1 Week Diet System Review – Lose Weight Rapidly

Can Brain Flatt’s 1 Week Diet system weight loss program really help you lose weight rapidly and safely to recapture your lost physique?


Welcome to the review of the 1 Week Diet system, a program from the same author of 2 Weeks Diet, 3 Weeks Diet and 4 Weeks Diet among other weight loss programs.

The 1 Week Diet System is a weight loss program that promises to help you lose at least one pound of body fat in a day while you still get to eat pizza and the lists of delicious snacks included in the program without spending much time on workout. Sounds too good to be true, right? I’d think so too.

Experiencing disappointing and sluggish results after so many attempts to lose stubborn body fat can be very frustrating especially when you strongly believe you have been doing everything right; following a healthy diet and popularly recommended weight loss workouts to lose weight.

This leaves you with the feeling of giving up your training and diet. It is hard to stick to a restrictive diet or make it a part of you, which is exactly Brian Flatt’s point on why most weight loss programs don’t work. However, how is the 1 Week Diet weight loss program different from the rest? Does it work?

This is why our review team decided to look into the 1 Week Diet system to review it based on the request of our readers who want answers to the following questions about the program, which is exactly what this review has covered.

  1. What is the 1 Week Diet system?
  2. Can we trust the author of this weight loss program?
  3. Who is the 1 Week Diet program created For?
  4. How did Brain Flatt come about the Japanese weight loss secret in the 1 Week Diet?
  5. Does the 1 Week Diet work?
  6. What are the pros and cons of this weight loss system?
  7. Are there any extra benefits or bonuses attached?
  8. What are the features or the content of the new Brian Flatt’s weight loss program?
  9. What is my thought on 1 Week Diet system?

All these questions and more have been answered, you just have to continue reading this review to get the correct, unbiased answers to them.

You can visit the official website of the 1 Week Diet System now to learn more or continue with this review…

Who Is The 1 Week Diet System Created For?

According to the report gathered by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, it was discovered that about 17% of U.S. teenagers and 38% of U.S. adults are obese.

The Centre For Diabetes Control continually report 35% in diabetes every year. The tons of money being spent on other weight-related health condition every year is also increasing by the year and Brian Flatt mentioned that we can never expect the pharmaceutical company to come up with a permanent and healthy solution to the issue of obesity among people.

According to him, the fitness and weight loss industry won’t stop feeding people with lies about weight loss because of the profit they are making from people’s weight loss issues, considering the fact that this industry made about $61 billion as at the year 2010.

The 1 Week Diet system is created for people who are tired of jumping from one weight loss program to another, want to lose excess body fat rapidly, recapture their loss physique and confidence, get rid of weight-related health issues and say goodbye to endless hours of doing cardio workouts.

If you fall into any of the categories of the people above, then you should continue reading this review to learn almost all you need to know about Brain Flatt’s 1 Week Diet before deciding it the program is worth checking out or not.

1 week diet review

What is The 1 Week Diet?

The 1 Week Diet is a weight loss program with step-by-step plan to shift your eating cycle and jumpstart your metabolism into high gear and maximize your body’s own chemistry for amazing weight loss results. The program is said to come with a fat burning magic that starts immediately and results in 7-10 pounds of fat loss within 7 days.

The book consist of tips from Brian Flatt, contributions of Grandpa graham Flatt and the Ashinaro’s secret to weight loss and reversing aging.

The Discovery Of The 1 Week Diet System’s Weight Loss Secret

The secret was discovered by his grandfather, who was a fighter pilot, after crashing in Okinawa in 1945 while  fighting the Japanese jets, ironically led to a discovery of ancient fat melting secret that transformed the life of a 39 year old single mom Debbie Hayes, who lost over 40 pounds and dropped six dress sizes.

He was rescued by the Arashiro’s family when his plane carshed during the World War 2, where he met Tatsu, Miko and Kiro, Miko’s mother and a woman he thought was around 50 years old but later learnt that she was actually 85 years and later died at the age of 108 in 1968.

After Grandpa Graham Flatt’s miraculous recovery, he spent some days with the Japanese to learn about their healing, anti-aging and weight loss secrets and Brian Flatt claims to have learnt about this just two years ago.

