The reason why we overeat is often because of certain lifestyle issues we have. It may include unmanaged stress, anxiety, or excessive use of food as a way to reward yourself. These things have nothing have to do with food. Thus, the food itself is not the problem.

Given these facts, staying away from, or refraining from foods, will not help you in the long run and maintain your desired weight. Most weight management programs today promise weight loss. While they may definitely provide results, statistics also show that people who’ve undergone diet programs eventually gain the weight back just after a few years.

Probably one of the most well-known diet programs today is the Ketogenic diet. In fact, when you type in the word “diet programs” on Google, you’d get numerous results on the topic. But the results don’t stop on how the diet program works; you’ll also see countless tips on how to adhere to the keto diet in fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, and how to choose a keto-friendly snack.

The Ketogenic diet works by inducing ketones—an alternative energy source when the body runs out of glucose. It’s based on carbohydrate restriction and increasing fat intake.

Don’t get me wrong, the Ketogenic diet is highly effective, as per testimonies of users. Yet, limiting your food intake won’t solve the problem.

You may find cravings return after a taste of your favorite food or you may accidentally slip into your old habits.

Looking at another approach, Bright Line Eating’s focus is beyond the conventional approach of modern weight management programs. This is because it also deals with the mental aspects of the problem.

What makes it more effective is that it involves interrupting the persons’ behavioral pattern and incorporating new habits. Unconventional as it may seem, its effectiveness is based on lifestyle change rather than concentrating on diet and food management alone.

Additionally, Bright Line Eating also involves enhancing the production of Leptin and dopamine. These hormones will help you drop certain cravings. Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells. This hormone is crucial in weight management because it helps regulate fat storage and appetite.

While dopamine acts both as a neurotransmitter and hormone linked to the persons’ addiction tendencies. This hormone will help you rewire your neurons and permanently eliminate food cravings that are causing you to be unable to shed weight or maintain the desired weight.

Bright Lines Eating was founded by Susan Pierce Thompson. She’s a former Brain and Cognitive Sciences professor at the University of Rochester in New York.

This weight management program started as a boot camp in October of 2014 with only a class size of 40. Bright Lines has four core principles that include sugar, flour, meals, and quantities.

On March 21, 2017, she published a book titled “Bright Lines Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free”.

It was a tremendous success and even ranked in the New York Times Bestsellers list. The book uses ideas from neuroscience, psychology, and biology in explaining how your mindset can help you lose weight and maintain it permanently.

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