The Christian Fat Loss Diet Program – An ancient fat-loss secret buried deep within the Old Testament of the Bible but able to help you burn 1 pound of body fat every 72 hours? This was the first thing that jumped out to me when we started reviewing this program. Apart from downloading the Christian Fat Loss eBook, we interviewed a number of people that have gone through the program as well. What will found out is astonishing compared to the claimed made by Tom McCann when he launched the Christian Fat Loss program. Before we go into details of our reviews, here are things we will cover in this comprehensive report of Tom McCann Christian Fat Loss PDF:

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Why are People Buying into the Christian Fat Loss Program?

Just this year alone, a lot of people have changed diets more than three time now, even as we are yet to reach the middle of the year and even more for other people, who have tried Keto, Paleo, Vegan, expensive supplements, personal trainers, Bone Broth Fats, Juice Cleanses or workout programs.

The sad part is that some people are still not able to achieve significant weight loss results with any of the above mentioned; at least, not the lean and flat belly they wanted and deserved for all their efforts.

Tom McCann claims the reason you have not been able to lose weight is that they are yet to try the Christian Fat Loss diet.
People are buying into this program because it addresses the major pain points people are having with weight loss. The program also seems to present practical steps that seem to be easy to follow.

About The Author of The Christian Fat Loss Program

The Christian Fat Loss Program is created by Tom McCann, one of Ireland’s fat-loss experts through his in-depth search into the Bible to under the long-lost health secrets in it along with his team.

Tom has always been working behind the scenes with the largest fitness brands in the world while helping them fro their business through digital marketing.

He discovered the “most important” fat loss secret on page 737 of the King James Bible, which Tom claims is jam-packed with health and fitness lesson. The fat loss secret is the one given to the 13th Prophet in the Bible, which is Daniel who was able to outlive 3 kings in the bible.

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What Is the Christian Fat Loss program?

christian fat loss

The Christian Fat Loss is 6-part video master class, 30-day fat loss diet program created to help as a Christians, to rebalance your hormones, boost your metabolism and melt away stubborn body fat and keep it off for good in the fastest and easiest way while reconnecting with God in a new good way with the use of 2700 year old biblical diet manuscript that was revealed to Daniel in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Apart from reconnecting with God in a whole new level, the secret is designed to provide you with spiritual, emotional and mental strength you may have lacked for a long time now as you stay motivated, excited and inspired all through this weight loss journey with God by your side.

According to Tom, the Bible contains more than 100 health and fitness lessons in different chapters with the teaching about food, healing, and health such as Exodus 15:26.

The program also incorporates the power of spiritual fasting, which Hippocrates, who is the founder of modern medicine also recommended to his patients, which is mentioned more than 70 times in the bible.

You will learn:

  1. You will as well learn how to eliminate hunger pangs and cravings.
  2. The No1 secret to double your fat loss process and accelerate the rate at which your hormones grow
  3. Learn what you must do every morning to accelerate your fat loss by unlocking your metabolism
  4. Lower inflammation, stabilize your blood sugar levels and turbo-charge your metabolism
  5. You will learn about the real reason why you have not been able to lose weight.

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Inside the Christian Fat Loss Program

You will get the main manual of the Christian Fat Loss program

  1. Christian Fat Loss – Step-by-Step Guide: 3-step fat loss blueprint
  2. The Christian Fat Loss Method: a 3-step fast and effective solution to the problem concerning what to eat, what to avoid, when to eat and how much to eat.
  3. The Fight Against The Devil: Eliminating craving and overcoming emotional eating habits
  4. The 100 Calorie Principle: Secret to eating your best foods while losing weight
  5. The 30 In 30 Rule: Morning routine to stabilize your blood sugar levels
  6. The 75% Blueprint: One thing to do for weight loss process acceleration
  7. Spiritual Fasting: Tom’s number 1 secret to increase your hormone levels by 600%.
  8. The Angel On Your Shoulder: A science-backed fat-loss tool that acts as a guardian angel by your side.
  9. Angelic Accountability: An effective tool to help make weight loss fun for you and increase your discipline.
  10. The 30-Day Challenge: This is a motivating and fun 30-day challenge to complete your weight loss journey, join Facebook Group and finish the challenge with lots of other members.

