The Faith Diet Review

My wife started following the content of Simon White’s The Faith Diet program 3 weeks ago and I am amazed at the kind of positive results we have seen thus far. Just a few days after we bought into the Biblical Health and Christian Diet of Faith Diet, I started receiving emails and calls from many of our subscribers asking for my review of Simon White’s Faith diet system.

I decided to wait till I see meaningful result based on my wife’s trial of the program before sharing my opinion and review of the program. So, here we go. If you are someone trying to decide whether to buy into the program or not, then make sure you carefully read this The Faith Diet Review before making your decision on it.

Faith Diet Program Review

Before I go into a detailed review of the Faith Diet PDFs, here is an overview to give you a snapshot of the program.

The Faith Diet Overview

What is Faith Diet all about?

In summary, Faith Diet is a Bible-based weight loss program designed to help users achieve belly fat breakthrough within a short period of time. Essentially, the program enables the user to put some faith into their diet.

The Faith diet system relies heavily on thousands of years old secrets written in the Holy Bible which have also been supported by more than 200 studies all over the world. In the program, Simon White, a father at a church went into details about 12 specific ingredients that have the ability to melt the fat stored in your tummy when certain guidelines are followed.

These ingredients could help the users create a well-balanced diet and achieve results that will eventually help you avoid the embarrassment that comes with fat belly. So, back to my original question and the reason for this review of Faith diet, does it really work?

In order to answer this question in this review, I think it’s critical I talk about ho Faith diet works, what you will get from the program, what you will learn from it, bonuses that comes with Faith Diet Program, what are the pros of the Faith Diet program, what are the cons of the program, and more importantly our experience with Faith diet system.

However, if you are someone who has already decided to buy into the program and only looking for ways to get discount on Faith Diet ebooks, use the link below:

How Does The Faith Diet System Works?

Most diet or weight loss products out there follow the stereotypes of asking the users to eliminate fatty foods from their diet. It is unfortunate that despite this stereotypes of fatty food elimination, very few people see results. The Faith Diet system is quite unique in the sense that it does not insist on users eliminating fatty foods from their diet.

The program actually recommends adding more fatty foods to your diet in order to achieve desired results. Faith diet declares that not all fats are responsible for weight gains. Rather there are some called “Holy Fats” which actually help with weight loss, especially belly weight loss.

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This is consistent with the recent findings from a research in Harvard University where a number of ingredients have been tagged “Good fat”. Simon White leverage some of the best-kept diet-related secrets in the bible to design a diet system that could help Christian, and now anyone achieves belly weight loss without stress.

Another unique thing thought by Simon White Faith Diet system is a correction of the notion that all you need for a good health is a balanced diet. The Faith Diet System Plan maintains that achieving weight loss or maintaining good health is not just about eating a balanced diet but by supplying all essential requirements of your body in a proper proportion.

This program busted the stereotypes that you have sacrifice eating certain food to achieve weight loss. What is more important however is to know the nutrients you are supplying to your body and to ensure you are supplying all essential requirements of your body in a proper proportion. Simon White previously designed the unique Faith Diet for Christians, however, the program is not available for anyone interested in achieving weight loss and maintain good health.Faith Diet PDF

What Will You Get From the Faith Diet

Aside access to a Bible-based weight loss secrets, there are a number of other things you get from Simon white’s faith Diet System. Some of these include:

  1. Secret guide on how to boost your energy level all day long.
  2. Guide on how the least demanding approach to eating better, feel sexier and better about yourself.
  3. A step-by-step guide on how to figure out how, what, when to eat to lose weight effortlessly.
  4. How to lose fat without doing exhausting exercises
  5. A 21-day timetable containing the cell reinforcements, herbs and minerals that are essential requirements for your body in a proper proportion.

What Will You Learn From The Faith Diet System?

There are many unique lessons you will learn from the Faith Diet system. Here are four of the most striking one to me.