Brain Flatt used this Japanese knowledge on Debbie Haynes, a 39 year old fat single mum who had lost confidence in appearances and battling with weight-related health issues.

She was determined to lose weight by all means and didn’t realize she had being going about it all wrong until she collapsed during a 3 mile run in August 2015.

Debbie was able to lose 42 pounds of body fat with the 1 Week Diet system.  She went to have a full medical check-up in Mayo Clinic in Phoenix and it was confirmed that she now has a 25-year-old girl’s body.

She went to her high school reunion, met with her high school crush and reunited with him. Few months after, they got engaged. Debbie Hayne was able to reverse the onset of type 2 diabetes and possible stroke.

the 1 week diet is not a scam

The Features Of The 1 Week Diet System

The weight loss system consists of scientifically proven nutritional formula based on the natural biology, which also allows users to eat their favourite foods as they lose body fat.

Page 27 of the 1 Week Diet main manual explains how to kick your fat-burning cycle back into gear to get more energy, feel healthier and become a 24/7 fat burning machine.

Users get access to Japanese weight loss secret with step-by-step guide on how to incorporate it into their lifestyle, food list, smoothies, herbs for weight loss and minerals, snacks and desserts, the video short workouts to lose body fat and much more.

The 1 Week Diet program comes with:

  1. The Launch Books

Brian Flatt explains the science and knowledge behind this weight loss system. You will learn how the whole process work. He explains in details how the Japanese weight loss secret was found and how the program shares some similarities with Keto diet but just faster, healthier and more efficient.

  1. The fat Burning Guide and Meal Plan

Learn about the healthiest and correct way of losing body fat. Weight loss myths and facts, weight loss lies and why they haven’t been working for you. list of foods to avoid and to eat, how much water you should drink and workout plan that needs no special equipment.

  1. The Progress Book

You will learn how to track your progress; your meal plans and exercise routine without being confused. It keeps you organised well enough to achieve your weight loss goals with your tracked progress.

  1. The Weight Loss Motivator Handbook

This helps you stick to the instructions in the diet. You will be able to resist the temptation of eating unhealthy foods. Since weight loss is a physical and mental commitment, which Brain Flatt understands, the tips from this motivational guide can help you stay motivated, even after achieving your weight loss goals.

Other Bonus Guides of the 1 Week Diet System include:

  1. The Detoxing and life-changing Tea and Smoothie Recipes
  2. The 3 Minutes Tummy-Toner Formula- This is a video of short exercises that are created to help you tone your belly.
  3. The Secret and Potent sex-drive-boosting food list.

Why Most Diet Programs Fail, According To Brian Flatt?

People find it hard to stick to a diet for a long time enough to achieve significant weight loss result because the diets are highly restricted and based. Once they are able to stick to it long enough to achieve some results, they abandon it and go back to their previous lifestyle, which makes the lost body fat crawl back in.

Spending several months on a diet without any significant results that can make you smile at the image staring at you in the mirror when you look into it, can be very discouraging.

Another reason is what Brain Flatt says is due to the weight loss myths and lies that are being spread in the fitness industry.

Weight Loss Myths and Lies

According to Brain Flatt, the following popular weight loss tips being spread in the fitness industry are lies about health and nutrition, and they are inaccurate and ineffective.

  1. Eating less –Eating less to lose weight under eating causes starvation mode.
  2. Cutting carbs –Cutting carbs is not an effective weight loss option potatoes, rice and pasta. Vegetables are good and it’s even ok to eat potatoes chip and pizza. Protein beaks down slowly and carbs break down quickly, which is why a balanced diet is very important.
  3. Spending Hours On Cardio -Consistent and aggressive cardio routines do not only have little effect on weight loss but can as well lead to serious health issues like arterial plague and oxidative stress. They make you vulnerable to heart attack due to scar tissue build up.

In the video presentation on the 1 Week Diet on the official website of the product, Brian explains that cutting carbs, running miles and eating less all end up trashing the metabolism which makes people binge at night.

The 1 Week Diet kicks against all the myths to help users achieve their weight loss goal without starving themselves or spending hours at the gym.

About The Author of the 1 Week Diet System- Brian Flatt

Brian Flatt has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years now. He is a sports nutritionist, a personal trainer and a health coach. He is the owner of REV fitness, a gym which is based in Southern California.

