In the world today, there are plenty of diets or diet programs aimed to satisfy our desire to see instant result. The only problem is that most do not apply to a long term solutionCruise control diet permanently. Once you are off the diet plan, the weight will definitely rebound and this time with interest. So as to give to you an unbiased review, I researched many diet programs, to find out the ones full of fluff, and the ones who deliver what they promise.

This unbiased review talks thoroughly about the Cruise Control diet by James Ward, and I will try as much as possible to make it complete and impartial. If in any way you have come across the Cruise Control Diet and looking for where to get yours, you can get yours by clicking on the link provided below.

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Cruise Control Diet

What exactly is The Cruise Control Diet program?

James Ward tells us that he suffered from being overweight himself, and that made him to seek out a solution that would last.  He didn’t want to be patient anymore, and was totally hopeless. He searched through various science journals and books to find out why losing weight was hard for him while it was easy for some.  The author of the Cruise Control Diet claims he used every diet plan around, and even though he saw initial progress, he gave up and succumbs to his cravings, and this caused a full rebound of his initial weight.  James Ward offers the Cruise Control Diet program that allows you some of the things that are on your naughty list without you feeling guilty of binge eating.  The author of Cruise Control Diet claims cutting out your best meals is the only thing that makes diet impossible for many people.

What differentiates the Cruise Control Diet from others?

This Cruise Control Diet review that I have compiled is totally different from the past diets I have reviewed for some reasons and they are:

Apart from these huge reasons, the Cruise Control Diet continues to be exceptional in so many ways, instructing you on how you can live a healthy life for life.


Contents – Cruise Control Diet

First, there are no much rules or restrictions in the Cruise Control Diet, which is really good.  The whole diet covers just 4 core rules.

The Cruise Control Diet e-book is targeted at average people that are struggling with weight loss while so many people don’t.  Users of this plan reported an average weight loss of around 30 pounds within 8 weeks.  They didn’t go through excessive exercise, they didn’t use any diet supplements, or any other thing to boost their weight loss.  The Cruise Control Diet comprises of 3 phases, and the author teaches users thoroughly on each.  Here is a brief summary of each phase;

Phase 1 of the Cruise Control Diet (The Metabolic Reset phase)

This phase is very rigid and at the same time uncompromising, it resets your body’s metabolism by reducing your insulin levels.  It also rebuilds your normal hunger instinct. This phase runs for a 2week interval.

Phase 2 of the Cruise Control Diet (The Control Phase)

This phase completely controls fat and weight.  It allows 2 meals every week, and it is the default setting for the diet after completing all the phases.

Phase 3 of the Cruise Control Diet (The Rapid Phase)

This phase pays attention to the fat burning potential of your body. Not only this, it fills you with strength, energy and all the well-being you need.

Bonuses – Cruise Control Diet

The Cruise Control Diet program is cheaper than all other diets I reviewed, sold at $39.99, and also comes with a 60day money back no questions asked guarantee.

The standard package comes with;

Pros – Cruise Control Diet

Cons – Cruise Control Diet


Talking about the advantages of the Cruise Control, The following programs also have the following in common:

  1. The workout plans do not take much time at all, so it is awesome for people with tight daily schedule.
  2. You don’t have to worry about counting calories.
  3. The knowledge you acquire from the programs are unique and they can go a long way to help yourself and others.
  4. You also get to boost your confidence in your look.
  5. The programs are also well-known and recommended by popular weight loss review websites as well.
  6. They also come with 60 Days money back guarantee.


  1. Adaptive Body Boost

The Adaptive Body Boost is a comprehensive and research-based course that allows users to eat their favourite foods, especially the ones that are high in fat since they are delicious. This weight loss system teaches how you can make your body operate on fats.

Adaptive Body BoostThe guide provides a very effective workout routine, with helpful and high quality videos. The author of the program has good credibility in the fitness industry

But if you want to lose excess body fat without feeling like you are being punished or tortured, then the Adaptive Body Boost might be your best choice.

The Adaptive Body Boost guide is super inexpensive and the clients’ feedback amazing.

The Adaptive Body Boost guide is a ketogenic diet program. It is designed to educate users on metabolism and how they can change the way their body burns fuel.

The guide also teaches about food addiction, chronic inflammation, reasons behind weight loss fluctuations, the process of building muscles, meal plans, mental and brain health.

  1. The Lean Belly Breakthrough System

The Lean Belly Breakthrough system is a detailed guidance with lots of information on how to eliminate body fat for good by adopting some lifestyle changes through the right foods, exercise, spices and herbs.

Also, included in the program are 5 body exercise movement in the Lean Belly Breakthrough system to help users to lose a pound on a daily basis.

The brain behind the Lean Belly Breakthrough program is Bruce Khran, who has great credentials with more than 15 years experience in the weight loss industry and has authored many fitness programs.

