What Most Reviews Don’t Say about Brian Flatt 3 Week Diet

Every year, about a million people or more are gaining extra body fat and joining the struggle against obesity and weight-related problems that put people at the risk of developing cancer, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, among others.

Apparently, the journey to weight loss isn’t fun. I believe people seeking to lose weight wouldn’t mind doing whatever it takes to lose weight, as long as the process is guaranteed.

Truly, losing the weight that has accumulated in the body over the years wouldn’t be easy but making effort to lose weight and getting desired results fast can go a long way to motivate someone into keeping it off for good.

However, what has been throwing people into serious confusion is spending hours in the gym, counting calories and eating healthy to the best of their knowledge, only to only lose insignificant amount of body fat at the end of it all.

Would you rather spend months to lose 2 pounds of fat of follow a diet plan that enables you to lose about 12- 14 pounds of body fat within the period of 3 weeks? I am sure lots of people would prefer to go for the second.

This is why I have decided to go through Brian Flatt’s 3 Weeks Diet programs and give a detailed review on it. The 3 Week Diet is a weight loss program that promises to help you lose excess body fat in just 21 days.

However, isn’t losing such amount of body fat in a short time what crash diets do? So, is Brian Flatt program a crash diet? Does it work? Is it safe or are there any side effects? All these questions and more are what this review will be answering today.

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Is Brian Flatt’s 3 Week Diet Program a Crash Diet?

Most experts in the weight loss industry advise that it is best to lose weight gradually. It is highly recommended that the maximum pounds of fat that you should lose in a week should not be more than 2 pounds.

So, any weight loss diet plan that is designed to help you lose more than 2 pounds of fat in a week is considered a crash diet. So, is the 3 Week Diet any different?

Brian Flatt has authored many weight loss programs. They have proven to be very effective and Brian was also able to deliver on his promises with the programs. Losing more than two pounds of fat in a week is considered risky but Brian Flatt’s program has helped hundreds of users of his programs to lose weight rapidly within a short period of 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks.

For people that are yet to try any of Brian Flatt’s weight loss programs, it might be hard to believe. For some that have seen results of people that have used these programs such as the ‘before and after’ photos that have been shared by many, they might still have the thought that there would be side effects.

However, I have gone through all these ‘crash diet’ weight loss programs by Brian Flatts and followed up on the feedback and testimonials of users on the internet and I am yet to come across any negative reviews about the programs.

Contrary to the belief that diets that promotes rapid weight loss such as Brian’s programs make people lose muscles and have their shapes disfigured, the after photos of users show otherwise.

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So, what is the secret of the 3 Week Diet Program?

Does Brian Flatt’s program really work or are those internet pictures about the program fake? If it does work, is it safe? How does the program work?

There have been lots of reviews on the 3 Week Diet program. However, with this, I hope to help you understand everything you need to know about this Brian Flatt’s program.

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The 3 Week Diet Program

The 3 Week Diet is a weight loss PDF program of 96 pages that is designed and created by Brian Flatt to help users lose a significant amount of fat in the body. The program consists of numerous scientific-based and fool-proof programs that are designed to help users lose 10, 15 or 20 pounds of fat in just 21 days. It consists of a completely natural, safe and scientifically backed up techniques for losing weight.

Phase #1 – Liver Detoxification

This phrase focuses more on cleansing the body, especially the liver, which is the fat pumping organ.

Also, Brian Flatt also recommends vitamins to help you detoxify your liver and increase your body’s sensitivity to insulin hormone. You will list of 17 vegetables and 6 sources of protein. The phase lasts for 7 days.

Phase #2 – 24 Hours Fasting

The second phase comes after the first one and it involves fasting for 24 hours. This fasting starts from the last meal on the 7th day till the 8th day of this program.

It is aiming at cleaning your liver and body and creating good environment that allows your body to start burning more fat efficiently.

At the 8th day, during dinner, you can eat whatever you want to any length while controlling your carb consumption.

Phase #3 – Fat Fast

This third phrase is also known as the “Fat Fast” technique. This third phrase comes at the 9th, 10th and 11th day. It is focused on helping you melt excess fat stored in the body, especially around the hip and belly region. With the Fast Fat, your liver won’t be burning muscles, but fat to fuel the organs of the body.

