The 8 Week Shred Transformation – Put your body in Fat Burning Mode 24/7


Welcome to the review of yet another fitness program; the 8 Week Shred Transformation program. Most people no longer feel excited about fitness programs, especially since most of them all come with confusing information on how to lose weight.

There is another weight loss guide that also claims to help users build muscle and this might get you wondering if it is for real or another junk.

The 8 Week Shred fitness program is designed by someone who has also been there, when it comes to being overweight and going around with plenty of fat in the body, along with the frustration and struggle that is attached to trying to get rid of the fats.

In this program, the author teaches users how they can torch the fat in their bodies without going through any boring cardio, put their bodies in a fat burning mode even while they are sleeping and gain quality muscle, all in less than 60 days.

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On this review of the 8 Week Shred program, we will be looking into what the program is really all about, the author of the program, what you are likely to learn from the program, what makes the program difference from others, refund policy, who the program is designed for, and what you can expect to get from the program.

What Is The 8 Week Shred Transformation Program All About?

The 8 Week Shred is a 3 phase workout and 3 phase diet program that is designed to help users get their fitness results in as little as 8 weeks.

The secret to this program is food timing because that it allows users to eat the foods they enjoy, however, they need to learn about the right time to eat some foods in order to maximize their results and turn their metabolism on fire.

The 8 Week Shred program combines 3 different dieting techniques and 3 different workout phases. Users are allowed to progress through the program with less cravings and without feeling deprived

With this program, users also get a list of muscle building fat burning foods for lean muscle and better metabolic rate.

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More About The 8 Week Shred Program

According to the author of this program, everything is done online and all you need is an internet connection. It does not matter in which country you live.

All the meal plans in the program can be personalized to your likes or allergies. The 8 Weeks Shred program takes into account individual statistics, food preferences, lifestyle, daily activity levels and goals. All personalized meal plans also come with a complete macronutrient and caloric breakdown. Users get to personally choose which foods they would not like to include in their diet to make it as enjoyable as possible.

The 8 Week Shred Program – About The Author

The brain behind the 8 Week Shred program is Trajce Kocev. According to him, hi mission is to show people how they can control their fitness and health by following an enjoyable lifestyle. He believes that with his approach, not only will they get the body they have always desired but they will get stronger physically and mentally, which will help them boost their confidence.

Trajce Kocev claimed to have provided workable, proven by science and fully customized fitness programs for his clients and prospective users of the 8 Week Shred program. Trajce mentioned that his program does not have any shortcuts and users should expect to work really hard to achieve the body of their dreams.

Trajce used to live a sedentary lifestyle until she was advised to lose weight or die in few years time. He tried all he could; everything, but still couldn’t lose weight. However, since he was determined to make a change, he continued to do endless hours of research on training and nutrition the right way until one day he found out about am important aspect of training which his role models in fitness magazines and “fitness gurus” on the internet did not included in their lectures, which they have been using and why it worked for them. This aspect includes steroids.

However, Trajce approach building muscle and losing fat, not by taking steroids, but in a way that has actually been proven to be effective by science.

Trajce believes fitness should enhance ones your life, not take over it. Trajce mentioned that you don’t have to deny yourself of the pleasurable things in life such as going on nights out, drinking alcohol or eating your favourite foods in order to get a great body. All you need is to find the right balance, which is what the 8 Week Shred program is all about.

What you will learn:

The 8 Week shred Transformation program teaches how you should stick to a weight that gives you proper time under tension. This means the exercise can be completed in the rep range while using proper form. So, you shouldn’t sacrifice weight for form.

How cutting calories too low can sabotage your efforts at losing weight or building muscle. According to Trajce, carbs and fats aren’t your enemy. All you need is the right combination of carbs, fat and protein and the right time that you need to eat them. You don’t need to put your body into fat storage mod by starving it.

