Seven Significant Reasons for Weight Loss Failure

Directed to all busy people out there, this is an article aimed at specifying the reasons why you attempt at weight loss fails. Although, there are many reasons why dedicated attempt to weight loss sometimes fails, but I will by this list attempt to address the most common reasons. All you need do is sit back and relax, as I take you through some of the most common reasons why your weight loss approach might not work.

Thus when it comes to weight loss, what is paramount for you to know to enable you succeed is to know yourself well enough. Also, you should equip yourself well enough about nutrition as well as weight management so as to select the best choices.

When you decide on the weight loss goal you want to abide by, be sure you are SMART about it:weight loss

S – Try as much s possible to be specific about it

M – Make sure that your goal is Measureable.

A – Also, is your goal achievable?

R – And Is the goal realistic as well?

T – And finally what is your time Frame?

Thus this is the first step in discovering why your weight loss plan is not working


In other to lose weight, is it actually necessary to track calories? It is not very compulsory. But a recent study however revealed that people who desire to lose weight and do not track their calorie as well as what they eat by keeping a food journal lose way much than what those who chose to diet and exercise


Just a few people actually know the exact amount of calorie with all accuracy they is needed by them to maintain weight. And this is where the problem is. When you do not know the right amount of calorie needed by your body, how them will you know how to feed in what amount and in what quantity?

What if the calorie intake being included in your food is lower? For you to actually maintain an optimum weight, you need enough calories from preventing your metabolism from going on a slow motion

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Most Americans, as well as many people in the world actually do consume more food than needed. And it has unfortunately become an habit for people to consume way more than is needed by them. Thus this is one of the major reason why a large percentage of the population is either obese or overweight.

Just like your car needs petrol and no other fuel but petrol which is chemically composed of the right amount of substance to run smoothly, so also is the human body. You and your body need only nutritious as well as balanced meal to function effectively. If you are consuming a food that is rich or abundant in a particular food group might lead to your being overweight and subsequently frustrate your weight loss efforts.

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Although, there are lots of self-acclaimed nutritionist all over the internet that claim to have the right diet that will help with weight loss, you however need to be careful to choose absolutely something that will work for you. All this cay diet plans claims they are easier to follow and will make you lose weight easily. But what they do not tell you most time is that it does not work for everybody.

This is not bad mouth weight loss diet expert, there are however shortcuts that you can take to weight loss if you have a good understanding of human nutrition as well as the guidance of a qualified nutritionist or any their trained medical personnel.


Get it right dear reader, it is much more possible to lose weight without exercise. And actually, you are even more likely to loose weight just dieting than you will be with exercise. Why is that? All too often people overcompensate for the calories burned with exercise and overeat. However, exercise still matters


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