Thyroid Diet – Take Sugary Foods And Lose Weight. How Effective Is This?


Welcome to the review of the Thyroid Truth Diet program by Tim Garrett.

When it comes to health, weight loss and under-active thyroid, there are so many misinformation and it is hard to know which one is true.

This is a diet program that is created based on the fact that losing weight and fixing some symptoms that you might be experiencing in your body right now is caused by your under-active thyroid, which if you are suffering from it.

TThyroid Truth Diet Program

Why The Need For The Thyroid Diet Guide?

Contrary to the belief that cholesterol is bad for you or milk, salt and orange juice, this has been the major reason for your challenges with losing weight with an under-active thyroid.

As this might not be your fault directly, you can now take it as your responsibility. Tim Garrett believes that the big pharma companies that made $85.2 billion NET PROFIT in just 2017 alone won’t want you to discover the truth.

There are some ingredients that we have comet know to be very essential in dietary but the author mentioned that they are all a big lie and they have been affecting your metabolism severely, sabotaging your efforts to burn fat and they are also responsible for a host of critical health issues.

The reason, according to the author is the fact that these ingredients are extremely cell toxic and thyroid toxic. Before these ingredients were used for foods, they were initially used for paints and they are the ingredients you are probably eating every day.

Looking at the symptoms of what the author of this program himself went through with thyroid health issues such as:

The problem was that even exercise and diet could not help him.

However, he was later blessed to discover the truth about thyroid function from the REAL experts that have shared their wisdom on thyroid health and cell metabolism with him.

Examples of these experts on thyroids function are Dr Peet, Broda Otto Barnes and Hans Selye PHD, who was nominated for a Nobel Prize 18 times in 1949, published 1,700 research papers, 15 monographs and 7 popular books.

This is why the Thyroid Truth Diet is designed to help users to 100% get rid of these weight loss and thyroid killing foods. The author shared the exact tips that he considers to be his personal body fat reduction and health balance gold mine that led him to an incredible quality of life.

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What Is The Thyroid Truth Diet Program?

The Thyroid Truth Diet is a step-by-step blueprint that is designed to help users achieve massive success in weight loss and reverse the symptoms of low thyroid by making some absolutely essential lifestyle changes. The promises of this guide include:

Who Is The Thyroid Diet Created For?

The Thyroid Truth Diet program is a blueprint that is created for both men and women, who like the author of this guide, want to achieve and experience more health and vitality at every waking hour. Also, it is created for people that want to create the bodies of their dream.

It is a blueprint for people that want to treat the health issues destroying their experience in life and get rid of symptoms such as food cravings, skin issues, hair loss problems, high cholesterols, high blood pressure and diabetes.

That’s not all, people who want to improve sexual function, get rid of dizziness and reverse even autoimmune diseases can benefit from this program.

The Thyroid Truth Diet ProgramDetails Of The Thyroid Truth Diet For – Body Fat Loss & Thyroid Restoration Strategies and Tips

As claimed by the author, the diet program reveals the fastest way on earth for anyone to lose weight without counting calories and avoiding sugar.

The program sees sugary foods as one of the essential pillars of your health rejuvenation and weight loss system, so you should avoid limiting sugars in your diet, but enjoy lots of great tasking sugary foods. The author explains that it is almost practically impossible to eat too much of sugar if you are suffering from the symptoms of sluggish thyroid.

However, for the strategies in this program to be effective, the sugars you will be taking have to be from certain sources. So, how much sugar is the right amount for you and how exactly does it help your weight loss goal? These questions and more have been answered in the video presentation of this product.

The right sugars from the right sources do not cause spike in the insulin levels, which is found in:

  1. Orange juice
  2. Red grape juice
  3. Fruit juice from tropical fruits

The progesterone and prognenolone, which are the two most important hormones, produced by your thyroid gland need some certain ingredients from your diet to function well. This will further enhance the hormone production that is necessary to produce enough Free T3, which is the active thyroid hormone responsible for boosting your metabolism and enabling fast, gorgeous weight loss

The cholesterol is an extreme anti-oxidant that is protecting your body from damage and stress. Your body produces 80% of the cholesterol in your body to keep it balance and healthy.

The cholesterol is also an MCT of Medium Chain Triglyceride, which are the type of fats that your body uses straight away as fuel, without storing them as fat, which helps to keep your metabolism and weight loss fast-forward.

However, you need to eat it at a certain time of the day to get its maximum benefit.

You also get a chance to detox your digestive system of toxins that have build up in it with the Detox & Energize Blueprint. The program also shares 2 ultimate tips which are:

  1. Detox Your Digestive System
  2. Energize With The Master Thyroid Boosting Nutrients

You are also encouraged to avoid polysaturated fats like plague. One of the many reasons the author gave is that they were initially used as paint materials. So, cut out all nut, seed and flower oil such as sunflower oil, canola oil, corn oil and stay away from packaged foods that contain them as well.

The Thyroid Truth Diet Program

Benefits Of The Thyroid Truth Diet Program

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How Does The Thyroid Truth Diet Work?

The thyroid critical hormones can be pictured as what the author of the thyroid truth diet claims to be the “Mater Health & weight Loss ON button” in your body while the stress hormone are the weight loss “OFF” button.

This Thyroid Truth Diet program covers full various, little known but highly effective strategies that users can adopt to turn UP critical thyroid hormones and Turn DOWN the thyroid Off Switches. Basically, the author believes this the basic foundation of your weight loss plan when it comes to restoring your thyroid function.

User’s Review – Does The Thyroid Diet Work?

TThyroid Truth Diet ProgramTim Garrett, author of this program, guarantees that the diet plan will deliver a huge amount of value in restoring your thyroid function, help you lose weight and feel amazing.

If you follow the simple strategies in this guide to the letters, you will be able to have fun while restoring your thyroid health and losing a lot of body fat. The author claims it has been tested, perfected and honed to a work of art and guarantees that it will work for you.

Cons Of The Thyroid Diet Program

Not magical

The Thyroid Truth Diet is not 2-day diets that will magically shed the mounds of extra fat and neither is it a silver bullet that cures all your health and it is not a new way to lose weight as well.

Digital Products

The program is not available offline or in hardcopy. It is in a pdf format that you can download, which you will need to be a fan of digital products and strong internet connection for.

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