Belly Detox Plans – Similarities and Differences Between The Flat Belly Detox, Lean Belly Detox and Deep Belly Detox

Welcome to the review of the similarities and differences in the Flat Belly Detox, Lean Belly Detox and Deep Belly Detox plans.

Detoxification has been known to help in losing weight, especially the abdominal fat, which is usually a part of the body where it is difficult to lose weight from. Most average people have at one time or the other gone on a diet plan to get rid of excess belly fat and have failed. Whenever this happens, we either blame out genetics or lack of motivation to continue.

Since most diet plans are harsh and highly restrictive, you are going to need a little extra motivation to stick to it for longer. However, things might be a little bit different with belly detox plans.

Experts recommend that we have to detox at least once in a year since toxins play a vital role at making people gain weight and toxin build-up also contributes to the reasons why people are fat. The highest number of days that a detox plan should last is 21 days since going more than that will make you lose nutrients.

This brings us to the review of the Lean Belly Detox, Deep Belly Detox system and Flat Belly Detox program? This review is aimed at answering some questions posed by our readers. It consists of our detailed thought about these three belly detox plans programs.

Have they really been helping people lose weight? What exactly makes these belly detox plans unique? So, what is the difference between them? What are their similarities? Which one of these three belly detox plans should they go for and why?

Belly Detox Plans- Flat Belly Detox VS Lean Belly Detox VS Deep Belly Detox (Differences)

Flat Belly Detox

Lean Belly Detox

Deep Belly Detox


What The Detox Plans Are?

Flat Belly Detox program is created to help users lose excess body fat and improve overall health with the use of a special detox diet, short and low-impact exercises and some recipes for instant energy. The Lean Belly Detox is a weight loss program with a core strategy of “Morning Metabolism Detox Drink” and designed to help both men and women who want to flatten their belly, increase their energy and improve their overall well-being. Deep Belly Detox is a new guidebook with a 3-part system that has been designed to help you achieve a flatter, firmer midsection.


The detox plan aims at helping users flush out harmful toxins away from their body and melt away stubborn belly fat with the power of a right diet and exercise. Created as a weight loss solution to help people who starve themselves to lose weight.

It goes against slashing calories and restrictive weight loss diets since they tend to strip people off the nutrients that the body needs.

The Deep Belly Detox program is designed to help users get rid of too much bacteria in the belly, because toxins make it hard to lose weight with dieting.
 The Authors

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The Flat Belly Detox Program is created by Josh Houghton and Derek Wahler, who is a fat loss expert and coach.


The author of the Lean Belly Detox program is Matt Stirling, a certified personal trainer, champion bodybuilder and a fitness coach. The author is Meredith Shirk, a leading fitness expert who specializes in gut bacteria and has worked with thousands of clients.

How They Work?-  The Contents Of The Detox Plans

1.        A list of spices and herbs for losing weight are to be added to your diet since they have been scientifically proven to improve overall health.

2.      Sliming soup detox recipes.

3.       Daily morning weight loss trick

4.      4 minutes, low impact exercises for a flat belly

5.      A bedtime belly detox trick that is designed to be used before bedtime every night for faster and better results.

6.      A quick start-up guide to help you through the whole process in order to avoid confusion and delays.

7.      The exact kinds of drinks and foods that you need to take to improve your health.

8.      Lasts for 21 days.

9.      Encourages you to build new habit with instructions for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

10.   Consists of intermittent fasting and tips on how to boost the fat burning hormones.

1.        Lean Belly Detox shares a powerful herbal blend.

2.      The program comes with a core strategy of “Morning Metabolism Detox Drink”.

3.       Lean Belly Detox program comes with a 9-second “cinnamon cider” miracle drink, which is created and aimed at hacking the fat storing hormone in your body.

4.      It shows users how to ignite their metabolism into overdrive, which gives you a firmer and flatter belly regardless of how much weight or age.

5.      Combining this formula with brief bouts of exercise daily will help you feel more energized and see your waistline shrink gradually.

6.      Consist of delicious and satisfying carbs to enjoy.

1.          Users are able to burn excess belly fat by strategically incorporating the power of an apple detox drink, along with a workout routine.

2.        The program works by addressing harmful bacteria in your gut.


First Phase: 12-Hour Deep Belly Detox

Focuses on starving bacteria in the belly. ‘Tight Tummy’ ab workout and recipes like the ‘Beach Belly Fat Flush Shake’ and a ‘Lean Belly Detox Water.

Second Phase: 4-Minute Deep Belly Detox

Focuses on flattening the belly and reprogramming the body to burn more body fat and to convert fat to energy. This phase focuses on making users do the right activities and it only takes a few minutes.

 ‘4-minute Deep Belly Detox Burners’ workout guide, which offers tips, tricks and exercise calendar.

Deep Belly Detox

Flattening the belly and making it firm.

The power of ACV and water. It focuses on ‘Bedtime Detox’ drink, detox-friendly snacks.

Bedtime drink to incorporate into daily routine to enjoy more energy.

