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In the world today, there are plenty of diets or diet programs aimed to satisfy our desire to see instant result. The only problem is that most do not apply to a long term solutionCruise control diet permanently. Once you are off the diet plan, the weight will definitely rebound and this time with interest. So as to give to you an unbiased review, I researched many diet programs, to find out the ones full of fluff, and the ones who deliver what they promise.

This unbiased review talks thoroughly about the Cruise Control diet by James Ward, and I will try as much as possible to make it complete and impartial. If in any way you have come across the Cruise Control Diet and looking for where to get yours, you can get yours by clicking on the link provided below.

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Cruise Control Diet

What exactly is The Cruise Control Diet program?

James Ward tells us that he suffered from being overweight himself, and that made him to seek out a solution that would last.  He didn’t want to be patient anymore, and was totally hopeless. He searched through various science journals and books to find out why losing weight was hard for him while it was easy for some.  The author of the Cruise Control Diet claims he used every diet plan around, and even though he saw initial progress, he gave up and succumbs to his cravings, and this caused a full rebound of his initial weight.  James Ward offers the Cruise Control Diet program that allows you some of the things that are on your naughty list without you feeling guilty of binge eating.  The author of Cruise Control Diet claims cutting out your best meals is the only thing that makes diet impossible for many people.

What differentiates the Cruise Control Diet from others?

This Cruise Control Diet review that I have compiled is totally different from the past diets I have reviewed for some reasons and they are:

  • The Cruise Control Diet doesn’t require you counting calories, fat grams, or even weigh your portions before you eat every meal.
  • Cruise Control Diet doesn’t require you going out to buy costly gym materials, or to stock your entire kitchen with new kind of foods.
  • Cruise Control Diet doesn’t take much amount of your precious time.
  • It trusts you to learn more on how you can be in tune with your body’s natural cravings for those good things your body needs.

Apart from these huge reasons, the Cruise Control Diet continues to be exceptional in so many ways, instructing you on how you can live a healthy life for life.


Contents – Cruise Control Diet

First, there are no much rules or restrictions in the Cruise Control Diet, which is really good.  The whole diet covers just 4 core rules.

  • Rule 1:  Consume natural foods which start the fat Cruise  Control Dietburning processes inside the body.
  • Rule 2: Stay away from artificial and processed foods which start the fat storage process inside the body.
  • Rule 3: Treat your entire body to the guilty pleasures, This helps as soon as you plateau in your diet journey.
  • Rule 4: Instead of using a clock or calorie plan, make use of your body’s natural hunger instinct as your guide.

The Cruise Control Diet e-book is targeted at average people that are struggling with weight loss while so many people don’t.  Users of this plan reported an average weight loss of around 30 pounds within 8 weeks.  They didn’t go through excessive exercise, they didn’t use any diet supplements, or any other thing to boost their weight loss.  The Cruise Control Diet comprises of 3 phases, and the author teaches users thoroughly on each.  Here is a brief summary of each phase;

Phase 1 of the Cruise Control Diet (The Metabolic Reset phase)

This phase is very rigid and at the same time uncompromising, it resets your body’s metabolism by reducing your insulin levels.  It also rebuilds your normal hunger instinct. This phase runs for a 2week interval.

Phase 2 of the Cruise Control Diet (The Control Phase)

This phase completely controls fat and weight.  It allows 2 meals every week, and it is the default setting for the diet after completing all the phases.

Phase 3 of the Cruise Control Diet (The Rapid Phase)

This phase pays attention to the fat burning potential of your body. Not only this, it fills you with strength, energy and all the well-being you need.

Bonuses – Cruise Control Diet

The Cruise Control Diet program is cheaper than all other diets I reviewed, sold at $39.99, and also comes with a 60day money back no questions asked guarantee.

The standard package comes with;

  • E-book: Cruise Control Diet Main Program
  • E-report 1: Cruise Control Diet Cookbook
  • E-report 2: Jump-start Guide
  • A members only access to a library that contains helpful posts for changing times, recipes, and so on.  You will also get access to new recipes every week delivered to your e-mail for about 60 days.

    Click here to get your own copy of The Cruise Control Diet NOWCruise Control Diet

Pros – Cruise Control Diet

  • Perfect for those who are tired of counting calories, who are not interested in keeping diaries and food logs, who doesn’t want to buy brand specific foodsCruise Control Diet tailored to the diet, and at the same time it takes the stress and struggle out of dieting.
  • The Cruise Control Diet was created by someone that struggled with weight loss too. He needed it, used it and got results.
  • The Cruise Control Diet is backed by solid science, with facts, and a track record that is proven.
  • Lasting solution.  The Cruise Control Diet is made for the long haul, not now.
  • The Cruise Control Diet can be followed easily and is also complete guide.
  • Cruise Control Diet is customer friendly.  The customer support it gives is exceptional and responded in 24 hours even to the simplest questions.
  • The Cruise Control Diet comes with a 100% 60days money back no questions asked guarantee.

Cons – Cruise Control Diet

  • It is easy to get confused with all the diet myths the author refers to. Even the facts and statistics.
  • There was no discussion about keeping your motivation up while using this program which I feel should have been included.
  • The Cruise Control Diet has no audio or even video files

Bottom Line – Cruise Control Diet

I can say with all certainty that I strongly recommend the Cruise Control Diet for weight loss.  If you have struggled with other diets not working for the long haul or you find yourself easily stressed while sticking to a strict diet, this could be the answer you have been looking for.

James Ward makes it clear that instead burning fat, stress makes fat to stick around. When a diet promotes stress, it will do the exact opposite of what you want. The Cruise Control Diet is worth buying and the money back guarantee leaves you with nothing to lose. To get your copy of the life changing program, kindly click on the link below.


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