Who Has The Best Bikini Body?

This week on who has the best bikini body, we are looking at incredible bikini bodies of celebrities who are stealing the show in different bikini wears from their shared photos on social media. Read through and let us know who you think has the best bikini body for this week.

Kourtney Kardashian In A Black Bikini 

Kourtney Kardashian shared snaps of her flaunting her bikini body on Instagram. The snap which appeared to be a double image was taken while she was chatting on her phone. She posed in a tiny black two-piece bikini and flaunted her body just like her sisters.

who has the best bikini body

She wrote “film error not an edit but I’m into it’’. Earlier on the same day which was a Sunday, she shared a video from her aerial Pilates session. Kourtney flashed her tone body in black Calvin Klein briefs and a black sports bra as her personal trainer coached her. She worked through the session with core-intensive moves.

Kourtney tied her hair black in a braid and looked makeup-free. As she hung from the transformer she used in mastering her moves, she listened to Busta Rhymes. She had her hands protected with gloves as she arched back and forth.

Kourtney has been flaunting her hard-earned body in a variety of bathing suits since she returned from the luxury sister getaway in Turks and Caicos. Recently, there has been speculation that she has a new man in her life.

She has been spending time with her longtime friend, Travis Barker, and he has been posting flirty comments on her posts. About a month ago, fans speculated that they were together when she posted a picture of Travis’s favorite movie on Instagram.

He started to appear in her comments section and things continued to heat up. They spent weekends together and posted content from Kris Jenner’s pool. In March 2019, Travis told people:

“Kourtney is like a dear friend. That is it………I love her to death. I love her family to death. But yeah, just friends”.

Bella Hadid In A Tiny Navy Bikini 

Flaunting her bikini body, Bella shared snaps on her Instagram account. Bella has been known to never shy away from showing off her killer body. She had her hands running through her perfectly disheveled hair as she posed before the mirror. She had her arm filled with gold bracelets, glamorizing her beachy look.

Who has the best bikini body?

The final snap had Bella looking gorgeous as she puckered up her lips for the snap. The snaps were taken from her recent vacation she had taken. Despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, her modeling career keeps her busy. Bella strutted down the runway for Fendi serving looks for different fashion tastes.

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Sanjeeda Shaikh In A White Swimsuit 

Sanjeeda Shaikh recently shared a clip of herself having a nice time at the beach. She was seen lying on the sand with water flowing around her. Clothed in a white bikini and her hands moving back and forth as the water flowed. Sanjeeda captioned the clip with a sun emoji and added background music to it.

Snaps of herself at the beach with the white bikini were also shared. She posed in a knee-deep ocean and kept her hair tousled and loose in the snap. Sanjeeda wore little makeup in the pictures.

She has an upcoming film titled “Kun Faya Kun”. Sanjeeda teamed up with HarshvardhanRane for the film. Kun Faya Kun was directed by Kushan Nandy. The shooting started in November 2020 and ended on the 19th of January, 2021. She shared a snap from the set that the film had been wrapped up and coming to cinemas soon.

who has the best bikini body

She urged her fans to look forward to the fun-filled and breathtaking thriller. Fans showered her with love on the post and are anticipating the release of the film. This is the second film Sanjeeda and Harshvardhan will be producing after last year’s Taish.

Larsa Pippen Flaunts Her Toned, Tan Curves In A Bikini 

Larsa was recently part of a diss track by Montana Yao, Malik Beasley’s ex-wife.

Flaunting her bikini body, she uploaded some snaps. She captioned the snap, “I never miss a leg workout” as she showed off her toned, tan legs. She wore a skimpy studded swimsuit.

who has the best bikini body?

Larsa revealed her toned abs as she leaned back in the picture. She showed off a lot of her side cleavage as she popped on a dark pair of sunglasses.

Larsa shared another snap of her lying down with her friend,  Zana White. The snap had an impressive backdrop, a pool, and a waterside. Malik Beasley’s ex shared a diss rap to her Instagram prior to when Larsa uploaded her pictures, but she seems unbothered.

The lyrics went as such “I will be grinding while these hoes stay getting passed all around” and “They acting like some fools, ain’t funny but still clowns”.

Malik left Yao and his baby and went to Larsa on his birthday. They were captured holding hands.

Yao filed for divorce after she saw pictures of the two together. She spoke out in early December that things were rough, and things got drastic between the trio afterward.

Recently, Yao made allegations that Malik did not bother checking up on their son. Malik’s lawyer, Steven A. Haney, debunked the allegations as he told Hollywood Life that it was untrue.

