Bikini Belly Workouts At Home To Get Rid Of Skinny Fat For A Beach Body
bikini belly workouts

It does not necessarily have to be for the pleasure of the beach, but since you have all it takes, you can certainly flaunt your body with full confidence in yourself, knowing fully well that your delectable physique is very much appreciated.

get a beach body with bikini belly workouts at home

For younger ladies, it is not so much of a hard nut to crack, but for women who have reached the age of 35 and above, to lose weight and to get rid of skinny fat for a beach body can be particularly frustrating to go on with. And why is that so?

When it comes to burning fats, a lot of factors actually comes to mind. From dieting as a huge component of the process to exercise, and then you talk of hormones, diseases that affect weight loss and then the general body mechanisms that determine whether you’re letting a few pounds go or keeping them.

As people advance in age or as their body matures, a lot of body changes will occur which does not only affect their overall health but also play a major role in determining their body weight and shape. What then can one do?

Simple bikini belly workouts at home could be ideal.

Shawna Kaminski is a fitness coach who is well aware of the travails that women encounter with their fitness goals, especially when it comes to building an attractive, slender figure, and she knows just the right recommendations that are capable of giving you a flat belly within a 21 days period.

get a beach body

Call it the 21 days magical slimming effect or 21 days beach body promise, Shawna Kaminski’s bikini belly program still remains what it is. It is a fitness guide that centers on some specialized bikini belly workouts as well as ideal dietary and metabolism adjustments to give women a perfect shape and body to be proud of.

You can comfortably practice these bikini belly workouts at home, or at any location convenient for you. Some of these bikini belly workouts as contained in the bikini belly ebook download are outlined and described below.

1. Bikini Belly Workouts At Home –The elbow pike plank taps

Aside from the bikini belly pdf program, I personally recommend this as one of the most interesting bikini belly workouts at home to start with if you want to get rid of skinny fat for a beach body. To perform the elbow pike plank taps:

  • Facing the floor (probably covered with soft linen), recline your upper body weight upon your elbows and your lower body weight upon your toes (in sneakers)
  • Keep your legs slightly apart from each other while you maintain this position.
  • Push up your hips to be above your shoulder level.
  • Use one leg to tap the other.

That completes the elbow pike plank tap. Repeat 20 times changing leg taps alternatively.

2. Bikini Belly Workouts At Home-The squat cross crunch

From the bikini belly pdf free download, you will learn that the squat crunch is a bikini belly workouts at home that has slightly extended effects to the shaping of the buttocks alongside its main effect; ridding you of excess belly fat. To do this workout:

Bikini Belly Workouts At Home
  • Stand with your legs slightly apart from each other.
  • Clasp your hands behind your head and lower down into a squat.
  • As you rise into a full standing position, lift your left knee high and twist your torso so that your right elbow meets your left knee.

Repeat 20 times, while you alternate knees and elbows.

3. Bikini Belly Workouts At Home- V-Ups

The V-Ups will look quite simpler when you’re the one watching, but I will presume that if you want to get rid of skinny fat for a beach body then it’s entirely worth the strain. To do the V-Ups:

 Bikini Belly Workouts At Home
  • Lie down flat on your back with your hands by your side and your feet together without spacing.
  • Quickly sit up, with your feet to making an elevation angle of about 45 degrees with the floor and your hands reaching out toward your feet. Ensure that you don’t do this slowly, you will burnout quickly if you do.
  • Just as the name suggests, your body should assume a typical shape of the letter V.

Do this 20 times.

4. Bikini Belly Workouts At Home –Side push ups

Side push-ups are common because they are very effective. The bikini belly pdf program doesn’t leave them out. To do the side push-ups:

 Bikini Belly Workouts At Home
  • Lie on your right side and keep your legs stacked upon each other.
  • Keep your right arm bent and reach out to your left hip with your right hand.
  • Use your left hand to push your trunk off the floor and gently lower back down.

Repeat this 15 to 20 times.

5. Bikini Belly Workouts At Home –The Bicycle for Obliques

According to the Shawna Kaminski’s bikini belly program, the bicycle obliques can be tough initially whether your belly is big or not, but with constant practice, you will eventually get used to its rigors. To perform this workout:

 Bikini Belly Workouts At Home
  • Lie down on your back. Draw your knees towards your chest and raise your shoulders and your head off the ground.
  • Keep your hands clasped behind your head and point your elbows to the sides.
  • Move your legs in opposite directions. One leg moves away from your torso and the other comes closer to your elbow.
  • Try to touch your right elbow with your left knee.

Repeat this 20 times while you change elbow and knee. It is also a good idea to have Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor when going through this regime.

Despite the effectiveness of these bikini belly workouts at home, you will still not be able to get rid of skinny fat for a beach body if you fail to work on your dietary habits. The bikini body ebook download is not only a compilation of bikini belly workouts at home.

It also details vital dietary adjustments that you can make use of and also some selected supplements that will keep the metabolic state of your body in the best shape to enable you to get rid of skinny fat for a beach body. Your journey from being overweight and out of shape to being a typical beach beauty is very possible, a determination is will get you there.



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