  1. How to Curb Your Appetite: Most weight loss programs focus on teaching people how to lose weight by doing exercise and avoiding foods. Instead, Faith Diet focuses on the root cause and will teach you on how to eat in a way that will help you curb your appetite. As a result, weight loss becomes natural. With the lessons in this program, you will begin to have less desire to eat high-carb and sugary foods. The program will show you what to eat that will make you feel full rather than eating foods that are high in salt.
  2. How to listen to the Holy Spirit for better food: Many of us Christian tend to think God is not interested in our diet, but he does. In this Faith, diet system will learn about how to listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance on which foods are right for you and what you are supposed to eat.
  3. How to overcome over-indulging in the foods: Overindulging in food have a way of keeping you back from your diet and exercise goals. The Simon White program is designed to help prevent you from over-indulging in the foods.
  4. How not to become a calorie-counting mathematician: Most weight loss programs train the users to become a calorie-counting mathematician. Since the Faith Diet doesn’t require you to exercise, you don’t need to become a calorie-counting mathematician. Likewise, many weight loss programs encourage their users to any form of fat in their diet at all cost. But current findings have shown this not to be true as there are many types of fat that is actually good for our health. The Faith Diet recognizes this fact and actually encourages users to eat plenty of fats. It’s good to nourish your body with fats, the most important thing is to feed it the right TYPE of fats. The Faith Diet Plan will teach you how to feed yourself healthy fats, instead of unhealthy ones. Many are reporting that the benefit of eating healthy fats goes beyond helping you to lose weight. Healthy fat helps your skin as well as your digestive system too.
  5. How to overcome overeating: One of the reasons people overeat is that your body takes about 20 minutes to let your brain know that it’s full. In the Faith Diet eBook, you will learn how to satisfy your appetite with less food.

Bonuses that comes with Faith Diet Program

There are four distinct eBooks you will get as bonuses with the Faith Diet program.

Faith Diet System

Bonus #1: What Would Christ eat? The Food Shopping Gospel

In this bonus, you will learn about foods mentioned in the Holy Bible for eliminating the extra fat out of your body. Our modern culture and lifestyle encourage people to eat junk foods on a daily basis. Faith Diet program reveal foods that people eat in the ancient time and how to leverage them in our

Bonus #2: The Lazarus Discovery: Fat Healing System

In the Lazarus Discovery Fat Healing System, you will about ways to set your body’s fat healing system to maximize your weight loss effort.

Bonus #3: The Prayer Disciple Relaxation Guide

The bonus called Prayer Discipline Relaxation Guide will reveal to you the techniques that can help in relaxing your body from the daily stress. This is one of the most powerful bonuses that comes with the Faith Diet system.

Bonus #4: The Guardian Angel: Fat Burning Encyclopedia

In this bonus, you will learn about the complete process to trim the fat out of your body efficiently. The Guardian Angel Fat Burning Encyclopedia might actually the first one you want to go through…it is that valuable.

Contents Faith Diet Program

I will like to give you a brief look at the content of the Faith Diet program before spending a dime on the program. In all, there are seven chapters in the Faith Diet eBook. Here they are:

The Faith Diet Pros

Faith Diet PDF
There are many advantages that come with the Faith Diet system. Here is a list of few of them.

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The Faith Diet Cons

There are a number of disadvantages that come with the Faith Diet program too. Here are some:


The Faith Diet program is perfect for the people who don’t have much time for a busy schedule to workout. It is also ideal for Christian and anyone that believe in natural solutions to weight loss issues. Another thing that I found about the Faith Diet system is how easy it is to get the 12 ingredients preached by the Faith Diet program.

Based on my wife experience with the program, you will start seeing meaningful results within 2 weeks of following the Faith Diet plan. Considering that the program only cost US$37, comes with 4 free bonus programs and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, it is a program that is worth the money and also risk-free. It is a program I will recommend for anyone interested in achieving weight loss without stress.