The effects of the Yoga exercise on the body

The Yoga exercise effects on the body

What is the yoga exercise?

The yoga exercise is a physical, spiritual and mental practice that denotes a variety of schools, practices and goals. The origin of the yoga exercise have been speculated to date back to the pre-vedic Indian traditions, but most likely developed during the sixth and fifth centuries. The yoga exercise has been discovered to be a good workout routine one can perform at home. The yoga exercise has also been proven to be a good weight loss system, also the yoga exercise can also help you have a flat belly and burn the fat in your stomach.the yoga exercise

What does the yoga exercise do to the body?

The yoga exercise increases the body muscle definition, improve the body balance, increase the flexibility of the body and improve the body posture. If you need to maximize your weight loss by eating a balanced diet, you will need to check your eating ways because the yoga exercise doesn’t go together with eating food that will accumulate fat in your body. The yoga exercise is a kind of tradition exercise that helps work on the muscles in front and the sides of the abdomen. The yoga exercise is also very important in targeting all the muscles of the just to get a will defined abs, including the lower back, hips and the upper part of the thigh.

Too much of weight holds us back from the normal human health and potential, but the yoga exercise helps back our bodies in shape, and equips us with tools we need. The most interesting part is that everyone can practice yoga exercise. All you need is full concentration, your mind and body, and also the yoga exercise mat would help too.

Some yoga exercises you need to know

  1. The Cobra position: The cobra pose is a very good pose of the Yoga exercise that strengthens and elongates the stomach. It will also help keep your dorsal spine very strong and flexible. It also helps reduce the fat in your stomach. The following are the cobra position steps:
  • lie down on your stomach
  • let your forehead be on the floor and also your hands underneath your shoulder
  • Let the upper part of your body be raised above the floor using the strength from your back and belly muscles.
  • Put your head up, elongating your neck so you are looking at the ceiling
  • Lift your hips 2-3 inches off the floor and try to hold this stretch for 3-4 breathsthe yoga exercise

2. Boat position: boat pose is a the yoga exercise for the advanced practitioners. This pose is one of the best yoga exercises to reduce belly fat. The following are the boat position steps:

  • Start in a well seated position on a flat soft surface
  • Lift your legs up and straight
  • Try to reach your hands up to grab your toes so that your body can be in a V -shape
  • For a beginner, you can bend your knees
  • Try and work on getting your legs straight up for a better stretch. This yoga exercise should be felt in your lower abdominal region
  • You can hold on that position for as long you desired

3. The Cat – Camel pose: This is an effective pose of the yoga exercise to help strengthen the abdominal muscles, and it is also a good exercise for the back. It gives your abdominal organs a good massage, helping to improve your health. For the very best results, make sure your body move along with your breathing while you are performing the yoga exercise. The following are the boat position steps:

  • Start on your fours, your hands must directly be under your shoulders, and your knees under the hips directly
  • Keep your spine straight and your neck in a straight position
  • Inhale and drop your belly down, raising your head facing the ceiling
  • Exhale and round your back, bending your head towards your belly button.

Perform these moves in a slow and controlled motion, allowing you feel it throughout the entire core. Repeat these steps as many time as you wish.

4. Bow position: The benefit of the yoga exercise pose is the reduction of the fat in the belly. You will also get a very good spine exercise.The yoga exercise

The following are bow position steps:

  • Lie down on your stomach
  • Bend your knees up and also lift your thighs off the ground
  • Carefully get your hands towards the back and grab onto your ankles
  • Pull carefully on your ankles with your hands, pull your feet toward your chest
  • Pull until your body forms an arc. Your legs and your chest should be off the ground. Only your stomach should touch the ground. It is then you will feel this stretch in your stomach, around your chest, and your back.
  • You can stay on this position for as long as you desire.

End the routine by lying down and focusing on your breath. In fact, taking a deep breath is very beneficial throughout the practice. When taking the deep breaths, you lift your stomach up and down continuously. The yoga exercise has been proven that the elongation of the stomach help strengthens, tightens and tones the abdominal muscles.

It is important to note that performing the Yoga exercise can help you slim down; the yoga exercise can be very interesting and joyful if you do allow yours to be.

Research has shown that there are benefits in incorporating yoga into a weight management plan. The yoga exercise will increase your strength, flexibility, improve in your overall health and also lose some weight.

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