Christian Fat Loss Diet Program –Bonuses

Bonus 1: Weekly Group Coaching Sessions with live Q & A

Author of the program

Tom hosts weekly prayer and motivation session along with a live Q& A call with all members of Christian Fat Loss on Mondays at 6pm EST and Thursdays at 12pm EST.

Bonus 2: Christian Fat Loss: Follow Along Prayer Book

christian fat loss program

Members enjoy 7 recorded unique Christian Fat Loss prayers for different times of the day on audio.

Bonus 3: The 10 Commandments Of Fat Loss

christian fat loss program review

Learn about the biblical do and don’t of fat loss.

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Who Is The Christian Fat Loss Program Created For?

The following people will benefit from the Christian Fat Loss because the program is created in their consideration:

1.      People who have 1o, 20 or more than 30+ pounds of fat to lose

2.      Those who want to lose weight while continuing ith their favourite foods such as chocolate, bacon, hamburgers, bread, pizza, and wine

3.      People who do not have the time to work out or just hate exercises generally

4.      People who get intense hunger and cravings

5.      People who have suffered from rebound weight gain

6.      Anyone interested in Paleo, Keto, Low-carb and Vegan diet because this diet guide is compatible with all of them

7.      People who are 35 years and above and believe they are too old to lose weight


studies on christian fat loss program

According to the author of the program, the weight loss diet has gone through peer-reviewed, placebo-controlled medical research studies.

scientific study on the program

Also, there are detailed explanations on different research studies conducted on the Christian Fat Loss diet by FIFTY medical research studies, the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, University Of Pennsylvania and the University Of Copenhagen.

proof the program works

They are all research process and results are well-explained on the official website of the Christian Fat Loss program. There are also over 50 different medical research papers which support the biblical fat loss diet.

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Pros of the Christian Fat Loss weight loss diet program

  1. According to Tom McCann, the rapid fat loss secret shared in this guide is so simple and powerful enough to benefit anyone.
  2. You will be able to eliminate craving and eat whatever your favorite foods as you burn fat.
  3. The program is created to bring you closer to God while you regain your health and healthy weight loss as you journey with Him.
  4. Highly Recommended: The Fox News testifies that the secrets shared in the program are meant to lead to a disciplined mind and soul. Also, one of the largest Christian websites in the world, also refers to the diet program as one of a kind.
  5. You will be able to eat carbs.
  6. There are supplements or expensive healthy foods involved in the Christian Fat Loss guide.
  7. The program is said to be better than a workout program and there is no cardio involved.
  8. The program is designed for everyone; man and woman, old and young, and no matter how much weight you need to lose.
  9. The program is time-efficient and you get to lose weight without workouts or equipment needed. You can finish the pdf within an hour.
  10. There is 60-day money back guarantee attached to the program.

Cons of the Christian Fat Loss program

  1. The program is designed for Christian, using the Holy Bible as references. Atheists or people who are practicing other religions may not be able to benefit from the Christian Fat Loss program.
  2. Results may vary.

Christian Fat Loss Program – Our Conclusion

The Christian Fat Loss diet program is created to be compatible with Paleo, Keto, Low-carb and Vegan diet, intermittent fasting, IIFYM, gluten-free and carb cycling forms of diet, which have all been proven to help reduce the chances of developing dangerous diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia and Crohn’s disease among others.

 As a Christian, it sounds like your chance to reconnect with God on a whole new level as you restore your health and get rid of stubborn body fat. You get to eat your favourite food, without having to engage in workouts, using equipments or supplement.

christian fat loss program

The Christian Fat Loss program is based on the secrets from the Holy Book of the Christians, which is why it can’t be a scam and Tom has some credibility and experience as a fat-loss expert who has worked with popular weight loss coaches in the fitness industry.

If you don’t get your desired weight loss result, you can get your money back.