Another thing you will learn from the author of this program is the fact that al calories are not created equal. According to Trajce, loisng weight goes deeper than the simple saying of the science of calories eaten vs. calories burned.

The 8 Week Shred program helps users to understand these key components will not only drastically improve their workouts and energy levels but help them burns tons of fat.

Here’s What You Get:

  1. The 8 Week Shred workout program
  2. The 8 Week Shred supplement guide
  3. The 8 Week Shred nutrition guide
  4. The 8 Week Shred food replacement guide

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What You Should Know About The 8 Week Shred Program

Designed For All

The 8 Week Shred program, is designed for all individuals of difference fitness levels, including a beginner. A beginner will have to go through 3 main phases of muscle building and fat loss. The program can also be adjusted easily from 3 day a week program to a 6 day a week.

The program is also designed for both men and women. Trajce mentioned that women should not avoid lifting weight for fear of being bulky and muscular because doing this is the best way to shape, tone, and build a beautiful lean body.

According to the author of the program, he has clients between ages 15-68 that have completed the shred program with amazing results.


The program comes with email support as well – Trajce and the team respond to all emails as soon as possible. Within 24 hours, you can expect a reply.

Gym Membership Required

The 8 Week Shred program requires you to get a gym membership in order to follow he workout routine. You can make an exception however, if your goal does not involve building any muscle.

Payment Options

The payment options for the 8 Week Shred program requires a Debit or Credit card.

Refund Policy

There is no refund available once you have invested in this program but you can cancel your membership anytime you want, especially before your next billing period. According to the author of the program, refunds can’t be provided because the programs are customized.

You do not need to worry about being injured because Trajce Kocev exercise programs include strength training and are structured to produce the best results possible.

Medical Advice

There is need for you to consult ai health professional for guidance if you have an injury. This is because the specific exercises in the program may not suit everyone.

Gives Room For social Lifestyle

With the 8 Week Shred program, you do not have to give up on your social lifestyle. The author of the program mentioned that you can take alcohol during the course of this program if you want but you have to do it in moderation if you must.

In this program, he explained it better in the Nutrition Guide that comes with the program and you will learn how to do this and minimizing damage without hurting your result.

Positive Customers’ Feedbacks

According to Nadica Spasova, she has lost 10kg of body fat within 8 weeks of following Trajce’s program and has not only gained so much confidence but now feels the best she has felt in a long time.

Duci Bundalevski mentioned that he was able to lose about 5kg in 8 weeks and started seeing positive changes despite spending years training without any significant results.

Varied results

As you can see from the testimonies of the two users that are featured in this review, Nadica lost 10kg and Duci lost 5kg in the same period of time. So, there is no guarantee that you will achieve similar result.

Literally, No Food Restriction

With this 8 Week Shred program, you literally have no food restrictions. You don’t have to eat the same foods every day. The 8 Week Shred program comes with meal plan that provide users with different days. Everything all comes down to the same macronutrients/calories and this allows you to decide what you would like to eat.

You can eat the same thing every day, but you really don’t have to since you will have 7 options. In the 8 Week Shred program, you will receive Nutrition Guide, which explains Flexible Dieting and helps you understand how you can count your own macronutrient intake. This helps with “cheat foods” regularly and eating whatever you like.

As long as you hit the daily macro/caloric goals, you can fit in any foods of your choice into this program.

How Will You Get The 8 Week Shred Program?

After you have made your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email and your login details for the member area. This also comes with an exclusive Trajce Kocev app. Here, you will be required to fill out a personal plan questionnaire.

This is intended to provide the author of this program with all the information required to prepare your program. Once you are through with all these, you will have to wait for 3 days to get your personalized program.


The 8 Week Shred program is backed up with scientifically proven facts about how the right timing when it comes it food intake can help you lose weight. There are also positive feedbacks from the users of the program.

It is one of the best ways by which you can get your dream body and further put your body in a fat burning mode 24/7. However, the program is a little pricey and there is no refund policy attached to it.

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