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Salma Hayek Did The Floss In A Lace Dress 

Salma has got fans talking with her latest uploads on her social platforms. She has been sharing behind-the-scenes footage from Bliss, her new movie.

Salma shared a video on Instagram of herself doing the floss on the set of Bliss. Fans commented on the video stating how she made great moves and looked amazing in Bliss. Salma was dressed in a black lace dress and biker boots with her hair styled in pigtails. She opened up about the movie last week on Today Show.

Salma played two different types of leads in the film.

The movie has been getting high credits since it was released. A fan commented, “This movie is exceptional” while another said, “This movie is everything”.

Salma shared series of swimwear photos last summer before she shared pictures from the set of Bliss. “I had to lose a lot of weight and exercise to a bikini body towards the end of the year”, she said.

Salma revealed that she took a lot of pictures during the first week of vacation.

Kourtney Kardashian Sends Temperatures Soaring With Her Slinky Metal Bikini…..As She Reveals The Secret To Her youthful Look 

Kourtney Kardashian shared a bikini selfie on Instagram to share the secret to her youthful skin. She wore an eye-popping gold bikini and a matching neckerchief. She held up a small item the size of mascara and explained that it was a skin tool. The skin tool looked like micro-needling treatments and it increased her skin’s collagen.

best bikini body

Last April when we were all home with not much to do, I discovered this skin tool,’ she wrote in the caption. ‘It has a serum that pours into the stamp, which infuses it deeper into your skin since stamping is a form of micro-needling.’

get a bikini body at 40

Chantel On Her 30th Birthday

Chantel Jimeno has been receiving criticizing comments since she traveled outside the country to celebrate her 30th birthday. Although, her loyal fans have been wishing her a happy birthday. She turned 30 on the 2nd of February and did a lot of partying. Despite the pandemic, Chantel traveled to Cancun, Mexico, with her female friends leaving her husband behind.

She has been sharing lots of pictures and videos from the trip to her Instagram. She showed off her bikini body on the beach. While some fan praised her for her figure, some criticized for traveling during the pandemic despite being a nurse.

who has the best bikini body

Though Chantel did travel legally, her comment section has been filled with angry comments and confusing questions. Many don’t think it is a safe choice because of the pandemic.

“So I guess covid just isn’t a thing anymore? Okay”, one follower commented, “Hope you don’t get COVID. Unnecessary trips”.  “Hope you all have a good time without masks?. Way to go”. “Did the pandemic end?”. Some comments were even more heated than those.

Even though fans were upset about the trip and its lack of face masks, the celebration continued when she returned. She was treated to a fancy dinner by her husband, Pedro when she returned on the 5th.

Cindy Prado In A String Bikini

Cindy Prado recently uploaded pictures of her sexy figure on Instagram. It appears she took the pictures in Miami Beach according to her geotag.

She wowed her followers in the new photos as she posed in front of a clear ocean. She wore a tiny bikini with a pink and purple floral pattern. The bikini cups had two straps on each side that she tied behind her back. The bikini top had two strings that she tied behind her neck. The straps from the thong trailed down her hips.

Cindy gazed into the camera in one of the poses, while she closed her eyes in others. She posed on her knees as the waves swept past her. She captioned that she had woken up with back pain, and tagged PrettyLittleThing as the designer of her swimsuit.

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Holly Sonders Flaunts Oiled-Up Body In Minuscule Bikini Top & Fur Coat

Holly Sonders shared her Valentine’s Day style on her Instagram account. She rocked a minuscule bikini top that exposed her cleavage and her oiled-up skin. The bikini top had no strap and it glued tightly over her chest.

Her matching bottoms were decorated with silver embellishments. Her snap revealed her taut belly and toned abs.

Who has the best bikini body

She wore large earrings, layered necklaces, and a thick fur coat. The snap was taken in front of a large mirror. She used her hands to open the coat and propped up one foot behind her. Holly wore a seductive smile to compliment the look.

Genesis Lopez Shows Off Sexy Curves In Tiny Bikini

Genesis Lopez uploaded a sexy video of herself on Instagram in a bikini. She struck sexy poses in her teal bikini. The bikini top had thin strings that she tied around her neck. The bikini bottoms had minimal coverage just as the top didn’t contain her breast.

Genesis grabbed her hair with her right hand at the beginning of the clip and used the left to adjust her top. She popped out one hip and turned to show her booty. Her bikini bottoms were held with both hands towards the end of the clip, and she flashed a sweet smile as she looked over her shoulder

She accessorized her look with a pair of stud earrings.

So, who has the best bikini body?