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The program is designed to last 21 days but there is not specified time to expect weight loss results. According to Matt Stirling, the author of the Lean Belly Detox system mentioned, anyone using this detox plan can expect to burn 1.2 pounds of fat in a day and flatten their belly. The guide is designed in such a way that users can burn up to 22 pounds of body fat in a matter of 2 weeks. 


1.        Created to help you increase the amount of serotonin in your body, which help you improve your mood by 25% according to WebMD.

2.      Brief and easy exercise plan.

3.       Delicious and healthy recipes.

4.      Melts away belly fat while detoxing the body.

5.      Comes with 15 recipes and delicious soups such as Italian soup, lean turkey bowl, apple omelette, egg muffins and stuffed bell peppers.

6.      You can ask for the modification of the workouts.

7.      Learn about the importance of fat burning hormones

8.      Gain nutritional knowledge.

1.        Provides users with detailed explanation on how to “hack” the most powerful hormone to improve insulin sensitivity.

2.      It is created to help manage blood sugar level.

3.       Learn of satisfying carbs that helps to lose weight.

4.      Reveals the truth about Carbohydrate intolerances, low-carbs diet and belly fat.


1.        Deep Belly Detox provides users with an opportunity gain control of their bodyweight and health.

2.      Kickstart your metabolism to burn excess belly fat.

3.       Aimed at helping users get rid toxins from the body and fighting premature signs of aging.

4.      Suppress cravings for unhealthy foods.

5.      Properly regulate the bold sugar levels


 Who Are The Detox Plans For?


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The Flat Belly Detox created for people who are looking to flatten their belly by melting away excess belly fat.

The detox plan is also suitable for people suffering from weight-related ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, caused by visceral fats.

Designed for men and women who are 4o years and above, who are tired of struggling with excess pounds of fat due to hormonal changes in their bodies.


The Deep Belly Detox program is also designed for everyone but with more focus on people who are 40 years and above.


 Bonus(es)? lean belly detox review

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Yes -Two bonus guides Yes. This comes with 4 bonuses which are:

1.        The 21-Day Blueprint

2.      The “14 Tricks to A Leaner Belly in Just 7 Days” Guide

3.       The “5-Minute Total Body Workouts” for Women (Video)

4.      The “5-Minute Total Body Workouts” for Men (Video)

Yes -Two bonus guides

1. 4 Minutes Deep Belly Detox

2. 12 Hours deep belly detox jumpstart

Flat Belly Detox program Click Here Download The Flat Belly Detox Now


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Belly Detox Plans- Flat Belly Detox VS Lean Belly Detox VS Deep Belly Detox (Similarities)

  1. Power Of Detoxification – All these belly detox plans aim at helping people lose weight and stubborn belly fat through the power of detoxification.
  2. All the authors have once have their own shares of the struggle with excess body fat and the secrets they share in their detox plans have helped them to transform their own lives.
  3. They all come with brief and easy exercise plans.
  4. Both Deep and Flat Belly Detox plans come with bedtime detox drink.
  5. Designed To Help Users Lose Belly Fat Naturally -All these detox plans are all created to target the excess fat in the abdominal area through safe and natural means with detox plans.
  6. They are created for men and women who want to flatten their belly, improve their health and increase their energy levels.
  7. Flat and Lean Belly Detox plans both come with workout videos.
  8. They are all designed to work for everyone, regardless of their age.
  9. These detox plans may be very effective in achieving lean belly to feel confident be pleased with their appearance, which is something that comes with a leaner and more attractive figure.
  10. Better Health – These belly detox plans promise users better health through getting rid of harmful bacteria and toxins from the body.
  11. Easy-to-follow: The programs are all well-written and all the recipes, workouts and detox plans are easy to follow.
  12. Digital Format- They are all available in digital format only.
  13. Money Back Guarantee – The authors of these belly detox plans are offering them at ZERO risks. If you use any of them and you are not satisfied with the result, then you can just ask for a full refund of your investment in the program.
  14. Users’ results may vary with any of these belly detox plans. None of them is designed to help people lose massive amount of body fat in few days.
  15. If you really want to see results with any of these belly detox plans, you need not be in a hurry. You still need to make some lifestyle changes.
  16. You need discipline and consistency to achieve your weight loss goals, regardless of whichever approach you are adopting.

Belly Detox Plans – Alternatives To Lean Belly Detox, Flat Belly Detox and Deep Belly Detox programs

These programs, like the ones reviews on this post today also deal with detoxification.

  1. The 3 Weeks Diet    
  2. 30x Diet    30x Diet Program Review

Flat Belly Detox VS Lean Belly Detox VS Deep Belly Detox – Belly Detox Plans

So, are any of these belly detox plans scam? No, they are not. Which one will work for you? That’s not easy to say, in all honesty. People don’t respond the same way to weight loss strategies because everyone is unique. However, there are positive feedbacks from the users of these programs even though their results vary.

The workouts in these belly detox plans are very short, which is good for people with busy schedules. You will need to adjust your diet and lifestyle a little bit. You will need to incorporate daily detoxification tips to your lifestyle. Although this might not be easy, it is still something you can do.

If you find it hard to stick to a diet plan for 3 weeks, none of the belly detox plans will work for you. You can take any of any of these belly detox plans on a trial test for 60 days and if you don’t like the results, get your money back.