 Lean Belly Breakthrough SystemThe Lean Belly Breakthrough is a health and weight loss program with 2-minutes rituals for eliminating abdominal fat.

The ritual in the program does not involve prescription pills, exercise gadgets, strenuous workouts or highly restrictive meal plan

You will learn how to recognise the warning signs of cardiovascular disease and measure your risk of developing health related issue through some test.

The program also comes with a list of foods that help to boost the libido, delicious recipes that help to burn fat, hormone balancing foods, fat loss meal plan, anti-inflammatory smoothie recipes and diet meal plan to activate and boost your fat-burning hormones. You won’t eat the same food daily and there are cheat days too.

The program is created for men and women who are health conscious and with more focus on people who are 35 years of age and above.

  1. My Bikini Belly Training System

My Bikini Belly is a training system that consists of a series of downloadable videos. It was launched in December 2015 and the program is primarily designed to target middle-aged women over the age of 35.

It teaches how to handle your menopause hormones and slowdown in your metabolism as you age. My Bikini Belly is a fitness program that is created by Shawna Kaminski, a 52 years old Canadian athlete with many athletic accomplishments.

Bikini Belly Training SystemThe program is a blueprint of a 21-day workout program that is designed to help you adjust your hormones, boost your metabolism and get rid of excess fats from your belly area.

The program does not consist of strenuous on the body and they are quick and easy but they have been proven to be effective for getting rid of belly fat in a very short amount of time.

Shawna Kaminski’s “My Bikini Belly” program costs less than $20, and even though results vary per person, it actually takes 21 days or less to see significant improvement when the training system is religiously followed.

4.      The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet Review

The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet program is a step-by-step diet plan that is created to help users have the proper understanding of the strategic sequence of eating your favourite foods, along with other 2 meals, 3 times in a week.

This means that you get to indulge yourself with your best foods for 3 times in a week and you will follow a reasonable eating plan for the rest of the week. The program is designed target visceral fats, which are the most dangerous fats in the body.

 1 Hour Belly Blast DietThe following are other things that users also get:

  1. A diet manual
  2. Custom fat-burning supplementation recommendations.
  3. A quick start guide.
  4. A list of foods that melt fat pockets around your butt, thighs, and waist.
  5. A progress tracker.

The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet also comes with 3 incredible bonuses.

  1. 21 Food List
  2. Eating Out Survival Guide –
  3. Belly Fat Solution – A 2-minute solution

The 1 Hour Belly Blast Diet appeared to be overhyped when it was newly released in the market but the works it has done in the lives of the author and other users are incredible.

Within the period of 6 weeks, Dan went from 244 pounds of fat to 206 pounds and his wife went from 163 to 128. The program is offered at $37.

  1. The Fat Burning Fingerprint System

The Fat Burning Fingerprint is a research-based weight loss program that seeks to help users achieve a leaner and toner body with the help of fat-flushing fruits. The guide is designed by Gary Watson, who is a well-known total body transformation expert.

The author of this program believes that when it comes to weight loss, what works best for someone might not work for another person, and he states the reason being the uniqueness of individuals such as our fingerprints.

Fat Burning Fingerprint SystemThe guide helps users to identify which fingerprint type they have (fast oxidative dominant, slow oxidative dominant or the medium oxidative dominant) and then provide them with the best meal plan that work for it.

With the weight loss method and routine highlighted in the Fat Burning Fingerprint program, users are expected to melt off up to 13lbs within 10 days without exercise and Gary gave the scientific researches that back up his claim with this program.

The Fat Burning Fingerprint system also comes with bonuses eBooks, which are:

  1. Fat Burning Fingerprint Fast-tarck Guide
  2. Seven super fat burning hormones you should have in Harmony
  3. The Bermuda Trangles of Foods; Three Foods You Must Avoid.

Gary Watson’s Fat Burning Fingerprint PDF costs $37. The program doesn’t recommend the use of any weight loss supplements or pills. There s no strict diet involve and the guide seeks to provide 100% natural ways of losing excess body fat.

  1. The Flat Belly Detox Program

The Flat Belly Detox is a weight loss program that is specifically designed to help melt away stubborn belly fat and the fat in your butts and thighs region by flushing out harmful toxins present in the body.

The program is powered by special detox diet, which is combined with powerful energy recipes and less impact exercises. The program makes worrying about controlling your portion and counting calories secondary.

Flat Belly Detox ProgramWith this program, the author claim you can eat what you want and still lose weight due to the anti-aging antioxidants and super-slimming ingredients that are found in most of the meals.

The program provides meal plans for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are no options or choices in the program but you get to enjoy full recipes. The workout plans in the program comes in video format.

