dr Ryan, they are what our bodies have been genetically engineered to absorb, digest and use for a healthy living and longevity.

This brings us to the Paleo Diet. It is the kind of diet where you are not allowed to eat packaged foods or processed foods. No dairy products, sugar, grains or cereals. These are the kinds of food you have to do away with on the Paleo diet to get back your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Many people are battling with eating the right kinds of food and staying in shape. More than that, even those that have managed to have good shapes are batting with maintain it so that they don’t end up with the fat they have managed to lose with so much effort. These days, it appears that many dieters are now switching to Paleo Diet, which seeks to help users lose weight in a natural and healthy way.

The Paleo Reboot Program Review Content

On this review of the Paleo Reboot Program today, we will look into what exactly the guide is all about, the experience and credibility of the program’s author, the content of the program, the bonuses (if there is any), pros and cons of the program, customers review and feedback on the Paleo Diet and finally, my conclusion.

What The Paleo Reboot Program?

Paleo Reboot is a 176-page Paleo diet-based program that is loaded with in-depth advice, recipes and information with a goal to detoxify your body and improve your health while you enjoy delicious, filling recipes.

The Paleo Reboot is appears to be the best guide for anyone looking to improve their health by learning the basics of a Paleo diet and following it. This knowledge can help you create amazing dishes and health-boosting meal plans.

Paleo Reboot Programs And Courses

The Paleo Reboot is a course where you will learn about the fundamentals of eating Paleo in a step-by-step program full of recipe guides, motivational success stories, videos, beauty and energy tips. With the Paleo Reboot program, Dr. Ryan Lazarus promises to help you lose weight, have more energy, heal your body and feel and look younger.

Generally, the Paleo Reboot program seeks to help users transform their way of eating toxic foods to eating the right foods that are full of micronutrients, macronutrients, amino acids, essential fats, vitamins, enzymes, minerals and probiotics.

The Program is designed in such a way that it easily help users jumpstart their journey to a healthier and fit lifestyle. This is meant to be achievable in about 21 days, after you would have experienced positive changes. You can then continue with the program for you to see more benefit.

The Paleo Reboot Program comes with 3 bonuses, which are:

  1. Crush Your Cravings
  2. Food Labelling Secrets
  3. The Paleo Source

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The Paleo Reboot Program – About The Author

The Paleo Reboot program is created by Dr. Ryan Lazarus. Dr.Ryan is a nutrition expert and highly knowledgeable about strength, wellness and weight loss. Dr. Ryan used to be an athlete as a teenager until he had a tragic sports accident that let his spleen and pancreas severely damaged, because of the injury, he had 60% of his pancreas removed and that made him bedridden for a pretty long time. He tried all he could to recover with the typical American diet but it was very hard on his body since the foods were filed with sugar, chemicals and carbs.

During his research into a number of alternative diets, he discovered the Paleo diet. It really worked for his physique and not long after, he was able to build his strength, control his diabetes and build is immune system. It was after this success that he put the Paleo Reboot Program together, and decides to share his knowledge and advice with everyone to help them improve their health the way he has improved his.

What to Expect From Paleo Reboot

The Paleo Reboot Program is broken down into a three-part.

The First Part

This first portion of Paleo Reboot focuses on the fundamentals of a Paleo lifestyle. It consists of two chapters:

It also consists of answers to highly informative FAQs.

The Paleo Diet – Part 3

Paleo Diet Recipes in this part focus on helping users create meals that will keep them coming back for more. The recipes are described in great detail or order to help you achieve perfect results every day.

The 21 Day Paleo Reboot: Total Body Transformation is probably the most comprehensive Paleo diet program. It is a weight loss program, a diet plan, natural wellness program and a healthy meal system. It is designed to give you an absolute detox program of your mind, body, and soul.

The 21 Day Paleo Reboot: comes with several bonuses. It makes the program easier to follow and more enjoyable. With them, you also get to enjoy thorough improvement.

How Can I Benefit From Paleo Reboot?


The 21 day Paleo Reboot Program is made available at a one-time cost of $37. The Paleo Beginners Guide is free. However, you will have to pay for handling and shipping which cost $6.95. to get the Paleo Reboot Pram, you can download the free book or get the 21 Day Paleo Reboot program directly from the official website of the product.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

The Paleo Reboot Program comes with 100% Money back guarantee. If after making us of the program for 2 months, you do not see the results you want or notice any positive changes in your weight and shape, then you can email the customer support team to request a full refund of your payment for the program at

Customer’s Review

Denise Haris from Longmont, CO mentioned that the Paleo Reboot program helped him get his health back but he mentioned that there are lots of adverts at the beginning of the videos that come with the Paleo Reboot Program. He found this disappointing and frustrating.

Susan Kenedy from Williamsville, NY mentioned that she has been having problem contacting them. About two of the several users’ reviews that I scouted for on the internet mentioned that the Paleo Cook book did not arrive on time, or never arrive.

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The essential concept of this program is that you shouldn’t be eating anything that the Palaeolithic cavemen didn’t have access to or anything they wouldn’t have eaten. So, this means you have to stay away from cereals, grains, processed foods, dairy and sugar. Since the cavemen has not invented agriculture and were not able to get grains, even a piece of bread is out of the picture.

The kind of foods you are allowed to eat while you are on a Paleo diet are seeds, plant-based oils, eggs, fresh fruits, lean meat, seafood, vegetable and nuts. All these are the foods that a hunter of the early men would have had in their daily diet. According to Dr. Ryan, all these foods are healthy and they are what our body have been genetically programmed and evolved to digest.

This also seems to be the best opportunity for you to start a healthy eating habit. There are positive feedbacks about the results of the Paleo Reboot Program. It comes with 60 days guarantee, in case you decide to change your minds about the program later.