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When I was asked to give a detailed review of Omega Body Blueprint by John Romaniello few weeks ago, I almost took a pass….Oh get me right, review of weightloss and fitness related product is one of the things I love doing most. But I have actually reviewed at least 4 great products to my subscribers this in the last 3 months. I am still getting daily testimonies of people that my review of Mike Whitefield Achievable body blueprint has helped. More than 9000 people have read my review of Jen Ferruggia Bikini body workouts program. Just a moment ago, someone sent me an email about how my review of Shawna Kaminski My bikini Belly program helped her made the best decision. So, I believe you understand why I wanted to take a pass on another fitness program that is based on Hormonal Optimization For Fat Loss. Now, I can say am glad I listened to the advice on Sandra May to give John Romaniello’s program a fair trial. Well, here we go…… will be surprised at what I found out about Omega Body Blueprint by John Romaniello.

The Idea behind John Romaniello Omega Body Blueprint PDF

There is a law among people that are familiar with fitness industry called Murphy’s law. It is the daunting challenge many people faced with loosing the last 5 pounds in their weight loss goal. Losing the first 5 pounds is easy. By following some of the basic fitness and nutritional guide, one could easily lose 5 pounds within days. As a matter of fact, some of the principles shared in Andre Raposo Flat Belly overnight can actually helped one to lose 2 to 5 pound within one day. Anyway, the point is that it is easier to lose the first 5 pounds in your weight loss goals. Get rid of the last 5 pounds however, is one of the most daunting challenges fitness experts faced with their clients. It is on the basis of unraveling the secrets to lose this last 5 pounds that John Romaniello developed the Omega Blody Blueprint. Just as the name suggest….the program is the OMEGA of weight loss for anyone interested in sustained weight loss. Now, let me take the time to give you my version of Omega Body Blueprint review so that you know what you want to get into before spending a dime on the program.

Omega Body Blueprint download and reviews

Omega Body Blueprint Reviews in Detail

One of the main questions I want to help people answered with the Omega Body Blueprint review is whether Omega Body Blueprint by John Romaniello actually works? People want to know if the program delivers on a promise and if it actually helps people achieve the weight loss goals indeed. I will give you my own short version of the review. Like I mentioned above, Omega Body Blueprint system is a fitness system based on a combination of hormonal optimization, cycling, and intermittent fasting so as to help users get rid of the excess body fat. The program is designed in a way the help get rid of the stubborn body fat that often proved difficult to remove. Within few weeks of launching the program, many people have started giving testimonies of how Omega Body Blueprint helped them build lean, dense muscle with few weeks of following the guides. John Romaniello called the program Omega Body Blueprint because he considers the program has the ultimate blueprint for any one to achieve the final version of their fitness. It is the guide that helps get rid of the final pounds of fat in the body that have proven difficult to remove. So, I believe the next question going on in your mind is what are the actual content of John Romaniello Omega Body Blueprint? Before we take a peep into what you will find inside the program, let’s briefly describe the three critical challenges people face on fitness on which Omega Body Blueprint system was based.

John, developed this program in order to address the issue of workout confusion, nutrition lies and dysfunctional hormones. What does this mean?

Workout confusion and Omega Body Blueprint program

Most people mistake workout activity for workout effectiveness. I am sure you will know one or two people that often spent hours on treadmill or bike having a long but low-intensity workouts. John believes it is practically a waste of time indulging in low-quality workouts of low-frequency training and traditional cardio routines. The process actually undermines your workout strategy. John provides solution to this in his Omega Body Blueprint system. The Omega Body Blueprint Metabolic Resistant Training provides the most effective solution to this challenge. The process involve a fast paced weight-training circuits. The Omega Body Blueprint training manual highlights specific workouts that can be used for either to burn fat, build muscle or even for achieving both. I will go into more details on this below.

Omega Body Blueprint Reviews

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The Nutrition Lies and Omega Body Blueprint system

In this program, john highlight 3 myth common to most nutritional guide for fitness. First, the traditional advice of eating 5 to 6 meals per day when weight training are not the best. John believes that such effort distract people from focusing on the most important things that improve their productivity. Secondly, the idea that you shouldn’t eat cards after 6 pm because of the fear of body storing them as fat is a myth. John used the result of a lot of scientific findings that showed people losing weight even while eating carbs at night. The last myth revealed by John in Omega Body Blueprint PDF download is the idea that you must eat healthy, organic, non-processed foods to lose any weight. John argued that the best type of diet only need to have a mix of healthy foods and the foods you really really love. He went ahead to show scientific studies that indicate blockage of key hormones when people starve themselves on rigid diet.

Myth on Dysfunctional Hormones and Omega Body Blueprint

Inside the Omega Body Blueprint eBook, John identified four specific hormones that play a critical role in weight loss. Most people are not seeing results from the diet and workout because of their lack of understanding of how hormones interplay with bodybuilding or weight loss.

Having Low testosterone is one of the hormonal dysfunction issues that could hinder fat loss. Testosterone play a crucial role in muscle synthesis and production of energy. Not having enough could undermine weight loss or fat loss efforts.

Having a suppressed leptin is another major issues that could undermine your efforts. Leptin play a crucial role in weight loss or fat loss efforts, not only because of its linkage to other hormones in the body but because it controls the body’s ability to burn fat. So, starving yourself on “crash diets” often makes the body to freak out and hence lowers the leptin levels in the body. This means the body will then desperately hold onto more fat.

Having high Cortisol level, the stress hormone of the body, tend to lead to more body fat, especially around the stomach. The hormone identified is the growth hormone, the hormone that help body use protein more efficiently. Not having the right amount of this hormone tend to make one prone to injuries and hence make recovery from workouts more difficult.

One of the guides you will come across inside the Omega Body Blueprint program is Omega Hormone optimization. This guide teaches on how to strategically combine certain workout routine with foods to direct body hormones in the right way. This is one of the holy grail you will come across inside John Romaniello program.

Omega Body Blueprint Review

 Contents of Omega Body Blueprint Downloads

There are five major components you will come across in Omega Body Blueprint downloads by John. Each of these components are almost of equal value. So it is important you know what they are made. Each component, according to John, are based on several years of research, knowledge and personal/professional experience of John. He has successfully used his experience to create these  easy to follow guide for anyone to achieve the omega version of themselves as far as fitness is concerned.

Component 1: The Omega Body Blueprint Training Manual

Omega Body Blueprint reviews and manualIf you read my review of Shawna Kaminski My bikini Belly guide and Andrew Raposo Flat belly overnight, you will discover that each of these programs has a form of hormonal response training. However, I think it is important that I have never seen a fitness guide with the type of 24 Hormonal Response Training workouts you will come across in the the Omega Body Blueprint Training Manual by John. Inside this component, you will get access to the 6 full weeks of training and workouts.

If you have been following this website and my other reviews, you would come to realize that dysfunctional hormones is one of the main reasons many people find it difficult to lose those last few pounds. This guide reveal the science behind the phenomenon and more importantly, the secrets of overcoming this challenge. An example of the strategies John taught in this guide is the alternate training modalities that allows you to get optimal benefits from different types of workouts. Once you master this component of the Omega Body Blueprint Training program, you will find it easier to follow the remaining four components of the program.

Conclusion on The Omega Body Blueprint System

This is part 1 of my review of The Omega Body Blueprint system. In the coming days I will be sharing my experience with remaining aspects of the program. In the mean time, I will recommend The Omega Body Blueprint program for anyone struggling with fat loss. It has proven to be a very effective guide.

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