Brian Flatt to have made a name for himself in the fitness industry through his teaching on how to rapidly lose weight. Over the years, he has become a go to person on how to lose weight fast and naturally.

He is now a well-known certified personal, popular speaker, and author. He is the author of the 2 Week Diet eBook, the 3 Week Diet program and The 4 Week Diet weight loss program among other successful ones.

Does Brian Flatt’s 1 Week Diet system work?

According to Brain Flatt, most weight loss diets and programs fail because the authors do not have in-depth knowledge about how the human digestive system the fat-burning cycle works. Also, most are also ignorant of the metabolic processes that take place in the human bodies in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond.

He mentioned that the personal detox secret shared in this program has worked for celebrities such as Jillian Michaels, Bill Philip and Danny Musico among others. Brain Flatt mentioned that this program has worked for about 94150 and it has been endorsed by doctors; especially since it is scientifically back-up.

Some of the people that testified to Brian Flatt’s 1 Week Diet Program with their before and after photos displayed to support their claims include Sam from Tampa, Florida, Sheila from Austin, Texas, Amber from Thousand Oaks, California, Brenda in Cleveland, Ohio and Joel in Boston.

1 week diet system

Each testified about how the program changed their lives like it changed Debbie Hayes’. Some mentioned that they have better LDLs level and reverse onset of type 2 diabetes.

The average weekly weight loss result of people that have benefited from the 1 Week Diet is said to be 7-10 pounds. Brain Flatt is sure that you will lose 1 pound of fat in a day.

Benefits of Brain Flatt’s 1 Week Diet System

If the I Week Diet system is properly followed, according to Brain Flatt, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits.

  1. Be able to dramatically rejuvenate long-abused cell to turn back your biological clock.
  2. Repair damaged body cells to reverse aging.
  3. Dissolve fat cells and melt away pounds of fat with remarkable swiftness.
  4. Balance your body’s biochemistry
  5. Become more energetic and healthier.
  6. Enjoy efficient minerals and weight loss herbs
  7. Learn what to do and avoid for effective and permanent weight loss.
  8. Reverse the symptoms of chronic joint pains
  9. Boost your sex drive.
  10. Enjoy rapid healing and robust long-term health

The Pros Of The 1 Week Diet System

  1. Completely Adjustable To Your Specific Need

The 1WD system comes with the features that you can customize to fit your own needs.

2. Created For Everyone

1WD is designed to work for everyone no matter their race, age, gender or status. Brain Flatt mentioned that this program has worked for moms, retirees and older people as well.

3. Knowledge

Once you are able to acquire these secrets that have been passed down from generation to generation in the Ashinaro’s family, the knowledge will be yours forever. You can then share it with whoever you want.

4. No Weird Stuff – The 1WD system does not include any gadget, supplements or magic weight loss pills.

5. Not-Restrictive

You are not starving yourself. You get to eat your normal 3 meals per day and will even enjoy the privilege of taking desserts and tasty snacks.

6. 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

The I Week Diet is back-up with 100% money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with your results after two months, you can ask for a refund of your investment in the program, which is less likely to happen considering the fact that you are expected to start seeing significant results after 7 days.

7. Body Detoxification

The 1WD provide users with the opportunity to get rid of harmful toxins to lose weight. Rid your body off heavy metal and destructive particles in the body with tasty detox and smoothie recipes for effective weight loss.

1 week diet review

Cons Of The 1 Week Diet System

  1. Rapid weight loss isn’t for everyone. Consult with your doctor first before engaging in this kind of weight loss journey.
  2. The 1 Week Diet system consist of PDF files and videos that can only be accessed online and downloaded. There is no hard copy for them.
  3. Results from the 1 Week Diet guide varies, according to the users of the weight loss system that have achieve significant results.


You can stop dieting and stop wasting time at the gym now. You have nothing to lose if you decide to check out the 1 Week Diet system because you have been given a chance to try all the features of the program for 2 months.

Weigh the pros and cons of this guide will help you make an informed decision in your purchasing option. Since the program consists of the use of herbs, you need to consult with your doctor first to be on a safer side.

Well, that’s it on the review of Brian Flatt’s 1 Week Diet system today. If you found this review useful, don’t forget to share.

To a healthy and leaner you…

1 week diet system review