Phase #4 – Your Unique BMR

The last phrase of the 3 Week Diet weight loss program continues from the 12th days to the 21th day. It lasts for 9 days and you get to eat calories that are based on your unique BMR and weight loss expectations. You will learn how to create calorie deficient based on your BMR.

No videos

The program only comes with pictures and illustrations on the workout routines that are included in the program. I believe it would have been great, if the exercise routines of the program came with downloadable videos.

You Will Need Extra Equipment

The 3 Week Diet program comes with some fitness routine that requires you to get some weight. However, you can improvise some to other equipment. You can use a chair in place of a workout bench and with eBay and Amazon, it is pretty easier and cheaper to get some weight equipment.

You Will Need To Take Supplements

The 3 Week Diet program recommend some supplements that you can make use of for faster weight loss result. But the supplements are optional. Some users of the program mentioned that they still saw results without them. The nutritional supplements are readily available and can be found in any local grocery store food stores around you.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

You can get Brian Flatt’s 3 Weeks Diet guide, go through all the materials and put all the tips highlighted in it into action. If within or after 2 months of doing so, you are not satisfied with the results or you find the program to be a waste of your time, then you can ask for a full refund of your investment in the program.

Brian Flatt is ready to give you back every cent you have spent. This is not the first book of Brian Flatt, and so far, I am yet to come across any complaint about his programs.


Also, you won’t have to waste too much time thinking about what fat-burning and health meals you should make because there is already a meal plan for you to follow in the program.

The thing is, if anyone does not have time for the 3 Weeks Diet program of Brian Flatt, then I don’t think there is any other weight loss program that would work for such person.

Digital Product

The 3 Week Diet Plan is digital. All the files that come with it are in pdf format and MP3 (audio) formats. To some people, this isn’t really a big deal since it makes it easier for them to go through the course anytime and anywhere they want to access it. However, this can’t be said for people who prefer physical books to eBooks and audio CDs. They might have to print the pdf files and burn the the MP3 file to a CD.

Focuses On Body-typed

The 3 Weeks Diet focuses on the fact that there is no universal diet for everyone. Our bodies do not respond to the foods we take in the same way.

This explains why popular diet plans such as Atkins and Zones have not been able to produce long term result for some people. The 3 week diet helps identify your body type and eat according to it.

Not Restrictive

Unlike some tasteless and bland diets that are nutritionally deficient, the 3 Weeks Diet program is not restrictive. You will be eating the right foods in the right combination and designed to suit your own body type.

Not Suitable For Vegetarians

The program is not suitable for a vegetarian because they are likely to have trouble with the detox phase.


However, to maximize the benefit of this 3 Week Diet program, there is need for you to include exercise in your program. Some people lose weight and aren’t in good shape.

This is because they have lost their muscle definition and tone. To have a great physique, an attractive figure and a well-defined shape that you have always dreamed of, then you should include exercise if you are considering checking out this guide.

Brian himself encouraged this and this is why he included step-by-step fitness routine that is designed to deliver maximum fat loss and toning.

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Section 5: Evidence, Opinions, and Reviews of Others – 

The 3 Week Diet Program is a unique weight loss program that is designed to help anybody to lose weight. The program so far has delivered on its promises. The technique in the 3 weeks diet has been proven scientifically and reported to work for both man and woman.

It consists of a completely natural, safe and scientifically backed up techniques. Many world-class review sites promote the 3 Week Diet and they can’t all be biased about it. The before and after photos of users of this program is all another evidence that support the positive feedbacks from users.


Going on a diet is no fun. It is even more frustrating when you are on it for months and spending hours at the gym, only to lose just 2 pounds. I believe faster result in the case of Brian Flatts program would be motivating for users.

So far, this Brian Flatt’s program has proven to be effective. It is also a great option for you if you feel you are not well rewarded for your efforts with many weight loss diets and your time at the gym. It is also good for anyone that can’t afford a personal trainer.

Brian is also giving you the chance to get his program and go through all the tips shared in it to check if they will work for you. If you feel the program isn’t worth your money and time, you can ask for a refund of your investment in the program.

The author of the program has incredible credential in the fitness industry. I believe his knowledge and experience from various clients plus his wide research has made the 3 Weeks Diet program worthy.

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