The workouts in the Flat Belly Detox program are to be done early in the morning on empty stomach and the maximum amount of time you have to dedicate to the exercises is about 5 minutes.

  1. The Half-Day Diet

The Half-Day Diet plan is a pdf weight loss program that is designed to help people lose excess body fat by using the simplest and easy-to-do techniques. The guide is created by nutrition coach and fat loss expert of more than a decade, Nate Miyaki.

Half-Day DietPlus unlike other diet plans that make you feel guilty about carbs, Nate encourages users of this program to combine their carbs intake with other therapies. The guide teaches you how to properly manage your carbs intake to lose weight and control your insulin hormone. The Half Day Diet comes with some bonuses pdf which are:

  1. Restaurant and fast food survival guide
  2. The happy hour handbook
  3. The holiday fat loss manual
  4. Super bonus


  1. Tone in Ten Program

Tone in Ten is a comprehensive fat loss eBook by Erin Nielsen. It consists of detailed guides on how to look younger than your age and get rid of excess abdominal fats. The program was designed on the use of efficient nutrition plan special workouts to solve the challenges with excess belly fat.

The special workouts in the program are created to help you stimulate increased production of the growth hormone, which also functions as a potent anti-aging hormone to make you appear younger.

Tone in Ten ProgramThe workouts are also easy to do and do not require the presence of an instructor or gym equipments. Everything can be done in a matter of ten minutes of your day. The nutrition plans and special workouts in the Toned In Ten program can be re-adjusted to fit your personal needs as well and there are no drugs or medications to be used with the program.

The guide promises to help you achieve your desired results within 3 months, which makes the expectations more realistic.

  1. The Bikini Body Workout

The Bikini Body Workout is a downloadable weight loss pdf file that was developed with easy to follow steps designed to help women that are willing to make lifestyle changes and at the same time interested in diet and burning fats.

Bikini body workout aims to help women regain sexy bikini shapes within 60-days and reset body hormones in a way that will boost your metabolism.

Bikini Body WorkoutJen Ferruggia’s bikini body workout program comes with series of video where she performed herself, demonstrating visual guides to help women achieve bikini bodies and follow the nitty gritty of the bikini body exercise.

You will also get nutritional guides and have access to an additional nutrition guide that basically contains information on the food that are good for the health.

Ferruggia’s video series on the other hand consist of specific training, strategies and techniques you will see that span from weight training, cardiovascular training and special nutritional guide.

It teaches you exercise and workout schedule that will help us get rid of excess fat in our bodies, thereby making users lose weight. It also enlightens women on eating lifestyle in a way that helps the body to benefit from the nutrients in fruits, vegetables and host of other natural foods.

Apart from achieving a bikini body and improving your confidence, you will also get to avoid life-threatening diseases and complications that come with obesity which is the leading cause of other diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases and diabetes.

  1. The Achievable Body Blueprint Program

This is another awesome weight loss program. Strict diets and constant dieting is very harmful to our metabolism and reduce our willpower to lose weight but the Achievable Body Blueprint guide is designed to help you reset, repair and reactivate your metabolism and reduce any risk of life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer.

The brain behind the Achievable Body Blueprint is Mike Whitfield, who used to weigh 300 pounds, but has been able to lose more than 125 pounds of fat after few years of using the techniques in the program.

Achievable Body Blueprint ProgramThe basis of the Achievable Body Blueprint is on a study at the Cornel l University and other study that was published in a journal called “Metabolism”.

There are 5 downloadable volumes in the Achievable Body Blueprint:

  1. The Achievable Body: A simple, Doable Plan to Become Stronger, Resilient and Leaner
  2. The Achievable Body Blueprint – Hot Zone Formula
  3. The Achievable Body Blueprint – Motivation and Rapid Success Formula
  4. 21 Unusual Secrets to Speed Up Your Metabolism
  5. 4-Day Flat Belly Detox Solution

The program explains the problem with calorie counting, cutting back on carbs and the kinds of food you should make friendly with. The author of the Achievable Body Blueprint guide believes you can eat pizza, ice cream, potatoes and any other ones of your favourite foods and still lose the stubborn weight.

So, he allows you to eat our favourite foods 3 times in a week since your body needs essential nutrients and vitamins to melt away excess body fat.

Bottom Line – Cruise Control Diet

I can say with all certainty that I strongly recommend the Cruise Control Diet for weight loss.  If you have struggled with other diets not working for the long haul or you find yourself easily stressed while sticking to a strict diet, this could be the answer you have been looking for.

James Ward makes it clear that instead burning fat, stress makes fat to stick around. When a diet promotes stress, it will do the exact opposite of what you want. The Cruise Control Diet is worth buying and the money back guarantee leaves you with nothing to lose. To get your copy of the life changing program, kindly click on the link below.


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