Getting In Shape – Best Yoga For A Bikini Body

You can use Yoga for a bikini body that you have always wanted. To achieve this dream, you need to tone your thighs, upper body, and abs. Almost the whole body. Yoga is a great way to get your desired bikini body, without the need to slave it out at the gym.

Yoga is widely known to have helped a lot of women tone their bodies and give them a perfect shape. Also, it is an efficient tool that helps with weight loss, especially the active firms of yoga.

According to experts, yoga works in various ways to bring about a healthy weight. The various aspects of yoga focus on developing mindfulness. It helps you in becoming more conscious and aware of how different types of food affect the mind, spirit, and body.

Benefits of Practicing Yoga For a Bikini Body

According to a 2016 study, it was proven that people that practice mindfulness through yoga can resist unhealthy food and comfort eating. They also understand their body better and know when they are full.

Also, because people are usually advised not to practice yoga on a full stomach, you will find that you usually make healthy eating options before doing yoga. After you finish a yoga session, you crave fish, and unprocessed foods. You may also learn to eat slower than before, and chew each bite thoroughly. All these will lead to less consumption of food.

Additionally, practicing yoga makes you sleep better. You are quick to fall asleep easily and deeply. It’s expected that you sleep between 6 and 9 hours every night.

It’s an acceptable fact that quality sleep is associated with weight loss. In 2018, a study proved that those who had less sleep five times in a week lost less fat than others that followed their normal sleeping pattern. Both sets of people were limiting the number of calories they consumed. This shows that sleep loss affects fat loss.

Furthermore, active and intensive styles of yoga help you in burning calories. They also usually prevent weight gain. For instance, Vinyasa and Power Yoga keeps you in motion regularly, which helps in burning calories. It also helps you boost your metabolism.

Want to get a bikini body, you’ll want to flaunt this summer.

Then, let’s get started with these sequences to get our desired bikini body with Yoga.

Quarter dog helps you to tone the upper back, shoulders, and abs.

For the pose, you should pose like a downward-facing dog and ensure that you spread your fingers wide.

Bring your forearm to the mat and ensure it’s a straight line between your middle fingers and elbows.

Straighten your legs, and lower the heels to the floor, and spread heels wider slightly than your toes such that the outside edges of your feet are parallel with the edges of your mat.

Afterward, relax your head arms, and look through your legs or to your belly button. Stay in this pose for five breaths.

With this pose, you can tone your shoulders, arm, thighs, and abs. From the quarter dog pose, you should lift your elbows, and come back again to your downward facing pose.

Place both feet together such that your big toes touch. Afterward, move your left hand to the right by six inches at the upper center of the mat. Place the left foot forward by two inches and place your left foot’s some on the mat, such that the toes are pointed in the right direction.

Roll on the left side and raise the right hand off the mat. Elevate the right leg in the air.

Ensure that you remain in this position for a while and keep your spine, hips, and shoulders in a straight line.

Look in the direction of your right hand, hold on for five deep breaths and ensure that your pose is ready.

This poses helps you tone the upper body, abs, and legs. Make a plank or maybe a top of a push-up position with your legs and arm in a straight position. Ensure that your shoulders are set over your wrists. Afterward, bend your right knee and ensure that you squeeze it within your chest.

Stay in the pose for five deep breaths.

If you continually practice this pose, you will have a toned thigh. From the knee up plank, place your right foot forward between your hands. It should come down to the low lunge. Bring your torso down and reach your right arm under your right knee.

Afterward, interlace both hands in front of the right ankle as if it’s an embrace. Ensure that you keep the weight on your legs, you shouldn’t move into your hands. If you can’t stand the pressure any longer, rest one or both hands on the floor. Remain at this pose for five breaths.

This pose helps in toning the thighs and shoulders. From the previous pose, bring your hands down, step back your right foot and be in a Viinyasa position( this post goes from Four-limbed Staff to Up Dog to Down Dog).

Afterward, Breath in to place both feet in front between the hands. Breath out and fold over your straight legs. Breathe in and come up to a standing position. Remember that your feet must stay together.

Bend your squats and knees, elevate your arms in the air. Afterward, breath out and cross your left elbow over the outer right knee. Put your palms together and push your bottom elbow against your thigh to elevate and rotate your chest upwards. This will increase the twist.

Then, you should pull the left hip backward and ensure that both knees are parallel.

Remain in the pose for five breaths.

 Extended standing straddle tones the abs and thighs.

From the previous pose, you should rotate your torso back to the center and raise it. Ensure that you take a step to the right, such that your feet are parallel and three to four feet apart.

Breath in to extend your arms in a straight direction above you. With strong legs, breath out as you hinge at your hip, with your torso in a parallel direction to the floor.

Now, be focused. Draw your belly in, and shift weight forward in the direction of your toes. If you feel so much strain on your lower back, closely bring your hands to your hips or thigh for additional support.

Remain in this pose for five breaths.

This pose tones your thighs and tush.

From the previous pose, elevate your torso up. With your heels pointed in, slightly bend your knees and squat down, such that your quads are in a parallel direction to the floor. Afterward, tuck in your tailbone and keep your shoulders stacked above your hips.

Elevate your arms in the air, with your elbows bent at 90- degree angles, and your palms opened away from you.

Keep the weight back in your heels and remain in the pose for five breaths.


A bikini body is attainable.

Yoga is the answer.

Use Yoga for the bikini body that is irresistible and charming.

With the above poses, you are on a way to having a perfectly toned body. These must be done with consistency, and daily dedication, and intensity.

However, remember to take things slowly. One step at a time. Do not stress irrelevantly as you practice these moves and ensure that you rest from time to time. If you have an underlying medical condition or you are suffering from an ailment that is related to your heart or spine, then you must consult your doctor and talk to your instructor before you start doing the poses.