Rebel Wilson’s Bikini Body Journey: 10 Weight Loss Tips From ‘Fit Amy’
Rebel Wilson's journey to a bikini body

10 Weight Loss Tips From Rebel Wilson’s Bikini Body Journey

If you follow the trending celebrity gist, then you must have heard of ‘Fat Amy’s recent amazing weight loss transformation. A lot of people are obsessed with Rebel Wilson’s bikini body journey, which she took her fans along with her on. To Rebel Wilson, 2020 was her “Year of Health” with the primary goal of improving her wellbeing.

The Pitch Perfect star kicked off her health journey by making smarter workout and food choices. She also introduced different sports to her wellness routine. This includes hiking, surfing, boxing, beach running, working out six days a week, and pretty much everything to improve her health.

She’s been very transparent about her secondary weight loss goals of 165 pounds on social media and has always kept her fan updated on her fitness journey. In the process, she shared many of her sensational looks, which she shows her fans that she has mastered the art of rocking bikini wear.

The year 2020 wrapped up with Rebel Wilson’s incredible weight loss results and different photos of her in designer bikini suits. In most of the pictures, she is either killing it in one piece, stealing the show in designer bikini wear, or making waves in a wet suit.

rebel wilson's bikini body journey

Was Rebel Wilson Fat-Shamed?

Rebel Wilson -an Australian actress and comedian, known for her funny roles on the screen-used her weight as punch lines. She was comfortable in her own skin and isn’t fat-shamed. 

While she has been transparent about her weight loss journey, Rebel Wilson mentioned that losing her weight was not the major focus of her journey. ‘’Yeah…. The goal was never to be skinny,’’ she said. ‘’It was never to fit into a dress size. I needed some significant measurement to have as a goal’’.

In real life, Rebel was sensitive to the societal beauty standards and the term ‘’plus size’’ used in the description. As a young woman making money, she hated shopping because there were no clothes to buy for her size. She said, ‘’It felt like designers didn’t care about you if you were over a certain size’’.

This explains why Wilson started a new venture as a clothing designer for the underserved sizes. She introduced Rebel Wilson X Rebel Wilson's journey to a bikini bodyAngels that arrived at major department stores. She developed characters based on her size.

Yet the fascination with her weight loss has not been on her personal view, rather, it has been focused on her weight loss. Rebel Wilson’s fans learned about her weight loss journey via the documentation she did through the videos and snapshots that she uploaded on her Instagram page.

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While she says she wasn’t fat-shamed, the internet disagrees. Rebel Wilson admitted that she is now treated differently ever since her weight loss transformation. People looked away from her when she was plus sized, but now they help with her groceries and even hold doors open for her. Including her weight loss to her amazing roles on screen, she obviously made the most of 2020. It was indeed her ”Year of Health”. 


Rebel Wilson's bikini body journey

Rebel Wilson’s Bikini Body Journey – 10 Wellness Tips For You

A lot of people are curious about Rebel Wilson’s bikini body journey. Hence, she decided to do an Instagram Live video explaining all the changes made; diets, workouts, and habits incorporated into her lifestyle to lose 75 pounds. If you are also looking to get a bikini body, you can get tips from Rebel’s weight loss tips:

  1. Walking to lose Weight

Rebel Wilson mentioned that one exercise she recommends to everyone is ‘’Walking’’. She revealed that the majority of exercise she has done this year has been walking. She said she listens to audiobooks, podcasts, and music playlists while she walks.

Wilson said, ‘’Weirdly, I never thought I would like walking or hiking’’. She had been surprised by how much she turned out to enjoy it.

  1. Eating Healthy

Wilson mentioned that part of her weight-loss journey has been about training her bad eating habits. She added that she has been taking loads of water, consuming under 1,500 calories a day, and taking a protein diet which makes her feel satisfied and stop eating.

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  1. Mental Health

Wilson mentioned that she dealt with fame and pressures of work through emotional eating. It did not matter if she was happy, depressed, or sad, emotional eating was what she did to deal with stress. Wilson said, ‘’The old patterns still come up, although not every day.  But it comes up for me whenever I am sad or anxious’’. 

She advises fans not to feel bad about emotional eating, that they should rather manage it and switch the unhealthy habits for the healthy ones.

  1. She Cuts Down On Sugar And Junks

In November, Wilson said a lot of stress came with her fame and her way of dealing with it was to consume donuts. She learned she had those unhealthy behaviors because she was not treating herself with love and respect. She would tell negative things to herself and say, ‘’Yeah, just eat that whole packet of brownies because who cares, you deserve that’’.

So she started loving herself more and changed those unhealthy patterns.

  1. She is Reportedly Following The Mayr Method

Rebel Wilson traveled to the exclusive wellness center ‘’VivaMayr’’ in Austria. The diet program in the clinic focuses on destroying gluten, improving gut health, increasing fiber-rich staples, and focusing on unhealthy habits like over-snacking.

They also focus on fitness routines at VivaMayr. The first drip down there impressed Wilson with positive results and she increased the diet and fitness routines.

  1. She Hit The Gym 6-7 times a week

Wilson revealed in an Instagram video that she hits the gym six to seven days a week. She said she does at least an hour of physical activity in a day. One of her trainers, Jono Castano Acero, shared a video of her working hard in the gym with battle ropes.

He further mentioned that a workout week includes some activities including:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

  • Mobility
  • Recovery

Day 4

  • HIIT

Day 5

  • HIIT
  • Weights training

Day 6

  • Recovery

Day 7

  • HIIT

  7. She Lifts Weight

Wilson also added strength training to her exercises. She mentioned in an Instagram video that she loves weight-lifting and how it makes her feel strong and powerful. She also flips tires during her workouts.


   8. She Uses TRX To Build Strength and Coordination

The TRX which focuses on using bodyweight as resistance for building balance, flexibility, strength joint stability, and coordination was incorporated into Wilson’s typical. This was revealed by her trainer to Hollywood Life.

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  1. She Holds Herself Accountable

Sharing her weight loss journey was encouraged by Acero. He told her to keep herself accountable and post freely on social media. Acero said, ‘’Joining a community where other people share their weight loss tips is a massive boost if you are trying to get fit’’.

  1. She Practices Self-love

Wilson, who struggled with emotional eating, said she manages it now moving forward. She found out she was doing those unhealthy habits because she didn’t love and respect herself. She said she writes down all of her emotions and ends it with gratitude for what she is blessed about no matter how small it is.

bikini body workouts vs. flab blaster system

There is a lot to learn from Rebel Wilson’s Bikini Body journey. She put her mind to it and she did it. She admitted it has not been easy and there have been setbacks, but she is determined to move forward.

If Rebel Wilson could lose 65lbs in 11 months, you can also do it. Start incorporating the weight loss tips you have just learn from  Rebel Wilson’s Bikini body journey now and take your fitness instructor along on your journey. 

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